What Affiliate Marketing Online Course Is The Best?

When it comes to choosing an affiliate marketing online course there a lot of things to consider.

Not every course teaches the same things or has the tools that you need to be successful as an affiliate.

So you might be asking yourself which course is the best one to go with?

Let me give you some tips that can help you with your choices.

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Why You Should Get Affiliate Marketing Training 

I run across a lot of people looking to start an online business using the affiliate marketing business model.

And they are being sold on the idea that all you need to do is build a website and the money will come rolling in.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news if you thought that this how it works.

There is more to it than that.

Although there are millions of people on the web the only way that you would be able to make money with your website is to write content that attracts visitors.

Not only do you have to write good quality content but you also have to do it on a consistent basis.

Now your probably saying to yourself that there is no way that you can be a writer and produce content for a blog.

I am here to tell you that your wrong!

I was a beginner as well just a couple of years ago and never did any serious writing myself.

But I found the online course that offered what I needed to be successful and from there I grew my blog to 1000’s of visitors per month.

In the process I have been able to make money as well promoting other companies products with my website.


What To Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Online Course

What To Look For In A Affiliate Marketing Online Course

So lets take a look at some of the things that you should be considering when it comes to beginners training.


The Cost

First and most importantly in my opinion is the cost.

You don’t want to pay for any affiliate training course that is going to put you into debt right from the start.

I have seen some that offer a low cost barrier of entry only to try and upsell the members into $1000’s of additional training that should have been included.

Personally I always look for some type of free trial or membership so that I can get familiar with what is being offered.

These free memberships are hard to come by but if you know where to look then you can find them.

Keep reading and I will disclose where I got my free membership course.

Now I don’t want you to get hung up on cost but you need to know that spending $1,000’s isn’t going to make you successful.

There are plenty of affiliate marketing courses that will only cost $30 to $50 per month which is reasonable.


The Training Itself

As for training it should be well organized and the main focus should be based on the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

You want to be able to learn how to write content.

After all you will be creating a blog around a specific niche topic.

So phase one of the affiliate marketing online course should guide you in choosing a niche that you can develop into a business.

Although there are millions of niches that you could create an online business around many people including myself struggle with the choices.

The problem is that there are too many good ones.

Any training course will be able to help you narrow down some choices and guide you in how to create engaging content that attracts visitors.

Don’t worry though if you choose the wrong niche the first time.

You can always move on to a different one or eventually have websites built in multiple niches earning you passive income.


Building Your Blog/Website

Now most affiliate marketing online courses don’t offer you training when it comes to building a website.

As an affiliate marketer your website should be built using the WordPress open source software.

The reason is that is is very flexible and easy to use.

Many of the top bloggers use this software due to the fact that its free and there are many different plugins also free that enhance its functionality.

My favorite affiliate marketing online training course does offer you the step by step instructions on just how to set this software up.

Not only that though they do offer web hosting as well at no additional cost.

Its a nice perk when you can get training and the tools needed all in one package.


Networking With Others

Network With Other Affiliate Marketers

This is something that I believe is the most important aspect when it comes to building your online business.

If your newbie then you may overlook this when signing up for an affiliate marketing online course.

Most successful affiliate marketers will tell you that they owe a lot of their success to the fact that they have built relationships with other marketers that has taught them how to grow their businesses.

How this comes into play for you.

Setting up an online business is a journey and sometimes you don’t know if your heading in the right direction.

You can jump on different forums in hopes to get some of your questions answered but that doesn’t always work.

Fortunately there are training courses that provide interaction between their members and this alone can be worth the price.


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Some Affiliate Marketing Online Courses To Consider

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in an affiliate marketing online course lets take a look at what is out there and what my favorite is.

Chris Farrell Membership

A few years ago this was a course that I would see people asking about but as of late I don’t see that much interest in it.

It comes in at a reasonable price at $37 monthly but you doesn’t include tools such as hosting so you would have to get those elsewhere.


This was another of the popular affiliate marketing courses but it seems that I don’t hear as many people talking about it anymore.

They have also made some changes to their course and you can get a basic account for free and if you want to continue with more advanced training it will be $67 per month.

They also have some other training materials that cost $297 to $997.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery 

This course was put together by Stephen James who has had some success with Kindle publishing and affiliate marketing.

He has put together a training course where you can learn how to start an affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

The only downside is that the cost is $1997.

Then you will need to spend money on advertising and hosting for a website.

Wealthy Affiliate

These guys offer a step by step course and most of the tools that you would need to start and run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Plus they have a 13 + year track record of helping people.

The cost to get started is free and they also offer the premium tools including hosting for $30 to $49 per month.

These are the guys that I decided to go with because they seemed to have the best price for training and tools.


Stay Away From The Glitz & Glamour

Affiliate marketing is not complicated and by signing up with a legitimate affiliate marketing online course it will allow you to “shortcut” the learning curve.

This doesn’t mean that you will be making $1000’s of dollars per week your first couple of months like the gurus want you to believe.

If you see a course that is offering instant riches or overnight success then you should be wary.

These types of courses are just out to get your money.

I call this the dark side of affiliate marketing and unfortunately there are a lot of people that get taken advantage of by these programs.

There have been folks that have gone into debt due to the costs associated with these high ticket training programs.

Don’t be one of these people.


Final Thoughts

Each affiliate marketing online course will have its pros and cons.

The best thing to do is choose the one that fits your budget and gives you the most training and tools for the money.

For me that was Wealthy Affiliate.

I host all my websites there and get updated training as well along with a bunch of other tools that an affiliate will need.

With that being said I would like to help others get started in their own online affiliate marketing business.

So I put together a free 5 step course that can guide you in getting set up plus you will get a free account at Wealthy Affiliate.

You have nothing to lose by giving this a chance and me along with many other affiliates are ready to help.

Try the free 5 step course.


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