How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Beginners

Does wealthy affiliate work for beginners is a question that often comes up. So I thought I would clear the air for all of you that are considering joining and give you my perspective as to why this is the best training for newbies.

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Different Training Programs For Beginners

When it comes to making money online a newbie has tons of different programs and systems to choose from.

Each one of these programs makes the claim that they can show you how to be successful at making money online if you join and plunk down your hard earned cash to give it a try.

Now there is no doubt some are legitimate while others make outrages claims.

One problem that I had with many of these programs is the fact that they let you sign up for a very little cost let’s say $1 and then once you get going into the program you find out that there is no way to actually go any further unless you upgrade to a very expensive package.

I have seen some programs that let you join for $1 then they give you a little bit of teaser training then they want you to sign up for a $2,500 package.

All the while you still don’t know exactly how the opportunity works.

Another problem that I ran into a quite a bit is the fact that you would get involved with some training programs only to find out that you needed to pay for other tools to make the system work.

For example nowadays if you’re doing anything online you need to know what the most profitable keywords are with the least amount of competition.

Keyword tools can be very expensive some running close to $100 per month.

Now if you’re a newbie it’s possible you’re starting out with little money and every dollar counts. Finding out after the fact that you have to spend all this extra money really sucks if you ask me.

With that being said let’s take a look at the advantages that you will have as a beginner by joining Wealthy Affiliate.


Learn A Skill

This might sound crazy but many times when people sign up for a program that promises to teach them how to make money online they don’t actually know what they are buying into.

I see this all the time when I do different reviews and visit forums of the different money making programs out there.

As a beginner you might be wondering what it is that you will be learning by joining WA.

Wealthy affiliate teaches beginners how to build websites and use affiliate marketing as their business model to make money online.

Many bloggers are successful affiliates.

They take their knowledge, passion or experience and write content around it to earn income.

I was looking to start a lifestyle business where I wasn’t stuck dealing with inventory and customer issues like I was with my e-commerce business.

That is why I enjoy affiliate marketing.


What Does Every Beginner Need

When you’re first getting started online it can seem like information overload.

If you were like me and you were trying different programs there always seem to be pieces of the puzzle that were missing.

It’s like how can this guy be making $100 per day with just a simple website I would ask myself.

That is when I realized that there is more to making money online then just having a website up and running.

I came to this realization after being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple years and watching what the successful members did for their online businesses.

So what exactly did I gain by becoming a member?

Here are a few of the takeaways that I got that I think any beginner needs to successfully get started and continue building a successful business.



Support is underrated when you’re first getting started. You really don’t take into account how important it is to be around others that are doing the same thing as you are.

Psychologically starting a business is challenging and sometimes you’re going to be in doubt whether you made the right choice or not.

The support that I received from other members at Wealthy Affiliate is something that blew me away.

I had been a member of different programs before but never had I experienced the interaction that I got at WA.

Most of the time when you’re starting an online business nobody wants to help you because it creates more competition. Fortunately that is not what happens when you’re a member of WA.

As a beginner you are welcome from day one and the system is setup so that beginners can’t get the answers that they need quickly.

This is done through a question and answers section in the members area as well as live chat where you can jump on it anytime and communicate with other members.

The best aspect about the support that you receive is how many members are actually active within the community.

Instead of having just a few members helping out here and there you literally have hundreds of members interacting daily so that you’re in a constant learning environment.

Just for an example while going through the forum yesterday one of the members suggested a live chat plugin that could be used to help visitors on my website. Best of all this was a free tool and I would never have found it if it wasn’t for this members suggestion.

So when it comes to wealthy affiliate working for beginners I ranked support of the community as being one of the most important aspects to being successful at making money online with your own business.



When it comes to joining any program naturally you’re going to get training and you get plenty of that here as a member which I will talk about next.

First though I want to go over all the things that are included because there is no other program that has everything packaged like these guys do.

