What Is Simple Wealth Creators? [ $100,000 Per Month? ]

I came across Simple Wealth Creators and learned that this opportunity was promising anyone that joined that they could easily make $10,000 per month or more promoting their products.

As alluring as it may seem to make this kind of money just by signing up with a company you should know that these kinds of claims ultimately result in disappointment.

So to get down to the bottom of what this system was all about and if it was possible to make money with this I went through it and did a review for anyone that might be considering joining.

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The Simple Wealth Creators Review

The first thing that I did was watch the video that they had on the front page of their website.

It starts off by telling you that you’ll be able to make good money with their system even making as much money into months as you could make in a year at your current job.

The other thing that they mentioned in the video was their automated system.

Now in my experience a lot of these companies like to promote that they have automation that makes it easy for anyone that signs up to make money.

Part of their system includes telemarketing salesman who close sales for you.

How it works is that you drive traffic to the opportunity and when people sign up these telemarketing salesman make the phone call and persuade these leads to join the opportunity.

These are typically high-pressure salesman that have the knack for closing sales.

So this is what they are considering automation. You drive the traffic to the offer, the high-pressure salesman close the offer and you get paid all while sitting on your couch!

If only it was that easy.

What Are The Products

The Simple Wealth Creators products are digital.

MLM companies are now taking advantage of the internet by creating programs that market digital products.

For example one of the more recent companies to go online selling digital products was Digital Altitude which has been shut down by the government for fraud.

What they do is package a bunch of information that shows you how to start an online business and promote it to make money.

Then they turn around and put a high price tag on it that encourages people to sign up so they can make thousands and thousands of dollars per month selling the opportunity to others.

These digital products aren’t anything special and typically the information that is included can be found for free on the web.

That is why many people call these types of opportunities scams.

Now there is nothing wrong with taking information that you can find and putting it together in a convenient way for people to learn and charging for it but putting a price tag on there that is unrealistic has to be questioned.

How Much Does It Cost

The company has four different levels that you can get started with.

So when you join Simple Wealth Creators you can choose from the Starter Suite, Deluxe Suite, Premium Suite and the Master Suite with the costs being shown below.

  • Starter Suite cost $597 to join
  • Deluxe Suite cost $2,097 to join
  • Premium Suite cost $3,597 to join
  • Master Suite cost $6,097 to join

Now you might be wondering why there are four different levels and what is the difference it makes as to which level you’re joining at?

First off when it comes to the actual training materials there really is no difference in what you will receive by paying into the more expensive suite.

Whether you join the starter suite or go to the premium suite you will still receive the same products. The Master Suite gets into the crypto currencies which is the wild west right now.

How Much Money Can You Make

You have seen the different levels that you can join at that go from $597 to $6,097.

To make money with the Simple Wealth Creators system you encourage visitors to sign up for the highest level suite that they can afford.

So if one of the visitors that you promoted the products to joins the Starter Suite level you would earn a $350 commission.

If one of your visitors joins as a Deluxe Suite member you would earn a $1,400 commission.

Finally if one of your visitors joins as a Premium Suite member you would earn a $2,450 commission.

One important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that you can only earn commissions based on the level that you have joined at.

For example if you joined as a Starter suite member then you would only be allowed to earn $350 commissions.  If one of your leads joined as a Deluxe Suite member you would not be able to earn that $1,400 commission because you didn’t buy into that level.

That is how many of these companies structure their pay plans.

So what happens is even though people may not be able to afford the higher levels they join anyways because they want to get the bigger commissions.

How Does The System Work

When it comes to running an online business you need visitors and traffic to your website and landing pages.

Without any traffic to your offer you won’t be able to make money.

So what this opportunity is about is promoting these digital products using the company’s automated telemarketing sales coaches to close sales for you once you have driven visitors into your sales funnel.

How do you get this traffic?

There are various ways to do it including mailing postcards and using solo ads. these are two of the ways that many of the members that join are persuaded to use.

Mail out postcards with your information on it and when somebody joins with your identification you get credited.

Same with the solo ads. Pay to have your offer shown on someone else’s email list and if any of the leads join with your ID you are credited.

Now these are not cheap ways of getting leads to your offer.

It can cost $300 to $400 per month to mail postcards as well as $300 to $400 per month for small solo ad campaigns.

So when looking at this opportunity not only do you have to have the upfront cost of joining but you will also need to have a monthly advertising budget to make the system work.

This is very similar to another program that I reviewed a while back called Tidom. Where people run around promoting how great the opportunity is but they don’t tell you how much money they’re spending to promote it.

The question is can you afford to spend $300 to $400 per month minimum just to drive leads to this offer?

Because just joining isn’t going to make you any money unless you advertise it.

Even spending hundreds of dollars per month to promote this offer won’t guarantee that you earn any income from it.

Things To Consider

It’s easy to get sucked into these money making opportunities because the people promoting them are always flashing checks and telling you how much money you can make.

Before you jump in to any opportunity it’s a good thing to step back and analyze exactly how it works.

For example after researching this opportunity and seeing a bunch of marketers holding checks up showing their commissions I learned that in order to get those commissions they do a lot of paid marketing.

You don’t see the same marketers talking about how much they spend promoting Simple Wealth Creators to earn those checks.

Another factor to consider is the actual products that your marketing.

When you come across an opportunity and there is people promoting it but not really talking about the products that they’re promoting you may want a question why that is.

With most of these mlm’s that have digital products as their products you typically don’t see much emphasis put on the products themselves.

The reason for that is because really the whole opportunity evolves around recruiting others and making commissions on people that join.

So what happens over time is the company exhaust the amount of new members that they can get to join and eventually they wined up closing down.

Is Simple Wealth Creators A Scam

In order to be considered a scam in my book they need to be charging high ticket prices for products that are subpar and knowingly doing it.

There are very few systems that I have reviewed and consider worth thousands of dollars.

Are people making money with this system?  Sure there are.

Although there may be a few people making money with the system over all the majority of people lose money that they can’t afford to.

So looking at the information I have provided you here today it is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not you would consider this a scam or a company you would like to get involved with.

I am not really a fan of these types of mlm opportunities costing thousands of dollars with low success rates.

There are other opportunities you could try that won’t put you in the poor house.

Final Thoughts

Simple Wealth Creators is not my idea of an online business that you should consider as a way to quit your 9 to 5 and build on for the future.

These types of companies come and go and most likely this will be the same scenario that happens here.

You’re not learning any skill you’re just paying money to drive leads into a high pressure sales funnel.

With that being said I am personally happy with the training that I received which taught me how to build websites and sell legitimate products.

Best of all it didn’t cost me hundreds or thousands of dollars to get started. That is why I consider it my #1 pick for making money online.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Simple Wealth Creators? [ $100,000 Per Month? ]”

  1. There’s way to many out there bragging about how much money they make just sitting at home on their couches and never mentioning how much work goes into it and how much they’re paying for advertising. I know I for one had the thought that I would start a blog and the money would start rolling in, but I faced reality right away.
    After months the money might start rolling in but not just because you started a blog or started advertising, it’s because you put in all your extra time and effort.
    You had a great awakening call for that. It’s always important to look out for what you’re signing up to.

    • Yes starting a blog is a process of building content and then slowly building traffic to make money with your affiliate products or services.

      Most people are in too big a rush to make money online so they look for a way to buy into a ready made business.

      They join Simple Wealth Creators by paying crazy fee and then they find out that they need to spend even more in paid traffic just to promote the system and make money with it.

      The reality is that there are better alternatives that cost a lot less you just need to be patient and treat it as a business to be successful.


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