[Update] What Is Super Affiliate Network About? (Misha Wilson?)

What is Super Affiliate Network about and can you really use this course to build a successful affiliate marketing business? When I came across this training course I really wanted to take a closer look because I had heard about Misha Wilson the founder being a super affiliate and maybe I could learn something new.

Some are calling it a scam while others are giving it good reviews, so what’s the deal here?

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Update: I was contacted by Misha Wilson through email on 9/13/19 that some of the information in this review was outdated and that the program had new pricing . So I included what was listed on their website as well as information from others that have signed up for further reference.

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What Is the Super Affiliate Network


Affiliate marketing training course made of videos that teaches paid methods as well as email marketing for getting traffic to your offer.

Company: The Super Affiliate Network

Cost: $1 to $12,497

Owners: Misha Wilson

Rating: 5/10

What Is Super Affiliate Network and Who is Misha Wilson

To first get an understanding of this training course itself we need to take a look at Misha Wilson to see what qualifies him to offer such a program.

First off he has been in the internet marketing business since he was young. He got his start building out websites for other marketers. What better way to get hands on then to see what the top guys are doing right?

Then he started to get involved with internet marketing and promoting offers for himself.

As with most of he was learning and in the process lost a lot of money looking for the right opportunity.

Eventually he did figure out how to make money online and scale it up to become a millionaire. Then he went on to start his own course The Super Affiliate Network.


The System and Training

Now the system that Misha Wilson built revolves around digital products and when you become a Super Affiliate Network member, you will have the option buy these products that include:

  • Profit Boosting Bootcamp $1 to sign up then $47 after 30 days
  • Solo Ad Success Formula $297
  • IM Profit Formula $7
  • Super Affiliate Inner Circle $297
  • Maui Intensive $12,497

Of course most of this is all video training.

I am all for digital products and learning by video. My favorite affiliate marketing training course offers the same kind of training and I can use it whenever I need to brush up on some topics.

But training should be at a reasonable price that everyone can afford.

There are quite a few high ticket courses such as MOBE, Digital Altitude and TiDom that really put a financial strain on members because of their upsells and promises of big money.

Does Super Affiliate Network cost too much and have similar tactics as the the other high ticket programs?

More on this later.


How Much Does Super Affiliate Network Cost

To join and become a member they are offering a $1 sign up.

This is a good way to test the waters to see what the training course is about and whether or not it is something that you like.

Keep in mind that your not going to get any ground breaking information or come away with the secrets to earning 1000’s just by paying $1.

Its just a good way for the company to generate leads.

I am sure there are a lot of people that are on the fence about joining Super Affiliate Network.

Offer it for $1 and many of them will drop their guard and sign up.

Then 30 days after signing up you will then be billed $47 monthly.

More options.

So now your a member with a monthly fee but you don’t have enough training to get to the next level.

Your only other option is to buy more training with the following:

Solo Ad Success at a cost of $297.

The Super Affiliate Network training is geared towards using paid traffic as a way to get leads.

Solo ads is their method of choice.

You would basically be paying another marketer with a big email list to send your offer to his list.

The costs can vary but typically they run .50 to $1.00 per email sent depending on which solo ad vendor you use.

IM Profit Formula at $7 which is definitely a reasonable cost with training to teach how to build leads and an email list.

Then you have the Super Affiliate Inner Circle that comes in at $297 basically providing you with the option of working with coaches.

What’s Missing?

Looking at these different training options one can conclude that the pricing won’t break the bank for most people.

But you have to realize that there will other expenses to take into account including the amount of money it will take in advertising to make this training work for you.

Then there is the coaching.

There are a lot of these digital marketing training programs that now offer coaching.

Will they actually work side by side with in order to help get your online business started and profitable.

Probably not.

The coaches typically work on commission and they make their money getting members to sign up for other products and services.

So don’t expect any hand holding here.


Compensation Plan & Affiliate Program

So the reason for joining is to make make money right?

The popularity of this particular program has to do with the affiliate program being offered.

If you join and buy the system your now encouraged to take advantage of the Super Affiliate Network affiliate program.

Every person that you refer creates the possibility of earning a commission depending on what your referral signs up for.

How does the Super Affiliate Network compensation plan work and what are the commissions?

The commissions range from 50% to 100%.

To begin with the commissions will vary depending on which membership level your at. If you are just at the basic membership level, you won’t have the same opportunity of earning as someone that is on the pro membership level.

So you will be encouraged to go all in and buy into the highest level that you can afford.

Here is a breakdown of the commissions that you can earn taken from their site:

Commission Chart For Super Affiliate Network

Advantages and Disadvantages

Its great to be able to have a plug and play system because one of the biggest problems online marketers have is getting traffic.

You could have the best offer in the world but if no one knows about it then your dead in the water.