There is nothing worse than going through a training course or program learning what you need to do and then find out that you need to go find your own tools such as hosting, keyword tools, writing tools, etc.

So you pay a big chunk of change get some training and then they leave you hanging to go find the tools to implement their training.

Fortunately if you become a member at WA they have built a tool set of everything that you need to be successful at starting your business as well as growing it.

This is all included in the cost of your membership when you join.

  • Keyword tool to do research
  • Web hosting for up to 50 websites
  • Content writing tool
  • A tool to get comments on your website from visitors
  • Live video training weekly
  • Affiliate program

There are also many other little features that I haven’t listed here as well that a beginner will find useful.

If you’re interested in a more detailed description of what is available with the membership you can read my review here.

Now when it comes to getting involved with anything I never like to be stuck in a proprietary system.

What this means is a system where once you start using it you can never leave or it would be very costly to switch to another if you had to.

What I like about being a member is all these tools that are included are not proprietary for example your website is created with WordPress.

WordPress is a free open-source website software that the majority of bloggers use to run their business online.

This is important because if you want to move your business to a different platform you are able to do it easily.  Some competitors of WA have their own proprietary systems and unfortunately the members are stuck on that platform unless they want to pay thousands of dollars to move their sites elsewhere.

You don’t have to worry about that here at Wealthy Affiliate.


Cost To Join And Be A Member

My blog is about ways to make money online and I do a lot of reviews on different programs and systems that you can join.

It is something that I enjoy doing.

Having done hundreds of reviews on different training programs both for affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing I can tell you that there are some really expensive products out there.

I have come across some training programs that go as high as $30,000 which to me is a little crazy.

As for the cost to join Wealthy Affiliate you have a couple different options.

To begin with everyone that joins is a free member. What happens is you join and you will get 7 days access to all of the premium features.

After 7 days some of those features become limited.

You can still stay on as a free member and work on your two free websites and have some access to the keyword tool.

Now if you like what you’re seeing then you can join as a premium member either on a monthly basis or you can pay upfront for one whole year and get a huge discount.

If you pay monthly the cost is $49 per month and if you decide to pay for the whole year of front the cost would be $359.

By paying for the year up front your monthly cost drops to $29.91 per month.

So instead of joining some training program that will cost thousands of dollars and you still need to go spend more money on advertising as well as extra tools that they don’t include you could join WA at a fraction of the cost and get more value at WA.

I want to hit on one important factor about becoming a member.

When it comes to any of these programs and systems online you rarely if ever find one that will let you join for free and try things out.

Most of the time you will need to pay and then once you have paid you can access everything.

The great thing for beginners that are interested in this opportunity is that you get to see what it is about without costing you anything out of pocket.

You have nothing to lose by just signing up and having a look at what is involved.

When you’re just starting out building an online business the last thing that you want to do is rack up a large amount of debt in the beginning.

It’s going to take some time to get your business set up and going but it shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars to do it.

Many times I have seen beginners spend thousands of dollars only to be disappointed because they were taken advantage of.

So do yourself a favor before spending any money on any other program. Try out the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate.


Final Thoughts

When people ask me does Wealthy Affiliate work for beginners I have no problem recommending this platform for any newbie looking to get started online.

You get the tools, support and an unbeatable price.

I have been a member since 2016 and don’t see a reason to go elsewhere.

So if your looking to get started online with your own business sign up up for free and touch base with me on the inside.


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2 thoughts on “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Beginners”

  1. You mentioned that this platform has hosting and I have a website which has a lot of posts and videos and I have lots of problems with my current hosting provider and my site is not protected from spams well. I get a couple of spams every other day. Can this platform protect a larger site well?

    • If you are using WordPress then it is possible to transfer your website to the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and there will be no need to worry about spam.

      The platform is set up for both beginners as well as more advanced marketers.

      I have been there for the last couple years and with no regrets so if your interested in getting started I would be more than happy to help you out.

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