What Is CB Passive Income 5.0? [ Honest Review! ]

When it comes to affiliate marketing there are some marketers that always seem to pop up with new courses over and over again.

CB Passive Income is one of those courses and the creator Patric Chan is a well known affiliate that makes quite a bit of money online.

If your trying to find an honest review about his system and whether or not it will work for you then I’m here to help.

So before you part with your hard earned money make sure to give this review a quick read.

It just might save you some money.

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Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income Review

When it comes to internet marketing training courses Patric is a well know creator and successful marketer.

You can find his courses listed on ClickBank and JVZoo.

He places in the top 10 often in these marketplaces as you can see below.

Patric Chan Creator Of CB Passive Income

So at least you know that he has skills when it comes to internet marketing.

I had seen some good and bad feedback regarding him and what he teaches.

This made me curious to see for myself what CB Passive Income offered and was the training legit?

Getting Started

When you first sign up you will be greeted with the CB Passive Income Dashboard and Patric has laid out some specific basic steps that you need to take.

From there you can dive into the training.

This is where I started to understand why some people refer to it as a “system”.

What Patric has done here is put together a “done for you” sales funnel.

He does this by giving you ready to go landing pages where you can send traffic.

These landing pages will have your affiliate links on them so you get credit for the referrals.

Learn Traffic Sources

Now your taught where to get traffic from.

There are free methods and paid methods but Patric tends to focus on where to get paid traffic.

This includes solo ads and Bing Ads.

Solo ads for the most part are a great way to build a mailing list but aren’t really good for instant sales.

I always see new marketers complaining because they are spending money and getting clicks but not getting sales.

The reality is that you need to show your offers multiple times to a person before they actually buy.

So having them on a email list is important.

YouTube Marketing

Although most of the traffic training is in CB Passive Income is geared towards paid traffic Patric does include some training about using YouTube to get visitors.

YouTube has become one of the best ways to promote products and services if your willing to get in front of the camera.


Also see: CashFlow System


What Are The Products

The focus of the training and system is to promote products listed on ClickBank.

Typically a lot of these products offer up to 50% commissions.

Which can add up fast if you get the traffic converting.

Plus you can be a CB Passive Income affiliate and make money promoting Patric’s course.


How Much Does It Cost

There are a few different price levels.

If you pay monthly the cost is $47 and if you want to save some money there is an option to pay quarterly equaling $32 a month.

The ultimate discount comes with the lifetime plan.

Pay $497 once and there will be no monthly fees after that. Naturally this is the best deal if you can afford it.

The course has been around for about 5 years now and has been updated all along.


There are some upsells as well but they are purely optional.

Inbox Pro Version cost $97 one time – this is to help you build your own email list. Your leads will be in the CB PAssive Income Funnel as well as being sent to your very own email list.

Mass Bot Profits cost $99 one time – using Facebook messenger chat bots to promote your products.

Internet To Income Insider cost $100 monthly – get advanced coaching


Recap Of The CB Passive Income 5.0 System

You sign up as a way to make money online promoting affiliate products on Clickbank as well as Patric’s course.

This is all done by driving traffic to the landing pages that are provided within the system.

The landing pages offer a lead magnet to entice your visitors to sign up.

All your leads go through the sales funnel already set up and if and when they make a purchase you get a commission.

Simple enough right?


Pros and Cons

So far it seems as if this is one of the best opportunities out there but there are always pluses and minuses.

Lets take a look.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Done for you system with everything set up
  • Products to promote
  • Training from experienced marketer

Cons ( the bad stuff )

  • Can’t build your own email list without buying the upsell
  • You don’t learn how to build your own funnel
  • You need to use paid traffic to make the most money


There is no doubt that CB Passive Income can make money for its members.

The biggest key to making it work is the traffic.

For established marketers this is no problem because they have been doing it for years and have the experience driving paid traffic and using their email leads.

For a newbie its going to be a trial and error learning experience.

Only for those that have the money to buy solo ads or run Bing Ads.

If you don’t have the budget to run paid advertising then its going to be harder to have success with this course.

Not to say it can’t be done.

A better approach might be to learn the basics yourself.

This can be done with less expensive training.

Then over time as you get familiar with how things work start investing in better more advanced training to grow your income.

Feel free to leave a comment about your experience or opinion with CB Passive Income below!

8 thoughts on “What Is CB Passive Income 5.0? [ Honest Review! ]”

  1. Thank you for your honest review on Patrick Chan’s CB Passive income. What I do not like about it is the done it all for you landing page, that means that many people will have the same looking landing page and there is nothing unique about it. However it is amazing that he has been around for 5 years and you can promote your own product or Patrick’s course. At this point I do not think that I can afford Patrick’s course yet, the monthly and the PPC, that can add up. However, I will keep this platform in mind when I can afford it.

    • The good thing about the system is that it has been around for years and it keeps getting updated.

      This benefits the marketers that have purchased the lifetime licenses.

      If your on a budget I suggest starting a blog and YouTube channel in order to develop free traffic from the search engines.

      Then you can promote any product or course that you want.

  2. I am always weary of these done for you systems.

    These marketers make it seem so easy but in my experience it hasn’t been.

    Especially when it comes to getting traffic to convert .

    The one thing that makes this opportunity intriguing is that it has been around for many years and updated to boot.


    • If you can get enough traffic into the sales funnel that is set up in CB Passive Income 5.0 then you will get some sales.

      There are marketers that are doing very well with this.

      Its best to choose one traffic method and fine tune it for best results.

      Have patience and let the sales funnel do the work.

      I would also capture the leads to build my own list as well in the process.

  3. I looked at getting the CB Passive Income License a while ago but I never pulled the trigger.

    Now that it has been updated to 5.0 I’m interested again.

    How much money do you think that I can make with this system and are there others to consider?

    I don’t want to waste money on any more so called done for you systems that don’t work

    • The amount of money that can be made will depend on the amount of traffic that converts.

      So you could make nothing or you can make a lot.

      There is no clear answer.

      Patric Chan put together a decent system and there are people making money with it.

      If your going to try it I suggest following the training and starting out with a small advertising budget. Test different ads or solo ad vendors.

  4. Patric Chan has been around since the 2000s and made his mark as an affiliate marketer.  This is why he teaches affiliate marketing as he is very experienced in it.  I must admit PPC ads like Bing are being competed against by Youtube and Facebook Advertising which is cheaper. 

    The only thing I am not happy about Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income is that, the email list is his and not yours.  In other words, you do the hard work of PPC to get email addresses which are added to his list rather than yours.  This is at the $47 level.

    Other than that, it is a really good idea!

    • No doubt Patric is a smart affiliate and has made a lot of money online . If you plan to join as a member the its best to go all in so that you won’t have a monthly fee to worry about.

      There is a way to build your own list as well while also getting people signed up with Patric’s course.

      Just capture the lead on your own list first and then forward to CB Passive Income sign up page.


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