Xocai Business Opportunity ( Selling Chocolate? )

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company is an MLM that sells as you might guess “chocolate”.

But not just any chocolate do they sell, they claim to have healthy chocolate loaded with antioxidants. They have created a business opportunity out of their chocolate product line by way of multi level marketing or MLM for short.


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Sounds Exciting Selling Chocolate

Now your probably saying to yourself, man how great would it be to sell Xocai chocolate and make money at the same time! I do have to admit that it would be one of the best money making businesses, but and there is always the “but”, so keep reading on and we will get to it.

Xocai Chocolate Products

Lets take a look at the Xocai product line and see what they have to offer.

Xocai Chocolate Nuggets

Here are some of their best sellers which can be purchased individually or in a variety pack.

Xocai Nuggets – these come 100 per box and said to be loaded with antioxidants. The Xocai healthy nuggets are supposed to help the cardiovascular system as well as the brain. A quick check on Amazon shows it listed for $154.94. That’s $1.55 per nugget.

Xocai Omega Squares

Xocai Omega Squares – is said to provide a minimum of 200mg of the following omega fatty acids DHA and EPA if you eat three of the squares. Apparently Americans don’t get enough Omega 3 fats, so the Xocai Omega Squares will help to fill the gap. It is supposed to help protect brain, heart, blood vessels, cells and other major body organs. Cost $293.00 per box. Ouch!

Xocai X Power Squares – it appears the reason they call these power squares is because they have an ingredient called cacao in it. It is supposed to be a super ingredient with more antioxidants than standard chocolate has.

Xocai Energy Drink

No MLM health company would be complete if they didn’t have their own energy drink and Xocai has their version as well call Xocai Xe Energy Drink.

Xocai Xe Energy Drink

Its pretty cool looking with the color of the drink matching the can don’t you think?

They come in cases of 24 cans at the cost of $89.99, so basically they are $3.75 per can. Not an unrealistic price considering most of the other energy drinks on the market go for about the same price or more, but at least the Xocai Energy Drink has antioxidants in it!

Weight Loss & Beauty

Xocai also has a line of weight loss products and beauty products.

One thing I hate seeing when it comes to beauty products is the word anti-aging. I believe this to be an snake oil salesman tactic. So when I saw the Xocai Xophoria Anti-Aging Cream, I became a little skeptical of the companies claims.

Xocai Business Opportunity

So what does the Xocai business opportunity offer that would make it worth joining you might ask?

The good part is that they sell chocolate products! So if you love chocolate, that would be a plus. Just remember the costs of the products. You will also have to sign up for the autoship program to receive commissions according to their website.

You will need to start selling quickly to cover your costs. Remember, they are a MLM company so the first thing they usually ask you to do is go out and recruit your family and friends. These are the “low hanging fruit”.

In order to excel at the Xocai business, you will need to sell yourself and believe in the products. Before joining the Xocai MLM compare their product prices to other similar products on the market to see if you would be comfortable marketing them.

Personally I don’t like recruiting or dealing with inventory, so I will stick with my #1 pick!

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12 thoughts on “Xocai Business Opportunity ( Selling Chocolate? )”

  1. Healthy choclate now thats the firs time i have ever heard of that, people don’t normally relate a sweet choclate being healthy, but i see that this company has decided to think out side of the box and that is good, to make a different and to turn something that is consider to be unhealthy into something that that is healthy and that is of great benefit. Thats pretty amazing.

    • Hey Norman

      There are MLM programs out there for just about anything, and selling chocolate is just one of them.

      I’m not sure how popular, this program from Xocai, it doesn’t appear to have a lot of traffic on the web for its keywords. If thats the case then it may be hard to make money from this MLM.

  2. The biggest problem I have always seen with MLM’s is the fact that you need to keep recruiting people if you’re to make any real money.

    The bulk of them usually has higher than normal prices to cover the MLM compensation plan to do their payout for upline and downline.

    Having to pay for a steady stream of the product means you better like it yourself and use and make sure your family, friends, and cold contact sales will handle it.

    The link from your banner looks more my speed for an opportunity when you go to the other article.

    • Hey Travis

      I do like chocolate, but I am not sure I like it this much.

      I do like the concept of MLM, but I have yet to find a MLM business that I would be interested in just for the fact that most of them have to inflate the prices of the products for it to work.

      Maybe some day there will be a MLM I will be interested in, but for now I will stick with my favorite earn money working from home opportunity.

  3. Hi Chris. Xocai may not have been the best opportunity bit they were sold to a company who wants people to change their chocolate and see how much better they feel. Each piece of chocolate is 35 calories, 1 gram of sugar and equal in antioxidants to over 1 pound of raw spinach. Now that is simply awesome ainxw it tastes great. Yes you can join the business and make money sharing it with the world bit you first have to order as a customer and make sure this is something you want to do. It is a great business but this company is focused on customers as well. So order as a customer and get free product every 3rd month for the first year when you have a subscription. Cancel at any time but what a deal to get free product. My family has been eating this chocolate for 8 years and I will never give it up. The health benefits for us have been substantial.

    • Thanks for the heads up Lynette I didn’t know that Xocai had been sold.

      Can you elaborate on what the health benefits are that you have seen eating the chocolate?

  4. Sure. If you ate only high antioxidant foods and let’s say you juiced every meal, that would help you feel better. That is because antioxidants are said to lower inflammation. That matters because inflammation is responsible for over 200 diseases including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, arthritis and diabetes. Maybe not realistic to juice every meal for the rest of your life but adding in chocolate, now that is easy. For me, I have controlled my type 2 diabetes with this chocolate and berberine, am off many medications for an autoimmune disease and I have seen first hand with my adult son who has autism, how life changing this product can be. Been eating it for 8 years but love what the new company has done. Same product, better marketing and packaging. More pieces of chocolate in a box. Nothing like it on the market.

  5. Hey Chris, Are you in the US? I can ship you a sample. Maybe you can blog about it?

  6. Are there any distributors in victoriabc

    • I am not affiliated with Xocai myself so I recommend that if your interested to contact the company and they should be able to help.

  7. Hi can i get bus opportunity for this chocolate bisiness thanks

    • If your looking to sell Xocai chocolate then you can get the information directly from their website Dan.


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