What Is Vemma MLM Health And Nutrition – Is It Worth Joining

You may have been hearing the word Vemma for a while now and your wondering what is Vemma?

Vemma is a health and nutrition MLM that has had it troubles. The FTC has come down hard on them claiming Vemma is a pyramid scheme.

Were going to do a quick review to see if it worth joining the Vemma business opportunity or if it is a scam as some people are saying.

Vemma Nutrition Company

Price: $25 to $708 For Products
Owners: Benson K. Boreyko
Website: www.vemma.com


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Vemma is a MLM also known as multi level marketing company located in Scottsdale Arizona. They sell nutritional supplements, vitamin drinks, diet drinks and energy drinks. The company was founded in 2004 by Benson Boreyko and has grown to become a multi million dollar company. It has been claimed that they had over 200 million in sales at one point.  Not too shabby I would say. Apparently Benson Boreyko was also the founder of another company called New Vision that was shut down in the past by the Federal Trade Commission.

The products are sold through distributors which are also the customers. These distributors in order to stay active must purchase product packs. As with any MLM program, the main goal is to turn the customers into distributors, so that you can earn income from their sales.

Here are some of the products that Vemma markets:

Vemma Vitamin Drink – starts at $49.96 monthly and is their antioxidant supplement with 12 vitamins.

Vemma Bod e – starts at $47.95 monthly and is their meal supplement

Vemma Verve Energy Drink– starts at $62.95 monthly and their energy drinks. Also available in a sugar free version.

Now the prices shown above are for what Vemma calls their autoship program. You get a 20 percent discount from the regular pricing when enrolled in the autoship program.

If your going to get involved with the Vemma business opportunity and become a Vemma distributor, it would only make sense that you join the autoship program for the discount.

Vemma Business Opportunity

You will start out as an affiliate. In order to start marketing the Vemma products, you will need to activate your account by paying $19.95. This will give you access to a back office, website and mobile app. This is their marketing tools suite.  The $19.95 fee is billed anually.

As an affiliate you will need to purchase a monthly supply or product pack to stay active and be able to recruit others into your team.

The Vemma pay plan is more than I want to get into here on the blog, so here is a link to their pdf explaining the whole team building matrix. Vemma themselves calls their pay plan the “simplest and easiest plan in the industry”. If it was then I should be able to outline here in a short paragraph, but in my opinion it has too many things going on to call it the simplest.

Vemma And FTC Crackdown

Now the FTC did come in and file an order on 8-21-15 that basically stating that Vemma sales were coming from its affiliates and that a very small percentage of its sales were coming by way of retail customers.

In other words by recruiting affiliates into their program and encouraging them to buy products to earn an income, Vemma was running an illegal pyramid scheme the FTC claimed.

Another claim by the FTC against Vemma was that they were marketing the Vemma business opportunity to college kids and it was unrealistic ? Showing them how they could aquire expensive cars and a large income by selling their products.


Now I think a lot of what the FTC was claiming seems petty. I mean there are a lot of MLM companies doing the same type of marketing. You might say most MLM’s work this way!

I will say that I do think the FTC was unjustified in their claim against Vemma.

Now, do I think you should join the Vemma business opportunity. In my opinion I would say NO and here is why.

As with most MLM’s that market a vitamin or supplement type of product, these prices on their website seem to be extreme!

Just think about the amount of vegetables you could buy at the supermarket and do up in a blender or juicer to get the same type of nutritional value. Or check out competing types of products at your local health food stores, to see what I mean when I believe these products cost too much money.

In the end you will be the one that needs to decide if the Vemma business opportunity is something that is worth pursuing.

For me I prefer to make money online like this!

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2 thoughts on “What Is Vemma MLM Health And Nutrition – Is It Worth Joining”

  1. A lot of my younger vemma friends used to try to get me to join the company. I wasn’t much of a fan, not because I didn’t think the products were bad, but 1. there was simply too much competition, and 2. They didn’t seem to pay very well. Same with Herbalife. They don’t pay well at all. You have to really grind it out to get much there. Your time should be worth much more than that

    • Yes, when I did a search their doesn’t seem to be too much search volume for their product or opportunity.

      I’m sure there are people making money with Vemma, but they were the first ones in the program.

      With most MLM’s that are marketing a supplement, I believe there are better options out there for making money online.


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