Young Living Essential Oils Review – Business Opportunity

My Young Living Essential Oils review will give you an idea if this is the business opportunity you have been looking for.  Is making money with Young Living as easy as it seems?

Should you team up with this 20 year old MLM company or possibly look for a better opportunity?


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What Is Young Living Essential Oils

The company came on the scene in 1994 after the founders Gary and Mary Young discovered the need for quality essential oils in the marketplace.

First the Young’s got their herb farm productive.  From there the Young’s were able to start the essential oils business and become the largest in North America. With offices and farms around the world.

With Mary Young’s experience direct selling, Multi-Level Marketing became the business model choice.

Young Living does have a competitor doTERRA that offers similar products. YL will need to keep providing quality essential oils if they want to maintains their market share.

Young Living Products

Young Living Dietary Essential Oils

The company has a large selection of essential oil products in many different categories.

  • Seasonal – Get into the holidays with your favorite scents, and don’t forget the chocolate
  • Essential Oils & Blends – stimulating fragrances help the mind and body. Stay mentally clear.
  • At Home – toothpast, supplements, cleaning products just to name a few things in this category.
  • Healthy & Fit – vitamins, antioxidants, shakes and weight management round out this category.
  • Personal Care – oral, hair and skin care along with anti-aging products make up this category.

What makes Young Living essential oils top quality is its purity.  Purity comes from monitoring the seeds and only using the best.

If seeds don’t have the ability to produce quality essential oil, then they are weeded out. Only the best seeds are used. Allowing for better potency.

Young Living Compensation Plan

Using essential oils may have its benefits.  Why not get paid to show others the benefits of using the products as well.

First you get your ID number. Once you have that, your now an official Young Living Essential Oil Member. The ID allows tracking for when you sponsor others into becoming members.

Choose your starter kit based on what essential oil product samples you want and your ready to go.

By becoming a member, you will get a 24% discount and access to the Essential Rewards program.

What is the Essential Rewards Program? Just another name for auto ship with a discount.

Young Living Compensation Chart

What you earn as a Young Living member depends on your current level. The higher up in the company you get, the better the bonuses.  Another factor to consider is the overall success of your team. Guiding and coaching is going to be needed to really make money with Young Living and selling their essential oils line of products.

Making money with Young Living can be challenging trying to sell on the retail level. That’s why a bonus system is set up in the MLM business model.

The Young Living Compensation Plan features bonuses at all 3 areas

  • Creating a Foundation
  • Building Your Business
  • Developing Leaders

Young Living Business Tools

You can get up to speed learning the products and business with the dvd’s and guides available.

Available for purchase are packs of brochures and literature, that can handed out to potential customers explaining the benefit of Young Living Essential Oils.

Plus as a Young Living member you have access to:

  • Starter Kits
  • Essential Rewards Kits
  • Merchandise

With an assortment of starter kits, each one having different products in them. You get to choose.

These are just a few that are available:

  • The Rainstone Diffuser is included in a starter kit
  • Aria is in another starter kit
  • Starter Kit With NingXia is another option
  • and more!

Young Living Essential Oils Virtual Office

All members have access to a virtual office with a dashboard showing :

  • Member news – whats going on with different members at Young Living
  • Promos – any sales or discounts
  • Products out of stock – see whats out of stock and date will be available
  • Message Center – use to communicate with your sponsor
  • My Organization – if your building a team, your able to keep track of them
  • Quick Orders – where you can place essential oil order
  • Essential Rewards – once a month auto ship

Using the Young Living virtual office will give you a snapshot of how your business is doing how your team members are progressing.

This is essential in the multi-level marketing business model. Use the tools provided to be successful.

Is Young Living Essential Oils A Scam

There are many people that believe essential oils don’t offer any health benefits. Some people along with doctors and those in the medical field, say that essential oils are to be used as topical treatments and not ingested.

On top of that, the FDA has come down on Young Living for claiming health benefits of their essential oil products. Essential oils are not classified as a drug. No health benefits can be claimed.

Is Young Living Essential Oils a scam and are they out to just make money on products that have no real health benefits?

This is a question that we don’t really know yet. There are a lot of people on both sides of the fence regarding essential oils benefits.

Final Thoughts Regarding Young Living Essential Oils

The business opportunity to sell essential oils that Young Living offers looks solid with plenty of tools for members to take advantage of.

With that said, anyone looking to get into this business must be comfortable selling through a multi-level marketing business model.

On the surface it may seem easy looking at the compensation chart with all the bonuses being offered to Young Living members. The reality is that very few people really make it in the business.

Alternative To Young Living Essential Oils

If your looking for a better way to earn income and don’t want the headache of stocking inventory, hosting parties and pestering people to buy products. Click on my recommendation below for an overview of a better alternative.

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2 thoughts on “Young Living Essential Oils Review – Business Opportunity”

  1. Hi, Chris. Young Living is very much a global entity now with MLM operations even in my country. It is an active MLM setup and I know of friends who are active in this business. Yup, there are a lot of competitors and it is tough to earn a good sum of money. I also hate MLM as I am not a great talker to convince people to buy. So I will be looking at your recommended alternative to making money!

    • The essential oils market is currently growing, so I imagine that we will be seeing other companies adding them to their product line or starting up. So it Young Living will have more competition as the market heats up.

      Building a team in the mlm business is not as easy as its made out to be. Possibly why only 2% or less of people actually ever make any money with these companies.

      I like the affiliate marketing business model better. No inventory to stock or teams to build! Check out my recommendation if your looking to earn online.


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