What Is Gifthulk & Is It Legit?

Gifthulk is a website that promises to reward you for doing surveys and other online tasks. There has been a lot of commotion online about this company as to whether it is legit or not so I thought I would do a review to see what I could dig up.

When looking at these types of opportunities I always like to keep an open mind because there is always the potential to make money with the right company.

So what did I find out?

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The Gifthulk Opportunity And How It Works

If you have been scouring the internet looking for ways to make money you may have run across people promoting GPT sites.

Basically GPT stands for “get paid to”.

So when you sign up with Gifthulk you will be able to earn rewards by doing different things that include:

  • Watching videos
  • Doing surveys
  • Playing online games
  • Completing tasks
  • Internet searches
  • Completing offers
  • Referring others

I have reviewed quite a few of these sites that are similar to Gift Hulk that include Swagbucks, Fusioncash and InboxDollars.

Typically when you are doing the different activities within one of these types of sites you will be earning points that you can cash out.

Or you could apply your point balance to getting gift cards at various major retailers such as Best Buy, Home Depot and Walmart.

With this opportunity if you decide to sign up and start doing the various activities you will earn Gifthulk Coins.

What Are Gifthulk Coins

Instead of working off a boring point system the creators of the company decided to give their internal currency a fancy name.

So by doing the different activities you will be earning coins in various amounts depending on the length and complexity of the activity.

One example would be doing surveys.

You could earn anywhere from 20 coins to 2000 coins depending on the type of surgery and how long it is.

You even earn 250 coins just by signing up using someone’s referral code. Watch a video and earn 11 coins.

So what exactly are these coins worth?

For every 1000 Hulk coins you accumulate it will be equal to $1. So just by signing up you had earned $0.25 and like completing a few surveys you could end up making a dollar for two.

1000 coins equals $1

2000 coins equals $2

3000 coins equals $3

As you can see doing these types of activities with one of these GPT sites can take some time to really accumulate any kind of money.

The reason that they’re so popular is because it’s free to join and people believe it’s an easy way to make some good money.

Utimately you would need to spend quite a bit of time on the site to actually make enough money to be able to earn rewards.


As you earn coins you will have the opportunity to move up to different Gifthulk levels and this opens the door to different perks.

There are a total of 5 levels that you can achieve:

  • Bronze Level when you sign up
  • Silver Level when you earn 1,000 coins
  • Gold Level when you earn 10,000 coins
  • Platinum Level when you earn 25,000 coins
  • Diamond Level when you earn 50,000 coins

You really need to reach the gold level to start benefiting from any of the perks because there is nothing offered at bronze or silver.

Once you reach the gold level you’ll be able to get higher rebates on prize purchases as well as faster delivery on prizes.

Achieving any of these levels is going to take some time because if you’re doing surveys or any tasks that only pay 22 to 30 coins then it’s going to take weeks just to get to the silver level.

Most of the time the best way to accumulate Hulk coins is going to be doing surveys which pay the most but there may be times that the are limited and there aren’t a lot to do.

Does Gifthulk Work

A lot of people that are interested in trying out this opportunity wonder whether it works or not and can you actually make any money with the website?

The answer is yes you can make money with this.

How much money you make will depend on how much time that you are spending completing tasks and surveys.

From all the different survey sites that I have reviewed I can tell you that you can make anywhere from $20 to $100 per month if you commit to it every day.


Every opportunity that you come across will have some negative aspects so what are the Gift hulk complaints that you should be aware of?

Through my research here is what I was able to find from different people that used the website.

It was a great site when I first joined almost 3 years ago. It has definitely gone downhill. It had become increasingly hard to earn their.

Another complaint.

 they do pay if you make points through third parties but stay away from Easy coins.

Most of these complaints were taken from the sitejabber.com so I decided to also check out the BBB to see what they were saying about this opportunity and they had them rated F which is very bad.

Complaints listed were:

support is not replying to my messages. I am waiting for a payment of rewards of $30.

Another user says:

They owe me a payment, it has been over 2 weeks since the payment was requested and I’ve gotten no response from them when I’ve attempted contact.

Another complaint:

 I had redeemed points in order to get e-gift cards from Gifthulk. They are refusing to deliver the gift cards and now won’t even respond to any emails sent to them.

Typically what you see for complaints with these types of sites are getting booted from surveys and things like that but when it comes to Gifthulk complaints it appears that a large majority of them are from members that aren’t getting paid.

This can be a real let down seeing that it takes so long to generate any kind of income with the site.

It also appears that customer support is slow or non-existent when it comes to getting issues resolved.

Gifthulk Pros and Cons

Let’s recap what the good and the bad points are of becoming a member.

Pros ( the good stuff)

  • Free to join
  • Many ways to earn
  • Organized dashboard
  • PayPal payments

Cons (  the not so good stuff )

  • Low pay for completing tasks
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Complaints of non-payment

Gifthulk Alternatives

When it comes to making money online with these types of sites there are many different ones to choose from.

Personally the one that I found that I like the best was Swagbucks.

As a member of Swagbucks I found that doing surveys and using their search engine was the best way for me to make money with the service.

I spend a lot of time online and do quite a few searches so I enjoyed using the search engine from Swagbucks because it was the easiest way to earn.

I also have a list started of some of the top online survey sites that you can check out here.

These make some great alternatives to Gifthulk.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully I have answered the question what is gifthulk and is it legitimate opportunity for you to try.

I don’t think the company is a scam and I do believe they are legitimate but are they really the best site to spend your time on?

When it comes to making money online there really is no easy way to do it.

I know when I got started I jumped on the survey bandwagon as well thinking that I could make some decent money with these sites.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that it wasn’t a true way to earn income and I needed to find a better way to make money online.

That is when I discovered a company that teaches you how to build websites and use the websites to earn income.

Now I don’t have to worry about the survey sites anymore.

So if you’re really ready to  make money online with your own business then check out the opportunity that I have been a member of for the last few years and see why I consider it my #1 pick.

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