Is Vector Marketing Legit & Are The Reviews True?

Vector Marketing is a direct selling company that uses sales representatives to promote their Cutco Cutlery. Their sales representatives do in home demonstrations to show the products to potential customers.

Is this a good work at home business and what is the potential to make money selling knives through this type of business model?

I set out to get the information needed to make an informed decision. My review will shed some light on the company and its products.

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What Is Vector Marketing About | Review

The company got its start back in the mid 1980’s and is headquartered in New York with 100’s of independent locations throughout the US.

They manufacture high end kitchen knives under the name Cutco.

As a way to sell their cutlery they use independent sales representatives that generate leads by going door to door as well as referrals from family and friends. One interesting tidbit is that a large majority of the representatives are college kids.

That is how I got my first introduction to Cutco Knives.

I had tenants that were in college and they asked me if they could meet up and show me what they were selling. I said sure and they came to my house and did a presentation.


As I stated Vector Marketing knives are expensive and the pricing exceeds anything that your going to find in the big box stores.

Here are just a few examples that I pulled off of Amazon to give an idea of cost.

Cutco Knives From Vector Marketing

This set of Santoku knives are some of the more expensive ones that I found and have a look at the pairing knife below.

Vector Marketing Cutco Pairing Knife

I am just wondering what the top selling products would be going door to door? Can you really ring the doorbell and walk away from a strangers house selling a knife set at a cost of $374?

Quality Of Knives

With pricing running on the upper end of the price spectrum what is the quality like? Looking at the reviews on Amazon shows that the knives are getting good ratings but does that tell the whole story?

After visiting some forums where the professional chefs hang out the consensus is that Cutco knives are not the quality that a professional chef would use. Yet they are priced at where you would buy professional quality knives.

Its was pointed out by an independent rep that they are designed to be lighter and more balanced so that they are easier for women to use.

How Does Vector Marketing Pay

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and be your own boss then don’t expect to see a steady income like you would working a regular 9 to 5 job.

How much money you make is going to be based on how many Cutco knife sets you sell.

There is no base pay selling knives through Vector Marketing.

It is commission based so how much money you make selling Cutco cutlery is going to depend on your efforts to find customers.

Here is how it works.

Flat Fee Per Appointment

Go on an appointment to do a demonstration and get paid a $15 flat fee whether it takes you 1/2 an hour or 2 hours to get through it.

Now if you sell something and the commission ends up being more than the $15 flat fee, you would no longer be eligible to receive it.

Some call this unfair but it is a typical in the sales world.


There is a sliding scale when it comes to earning commissions as a Vector Marketing sales rep. The possibility to earn 10% to 30% is possible.

If you want to reach the 30% level then your going to need to be doing this full time.

Getting in your car and walking neighborhoods knocking on doors from the morning until night. Also cold calling leads to see if you can set up appointment to demonstrations.

Vector Marketing Complaints

When you research this opportunity around the web you will find a lot of negative sentiment from past Vector Marketing sales reps and some customers.

Here are what some of the Vector Marketing reps complained about.

Upon being hired, I was instructed to pay 200$ to purchase the sample knife set I would be demonstrating for sale. At that point , I had realized this was a scam. Only real pay is from commission

It is invasive and the managers are constantly pushing you to do demos. Not to mention HOURS of unpaid ‘training’ when you goof around in a office for half the day. This job is a J-O-K-E.

To be fair there were also reps giving good feedback about the opportunity to sell cutlery.

This company allowed me to make enough money that summer to pay for my first year of college, and by the time I graduated college I was debt free with plenty of money in the bank as well.

They referred me to 15 people, I made 4 more appointments tonight, and made the rest for tomorrow and Monday. i will get my referrals from them. my next 4 sales, I had 2 no buys, 1 spent $280, and the final person spent $1400. You wanna know how much I made tonight? $372. And yes, they don’t pay you for your gas, but on your taxes you can write off each mile, every gas receipt, every car repair, everything. So anyone on here bitching is just mad because they didn’t get any sales.

So why do some find the opportunity a good one while others call it a scam? There can be a couple different reasons for this.

1. Independent Offices

Each office is independently run so there will be some differences in how things are done. There might be some offices that are aggressive in increasing their sales while others are not.

Some may be run better than others.

There were reports of exaggerated earnings potential with mentions of being able to make a certain amount of money per hour.

If your used to working in a nice structured job or never have had a job, then stepping into a direct sales office may take you out of your comfort zone.

2. One on One Sales

Learning how to sell direct one on one is a skill.

Some people are natural salesman while others have to learn it. Most people aren’t comfortable selling so they feel pressured.

Especially if it is with a product that you don’t believe in.

Many independent Vector Marketing reps agreed that the products were good quality. The problem that they had was selling knives to people that either didn’t need them or couldn’t afford them.


I believe that one of the biggest reasons for a lot of people having a hard time with this opportunity boils down to not understanding your pay comes from your efforts.

You can earn as much as you like depending on how hard and efficient you work.

This goes for just about any commission only opportunity.

When I was selling real estate as an agent I saw the same problem. The people that weren’t making any money were the ones that sat around the office wasting time instead of generating leads.

Is Vector Marketing A Scam or Legit

The company is definitely legit and not a scam or they would have been shut down a long time ago.  They sell a legitimate product that is known for its quality.

There are reps that make decent money selling the Cutco brand of knives that have spoken about the benefits of the opportunity.

Who Should Join Vector Marketing

Being that this is a commission only opportunity where you will be generating your own leads it will take a certain person to make this work.

  • You need to have some financial stabilty
  • Not be afraid of rejection
  • Ability to stay structured and use time wisely
  • Plan for the future

For starters if your living paycheck to paycheck then you shouldn’t even be looking at a commission only sales job.It could take weeks to months for a steady income to be made.

You can’t be afraid of being told no over and over again.

You may go on 10 appointments and only get 1 sale, but that is the reality of sales. Only a small percentage will actually end up buying from you.

You can’t spend your day watching YouTube Videos or at the park getting a sun tan. You will need to get up in the morning and follow up on the leads that you should have acquired from the day before.

Planning for the future is important because you need to save the money your making for slow times or to use it to generate more business.

Final Thoughts

The Vector Marketing opportunity is definitely legit and there are plenty of reps that have proven that. Many of the college kids that have had success learned some skills which benefited them after graduating college.

With that being said not every independent office is run the same so there could be some problems do to this with inexperienced managers. Add in the fact that most people find it hard to make money with a commission only based job your going to get some complaints.

Personally I am not into doing one on one sales anymore and prefer to work from my computer on my own schedule.

The process is simple.

Build a website using the affiliate marketing business model to sell other peoples products. Its a great way to earn a passive income and I owe it all to the training that I received here.

If your looking to join an opportunity where you can learn a skill without have to go door knocking for business then have a look at what helped me.

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