Waiora Opportunity- Make Money Ridding The Body Of Toxins?

Waiora is a company that sells its nutritional products by way of multi level marketing. The company was started back in 2004, so it is enjoying a run that most MLM’s wish they could have.

I will do a review of the Waiora opportunity and see if its possible to make money selling their line of nutritionals.


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Who Is Waiora

The company is based out Boca Raton Florida and has been in business since 2004. Stan Cherelstein is the president and has a long background in multi level marketing. He is also president of another multi level company called Javita Coffee Company.

Waiora has a product line of nutritionals they market that involve health and wellness as well as anti aging. (Whenever I hear anti aging red flags usually go up.)

Lets take a look at what they offer.

Waiora Products

Waiora Nutritional Products

When it comes to their product line, your not going to find a huge selection. This may actually be beneficial to the distributor, because they can focus on a smaller amount of products to stock if need be.

  • Healthy Aging Formula – cost is $85 per bottle. This is their answer for those looking for the anti aging formula. It also is supposed to help the immune system and with weight loss. I
  • MegaDefense – cost is $40 per bottle. Here is their product to take care of and support your immune system.
  • Natural Cellular Defense –  cost is $40 per bottle and rids the body of toxins using their version of zeolite.
  • Superior Fiber Blend – cost is $55 per can. This is their answer to getting enough fiber in your diet.

Here is why I have a problem personally with these type of opportunities like the one being presented here by Waiora.

The names given to the products borderline on being false representations in my opinion. Take for example their Superior Fiber Blend. Just looking at the name of the product may make a person think that this particular fiber supplement may be better than another they are considering.

If you need fiber, try buying Flax Seed which you can get for about $12 in a 48 ounce bag! Paying $55 for a can of fiber supplement seems to be a little outrages to me!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

I think most if not all of these multi level marketing companies know that they will not have to worry about any government agency bothering to investigate the claims of their supplements. There just isn’t enough resources.

Lawsuit Filed

There was a lawsuit filed against Waiora because their product “Natural Cellular Defense” was determined to be mostly water with very little if any zeolite in it. The bottles were selling for $50 each and Waiora was said to have sold hundreds of thousands to millions of these bottles.

Waiora Compensation Plan

There is a $29.95 application fee that needs to be paid in order to become a member and includes a kit with company information.

There are also 3 plans to choose from when getting started, see below:

Waiora Start up Cost

So depending on how much money you want to make with Waiora will depend on what level you sign up for. Personally, I don’t think you should have to pay to get paid.

Its not like you are getting any kind of special training for your money.

On retail sales you can earn up to 30% and up to 50% on team sales. There are bonuses depending on rank as well.


I have always been skeptical of companies that sell nutrients and foods that are supposed to increase your health benefits with their propriety ingredients and processes.

On top of that there doesn’t seem to be much oversight with these multi level marketing companies like Waiora that sell nutritionals. Which is why you see them make claims their products will help with health problems that may not be realistic.

So even if the company offered the best compensation plan in the industry, you have to ask yourself if you would be able to sell products from Waiora after the fiasco with the lawsuit based on a product that was not what they said it was.

A Better Option

If your looking to make money working from home without the headache of stocking products and having to deal with customers, then check out the step by step plan I used to get started.

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