What is The Vasayo Opportunity & Should You Join?

Another MLM launches in the health and wellness category. The company is called Vasayo and they have some experienced founders behind the wheel. Does that mean you should get involved with this business opportunity?  You might be thinking to get in early and make money with Vasayo while the going is ripe.

Vasayo Business Opportunity

My review will go over what the company is about and what their products consist of. I will touch on the compensation and if there are better alternatives to this opportunity selling health and wellness.

Let’s get started…


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Who Is Vasayo

If you have been researching business opportunities to join, then I am sure that you have come across many in the health and wellness category. This category is great for selling high margin products and fits in perfectly with the MLM business model.

Vasayo is the new kid on the block and was founded by Dallin and Karree Larsen. These two have been part of the MLM industry for years. Dallin Larsen with his past experience as president of Usana, gives the new company Vasayo some credibility in the industry.

Can they be successful in this crowded market of health conscience consultants and consumers?

The Products

The company doesn’t have a big selection of products to start with. As a matter of fact, there are only 5 lines to choose from.

In order to be a different kind of company and set themselves apart from the other health and wellness MLM’s, they needed to take the science to a different level. A little more on this further down.

What products does Vasayo sell?

What Products Does Vasayo Sell

Their product line consists of Microlife Core Essentials, Microlife Neuro, Microlife Energy, Microlife Renew, Microlife Sleep.

The Vasayo Microlife Advantage

The company is trying to differentiate itself from its other competitors such as Kyani, by using a way to laser target nutrients to their intended target.

How you might ask? “Micronutrient encapsulation technology“.

Its a new buzz word that gives the products a marketing angle for its consultants to use.

The overall idea is that because of the way the liposomes are wrapped, they can make it through a persons digestive system without breaking down.

This allows the nutrients to make it into the body instead of being broken down and discarded.

Will Vasayo consultants have a marketing advantage with liposomes? I’m sure that when consultants approach potential customers and possible recruits this will be their goto line.

Currently there are some listings on Ebay as well as Amazon listings for the different products

Can You Make Money Selling Vasayo

The company uses the MLM business model to get its products into the hands of health conscience people. So selling retail and recruiting others into the company as distributors are the ways to earn income.

Unfortunately selling Vasayo retail is only going to get you 20%.

This is low for any retail product, especially if your talking about health supplements. So why such a low commission on retail.

If you take a look at how many ranks there in the compensation plan, it makes sense that it is heavily weighted toward sponsoring.


So for distributors to really make money selling Vasayo, recruiting others will be the best option. If your not really into recruiting, then there are better alternatives out there that don’t require it.

The Vasayo compensation plan has 18 ranks. More ranks than the US military I think?

Lets look at what they are:

  • Brand Partner
  • Qualified Brand Partner
  • Executive Brand Partner
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Pearl
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Royal Black Diamond
  • Imperial Black Diamond
  • Crown Blue Diamond
  • Double Crown Blue Diamond
  • Triple Crown Blue Diamond

With less commission on the retail side, they just added it to the different ranks. This puts more emphasis on Vasayo consultants to recruit and build a business from their down line.

There is mention of not being able to make more than $27,500 per week as a consultant. Before you get excited, just let it be known that most people in the MLM business don’t make any money. Its just a fact. So this figure won’t even come into play.

The Science Behind The Opportunity

The Vasayo business opportunity relies on research dating back to the mid 1960’s. It is said that liposome technology is gaining in popularity and we should be seeing more of it mentioned in the coming years.

So can we expect to see more MLM companies jumping on the trend? Most likely.

This will also open up as good affiliate marketing opportunities as well. So you won’t need to worry about recruiting people and maintaining a monthly quota.

Should You Join Vasayo

If your a health conscience person that has some extra cash that can be used, then I guess its worth some investigation.

Depending on which level you go in at the cost to join Vasayo will be $239, $329, $489 and $889. As you jump in cost between levels, you get more products.

If you want to go all in there is the $1489 Founders Package where you can earn an extra 1% of the bonus pool.

Will these supplements actually do what they claim and are you comfortable selling them to your friends and family?

This is where I have a hard time believing in the MLM business model. You can always find similar products with similar claims that cost a lot less in local stores.

Final Thoughts

If your looking for a great business opportunity and thinking of joining Vasayo, then it probably couldn’t hurt your odds of actually making money getting in early.

With that said, it will only be a matter of time before the other industry players jump in and start marketing based around liposomes.  Then it could be a tough run for Vasayo to gain traction in this category.

It will be interesting to see how the Vasayo business opportunity plays out and if its distributors can penetrate this category of health supplements MLM’s.

Personally I prefer affiliate marketing over mlm because there is no recruiting of family and friends or the mandatory autoships.

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