Is Worldwide Brands Worth It For $299? (Review)

Worldwide Brands has been around for many years and they are one of the largest dropshipping directories on the web. If your looking for good products from legitimate suppliers some which sell wholesale then you might be considering a membership. You don’t have to worry about them being a scam because if they were I wouldn’t be a member. My review will go over the company and is Worldwide Brands worth it?

Let’s get started….

Is Worldwide Brands Worth It

Is Worldwide Brands Good?

Before I jump into my review, I just wanted to touch base on a common mistake that most dropshippers make when looking for suppliers.

They go in search of magical sources where they can buy different products at prices that are 50% less than what you can get them for at Amazon or Walmart.

The plan is to undercut these big retailers and make big profits.

Reality Check

There are no such suppliers and there is no one that will be able to compete with big retailers based on price.

It is possible to compete in the e-commerce world by having a great selection of products that are priced reasonably though.

This is where the strength of the Worldwide Brands directory comes in.

With so many suppliers to choose from the product selection is enormous. There is something for everyone in this directory and its just up to you to research your niche before choosing.


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What Are The Worldwide Brands Products

The suppliers are wholesalers, bigger retailers and manufacturers so it is possible to find similar products between these different suppliers.

You would just choose the one that you would like to work with and that offers the best services.

There is an extensive list of 25 product categories and here are just some of them,

  • art
  • collectibles
  • health
  • beauty
  • garden
  • watches
  • pet supplies
  • sporting goods
  • supplements
  • toys
  • travel
  • automotive
  • and tons more.

With millions of products to choose from in the directory you might think it would be overwhelming trying to find what your looking for, but they have a good way to sort things.

Below is a screenshot showing the options to search, sort and find the different products as well as suppliers.

Searching Products In Worldwide Brands Directory

The Worldwide Brands directory is so big that is would be virtually impossible to find the the best a supplier without the ability to narrow down specific features.

For example, lets just say that you had no interest in stocking inventory and your business model was just to dropship products.

You could check off the “dropship only” box eliminating all the suppliers that only sell wholesale.

Ways to search include:

  • Dropship only
  • Light bulk (wholesale) only
  • Both
  • Location of supplier
  • ¬†Category
  • Newest suppliers
  • Products only
  • Brands only

Once you have filtered through and narrowed down your search for suppliers, there is an option to save them and keep them under your “favorite suppliers” tab.


Vetted Suppliers

Worldwide Brands screens their wholesalers to make sure they are legitimate.

Some have complained that the screening process is not good enough and some of the suppliers are more like retailers instead of actual wholesale suppliers.

This may be true, but I am sure that there are some retailers that get better pricing and do more volume than some wholesalers so it may be a moot point.

I would be concerned if I were competing with them online and not getting products at a wholesale cost. I have seen where a big online retailer also sells wholesale, but their wholesale pricing is not good enough to allow others selling their products to compete against them.


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Worldwide Brands Market Research Tool

What good are products that have too much competition?

An important aspect of starting a dropshipping business or e-commerce business is to make money and choosing the wrong products from the start could doom your chances of success.

So how does it work

Lets say that you want to sell GPS units. You would type in “GPS” and do a search.

The software will come up with different keyword variations as well as how many monthly searches there are for that keyword.

That’s not all.

You will also get a list of current auctions on Ebay with the same or similar products including the current bid. Plus it also pulls up listings on Amazon.


Worldwide Brands Market Research

The advantage is that at a glimpse you can see if a product that your considering selling will be competitive at the cost you get from the listed suppliers.

If not keep looking for a different supplier or a different product.

Its possible that the niche you have chosen is too competitive and you won’t have success with it, so looking for different products in a new niche is what the Worldwide Brands dropship directory is about.


Worldwide Brands Forum

Networking with others is important because its a way to exchange ideas end get answers to common problems.

The forum at WWA does just that. It allows members to ask questions and get help related to certain topics not just related to suppliers, but also related to dropshipping, competitors and e-commerce in general.

