Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting (Why You Should Use It!)

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting is a somewhat of a secret.

The company is known for their affiliate marketing training program but what many people don’t realize is that they have awesome web hosting for WordPress websites as well.

So let’s take a look at some of the advantages that would benefit you as a blogger or affiliate marketer by using their web hosting service.

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Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting For WordPress – Features & Benefits

Web hosting is a commodity and there are 1000’s of different hosting companies that you can choose from when hosting your WordPress website.

Some are small operations while others are quite large with millions of websites using their platform.

So it can be frustrating trying to find the perfect host because everyone seems to have their favorite.

I was in the same position a few years back.

See I wanted to get into affiliate marketing because I thought the idea of selling other peoples products was a brilliant idea.

After doing a lot of research I discovered that the majority of affiliate marketers were using the WordPress open source software.

So I chose it as well.

If it was good enough for the top marketers then it would work for me as well.


Choosing A WordPress Web Host

After deciding to use this software I had to find a host that I could use to set up my website.

The search started.

Of course I came across all the typical big players in the industry such as BlueHost, SiteGround and HostGator just to name a few.

But I tend to stick with smaller companies.

From experience I have found that they provide a better user experience and customer support.

So I kept looking.


Discovered Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting Accidentally

At the same time that I was looking for a WordPress web host I was also looking for a training course that taught affiliate marketing.

That is when I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate course.

They had training, tools and WordPress hosting all included within their membership.

So I signed up because the cost was reasonable for everything they were offering.


Setting Up My WordPress Website 

I went through their training and was ready to set up my website.

Installing WordPress on most web hosts is usually straight forward and I was able to do it here on the WA hosting with just a few clicks of a button.

1. Set Up Your WordPress Website In A Few Clicks

Here is a video showing you the process:

As you can see its really simple and there is nothing to it.

But that is just the beginning of the advantages of using Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting for your websites.


2. Security

One of the biggest complaints you will find about some of the WordPress web hosts is that their customers are always complaining about getting hacked.

Being as popular as it is WordPress is targeted regularly and many online entrepreneurs have their websites ruined due to hackers.

The reason is that a lot of the cheaper WordPress hosting companies overload their servers.

And they don’t provide the basic security needed to keep websites safe.

But I have never seen anyone complain about this while using the WordPress hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.


3. Managed WordPress Hosting

This is another important aspect that you should consider when looking for web hosting.

Do you want to handle all the technical stuff on the back end of your website or would you rather have your host take care it?

For me I would rather concentrate on making money instead of messing around trying to get my WordPress site running correctly on a host.

And this is the benefit of using “managed WordPress hosting”.

All the back end technical stuff is handled by your host so that you don’t need to worry about it.

With the Wealthy Affiliate managed WordPress hosting your free to run your online business.

There technicians offer speedy support and they allow most of the popular WordPress plugins to be used on your site.


4. Support 24/7

When you have an online business and its starting to make money or your earning a stable income when something goes wrong you want it fixed quickly.

Some web hosts claim 24/ support to help you but that is not always the case.

Its possible if your website goes down on a holiday or in the middle of the night you may have to wait for support.

Thats not the case with Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting.

They have customers that are located all over the world in different countries.

So their support has to be available around the clock.

In the few instances that I had to use them it didn’t take long to solve the problem.


5. Speed

Another important aspect of hosting your website is speed.

The reason being is that Google uses the time it takes your website to load as a ranking metric.

If you have a slower loading website then it counts against you.

Fortunately the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting speed is fast with a couple different options that you can choose from.

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting Speed Options

Typically to make your website faster you would need to make some adjustments on the back end or use plugins.

But WA offers their caching options so there is no need to worry about the technical aspects.

It can all be controlled with just the click of a button as shown in the image above.


How Many Websites Can I Host

The good news is that you have plenty of space to host multiple websites.

With Wealthy Affiliate web hosting your allowed to build a total of 50 websites.

It gets broken down like this:

25 websites on a 1st level domain. Example www.yourdomain.com

25 websites on a sub domain. Example www.name.siterubix.com

This is more than enough room for any online entrepreneur to build their online business.


How Much Does The Hosting Cost

I have shown you all the good features that I have experienced while hosting my websites with WA so I am sure your interested in the cost?

You can sign up with on a couple different plans which ever works for you.

The Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting cost will be as low as $29.91 monthly if you sign up for the year or $49 monthly if you pay by the month.

Now remember it also includes affiliate marketing training and a lot of different tools as well so you get a lot for your money.

You can see my full review here.


Who Should Use Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting

If you are an online entrepreneur or a person that has little technical knowledge and doesn’t want to mess around with c-panel then you will find this hosting suitable.

Any blogger or affiliate marketer will be happy with the hosting package as well as the other tools and training that are included.

You have to remember that your goal is to create an online business or earn income from your existing business.

You don’t want to mess around with the technical aspects or end up with sub par WordPress hosting just to save some money.

It better to go with a proven company and that has what you need.



I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting for the last few years and it has been great.

I made the mistake of switching off of it early on and tried another host.

But once I realized I didn’t want to deal with the technical aspect I moved my website back to WA with the help of their support.

So if your ready to start an online business or you have an existing WordPress website that you need hosting for check them out.

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