You log into the Super Affiliate Network back office and you have it all done for you.

The problem though is that you still need to pay for the traffic. There is no guarantee that the solo ads that you buy are going to be good and convert into sales.

So testing has to be done and this can get expensive.

The other problem is having all your business tied up with one companies products. If the company decided to close their doors tomorrow all the members would find themselves starting all over again.

Super Affiliate Network Pros and Cons

My review has gone over Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network course so now it is time to recap what the good and bad of this opportunity is.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Misha Wilson is established marketer
  • Plug and play marketing system
  • Low cost to become a member
  • 30 day refund

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Added expensive of buying traffic
  • Need to buy higher level packages to make money
  • Coaches have to unlock levels

Who Should Join Super Affiliate Network

Although you can join Super Affiliate Network for a small cost as a basic member most that aren’t able to buy into the higher levels will ultimately fail.

The only hope of making any money with this is to buy in at the higher membership level and spend money to drive traffic into the sales funnel.

So if you have a few thousands dollars to start with and your not afraid of losing it then you are better suited for this opportunity.

If your living paycheck to paycheck and all you can afford is $47 per month, then your better off not bothering becoming a member because there will be other costs to make this training work.


Can You Get A Refund If Not Satisfied

The answer is yes but you will need to read the Super Affiliate Network refund policy because it really depends on what you purchased.

They do have a 30 day refund policy but it comes with this disclosure:

However, you’re fully protected by a 100% no questions asked 30 day refund on select products from The Super Affiliate Network.

The key takeaway here is the term “select products”.

So make if you decide to take the plunge to sign up for the Super affiliate Network you go over the refund policy and understand everything.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully now you understand what Super Affiliate Network is about after reading through my review.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model because of the low overhead and ability to make a lot of money. Although SAN has training the emphasis is on selling the opportunity itself.

The most expensive aspect of a business is the advertising.

So by becoming a Super Affiliate Network member, you will be paying to promote the company instead of your own business.

That is why I prefer to stay away from companies or opportunities that have their own systems.

It only takes a small amount of effort to learn and implement these same systems on your own without coming out of pocket for $1,000’s of dollars.

I learned how to make money online without spending $1000’s and I owe it all to my favorite training program.


Feel free to leave your opinion or experience with The Super Affiliate Network below!

10 thoughts on “[Update] What Is Super Affiliate Network About? (Misha Wilson?)”

  1. Hello Chris!

    I’ve heard about the Super Affiliate Network a million times, but usually, all the reviews I’ve read align with yours. It’s not so easy to make money from it if you don’t spend money of yours and that’s a big disadvantage. I really prefer the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    • Thanks for the comment Antonis.

      I don’t think people realize that when they join the Super Affiliate Network that the entry level membership isn’t going to work for them and that they will need to spend even more money and go to the higher levels costing thousands.

      Then pay for traffic as well.

      I would much rather learn a skill and not have to depend on a company themselves for my income. I’m currently happy with my training program.

  2. Hello and thanks, for sharing a well-detailed review. It is possible to make a good living online as an affiliate in this field but the work is there the time must be put in order have online success and it doesn’t happen overnight. But I love what you said about wealthy affiliate that I believe has the best training platform on the planet where you can make a good living in the online world.

    • Hi Norman.

      Yes being an affiliate can be rewarding financially as well as having the freedom to do what you want when you want do to the passive income that you can make.

      I don’t think Misha Wilson is a bad guy or scam artist but his Super Affiliate Network training seems to be overpriced and there are much better options some of which you can get started for free like Wealthy Affiliate that you have mentioned.

  3. Never hearing about this affiliate marketer, I was very interesting in your article. I love to see what is really out there for training besides. Seems like this one promises the world for little, but ends up costing a bundle. Paying for traffic, yikes. I mean I want traffic too, but I think I will take the long journey and wait for the 2 year plan.  But I really enjoyed this post. New information is always good.

    • The Super Affiliate System is not the most expensive one out there but it also isn’t the cheapest either.

      Nothing wrong with paying for traffic if your looking to scale up your business.

  4. I was not happy with this program. Carrot game ie chasing the next level ($$$)’ thru the coaches trying to convince you that’s what you need to get to your goal. Then I registered for an event accident and they wouldn’t refund my money.

    • Thanks for the feedback Chrystal.

      I personally stay away from training courses that have “coaches”. Especially if you need to contact them in order to access different levels within the training.

      Sorry to hear Super Affiliate Network wouldn’t issue you a refund.

  5. How do I get my money back.
    I didn’t even ask for the second step and as soon as I clicked on the second link it started to immediately swipe my cc.

    • I would send them an email and explain the situation to see if they will give you a refund.

      Typically though companies like this don’t like to give returns.


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