Worldwide Brands Forum

Some of the topics covered in the forum are:

  • General
  • Product sourcing
  • Business topics
  • Traffic and conversion
  • E-commerce platforms

Some of the topics are more popular of course and there is more activity while some haven’t been updated in a while.


Help For Newbies

If your new to the world of e-commerce then you might not know all the small things that need to be done when starting and running your business.

The Worldwide Brands member center has some different tutorials and lessons covering topics such as getting a tax ID, working with UPS, working with suppliers as well as advice on finding and selling products.

Worldwide Brands Member Center

This is very basic advice and just enough to help you get started. Ultimately as an entrepreneur, you will want to further your understanding as time goes on and learn as much as you can from different sources.


How Much Does Worldwide Brands Cost

The regular price of the wholesale directory costs $299 and is a lifetime membership.

So just pay once and get access to a directory that is continuously updated with new suppliers and features.

You will find some affiliates offering a Worldwide Brands discount in their review. Nothing wrong with that as long as they give a unbiased review and not try to just make money from referring you to the directly trying to make a sale.



As with any product or services there are going to be some complaints, so lets take a look at some of the Worldwide Brands complaints to see if they are legitimate.

One person writes:

Do yourself a favor and stay away from World Wide Brands. You can find the same suppliers elsewhere for a fraction of what he charges.

Of course you can go on the web and find your own dropship suppliers. The problem with this complaint is that you will spend all your time doing it while you should actually be building your business.

The Worldwide Brands wholesale directory is just a tool to speed up research.

Another person writes:

I noticed the prices were higher then everyone on eBay. This is not true wholesale prices. I couldn’t sell one product as everyone was selling the same products and my cost was more then what they were selling them for.

As I stated before, you can’t run a dropship business and compete with with Walmart, Amazon or Ebay.

The successful sellers on Ebay are buying in bulk quantities and shipping from their own garages or warehouses. So they will always have better pricing than a person dropshipping the same products.

BBB Rating

I did a quick search and pulled up the Worldwide Brands BBB rating and it was A+.  So after so many years in business there are virtually no major complaints against the company.


Is Worldwide Brands A Scam

No the company is not a scam and does offer a legitimate product in their wholesale directory. They have been around for years and they have a good BBB rating.

So why do some people call them a scam?

It boils down to not being happy with either the amount of suppliers they can find in their niche or the inability to get the pricing that they want.

So they call the company a scam.

In reality these same people will never find what they are looking because they have chosen a niche that was too competitive or don’t really know how the world of retail pricing works.


Worldwide Brands Pros and Cons

Lets just recap what some of the good and bad to help you make a decision whether the wholesale directory can help you with your online business.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • One time cost
  • Thousands of suppliers
  • Large amount of categories of products
  • Legitimate company

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Forum doesn’t have a lot of activity
  • Some suppliers don’t have true wholesale pricing
  • Some suppliers also are retailers ( your competition)
  • Many of the reviews are of affiliates trying to make money by referring people to the offer


Final Thoughts

Now that my review has shown you what Worldwide Brands is about it, will you be able to use it and build a successful online business using their recommended suppliers?

Unfortunately it takes more than just a wholesale directory to make money dropshipping or running an online business. Selling products online has a low barrier of entry so the competition is going to stiff.

You still need to provide great customer service, a sophisticated e-commerce website, creative product descriptions and a good assortment of products within your niche. After all this work you might be lucky to make 15% to 20% profit if you get and choose the right products.

Usually though you profit margin will be closer to 10% or less with the majority of people losing money in the end.

That is why I got out of the dropshipping business. It was just a price war with other online retailers and I felt like I was working for free.

I decided to try affiliate marketing instead so now I don’t have to deal with customers, returns, inventory or all the other problems that come with running an online store.

If your interested in learning about affiliate marketing and how to get started for free you can see my #1 pick here.


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