Using ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing? Is It The Best Option

You may be considering using Clickfunnels for your affiliate marketing business but your not sure if its the right platform.

After all there are other options some of which cost quite a bit less.

So lets explore the pros and cons to see if it fits your long term goals and how to best use it for your online business.

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How Are Marketers Using ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of successful affiliate marketers currently using CF for their online business because it offers an easy way to set up landing pages.

But not only that it also incorporates sales funnels templates.

So if your a newbie just getting started and don’t have the experience or knowledge to set up a sales funnel on your own then ClickFunnels may be what your looking.

Its common knowledge that visitors to your website aren’t going to make a purchase on their first visit.

So having a landing page is essential.

This where you can get your visitors to opt into your mailing list by giving them something of value like an e-book, a free trial to a course or software.

Building Landing Pages & Funnels

One of the best features of ClickFunnels is the ability to set up a sales funnel quickly and easily.

One way to do this is by using the ClickFunnels Marketplace.

Here you can find templates of funnels related to a product or service that you are offering.

ClickFunnels Marketplace Templates

They range in cost from $0 to $297.

The categories include:

  • Product launch funnels
  • Squeeze page funnels
  • Tripwire funnels
  • Video sales page funnels
  • Webinar funnels

With the templates all you would need to do is replace the text and images with your own and your all set.

Want more of a customized look?

You can also take advantage of the “do it yourself” option and build your own sales pages with the built in drag and drop editor.

Place images in different area of the pages as well as text anywhere you want.

Integration With Your Autoresponder

Once you have your landing pages and sales funnels set up you can easily incorporate most of the top email service providers such as AWeber, GetResponse or ActiveCampaign just to name a few.

All you need to do is input your API ID and your set.


Affiliate Marketing Products To Use With ClickFunnels

This software is quite versatile and can be used in different ways to market different affiliate products.

Plus you can also mix e-commerce products in the sales funnel as well.

For example lets say that you were using a landing page to give away a free e-book in order to get people signed up to your email list.

Now that they are in your sales funnel you might introduce them to some type of affiliate product that you could earn a commission from.

It could be an online course, membership or whatever.

Further on done the sales funnel its also possible to incorporate e-commerce and sell physical products as well.

Because you can accept payments through ClickFunnels using Stripe,, Apple Pay and Android Pay to name a few.

1. Promote JVZoo & ClickBank Products

JVZoo and ClickBank are two of the biggest digital marketplaces online where affiliates can promote products and earn commissions.

Use ClickFunnels To Promote ClickBank Products

There are a multitude of affiliate products in different categories that you use ClickFunnels for.

The one thing to consider is that many of these products don’t offer large commissions.

So if that is the case in the niche that your promoting you might want to keep looking for products that offer larger commissions to help cover the cost of using ClickFunnels.

2. Promote Memberships Sites

This is one of my favorite categories of products to promote because you can earn recurring commissions.

Promote Wealthy Affiliate Using ClickFunnels

Refer a person to a membership website and get paid over and over again as long as they stay a member.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate marketing training and tools 
  • Fizzle – great place for entrepreneurs to get education and training
  • Affilorama – affiliate marketing training and tools

The benefit to earning commissions with memberships is that a single referral can amount to bigger paydays making it easier to cover the cost of CF.

You can easily make $100’s of dollars per year per referral.

3. Promote Web Services

Web services is a competitive niche but can be profitable if you set up a good sales funnel using ClickFunnels.

Some web services pay recurring commissions while others pay one time.

Here are some great web services to promote:

>> Web hosting 

Most web hosts pay one time commissions and you can earn $50 to $150 per referral.

  • SiteGround
  • BlueHost
  • A2Hosting

>> Email Service Providers

If your an online entrepreneur then you need to be using email as a way of marketing.

This means that this is a great niche to promote for earning recurring commissions.

Typically 30% to 40% commissions can be had.

  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit

After a while you can have $100’s to $1000’s coming in every month on a steady basis.

>> Keyword Tools

Creating content for ranking websites is getting harder and harder so promoting keyword tools to website owners can be a lucrative business.

Typically they offer recurring commissions that add up to $100’s per year per referral.

  • Jaaxy
  • SEMRush
  • LongTailPro

Promoting web services using ClickFunnels can be one of the most profitable niches to get into.

Its possible to earn a full time income as an affiliate marketer having a sales funnel that guides people through the sales process of setting up their whole online business.


Make Money With The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Not only can you use CF to promote the different affiliate programs but you can also make money as a Clickfunnels affiliate.

There are a lot of affiliates that make a full time income promoting only CF.

They offer a recurring commission for your referrals that amounts to 40% of their monthly bill.

Lets break down the earnings potential with their 2 plans:

  • ClickFunnels Basic $97 monthly cost – affiliate commission = $38.80 monthly
  • Etison Suite $297 monthly cost – affiliate commission = $118.80 monthly

So as you can see there is the possibility of earning$38.80 to $118.80 per month depending on the plan that your referrals sign up for and how long they use the software.


Final Thoughts

Using ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing can be a smart move if your looking to drive a lot of traffic to your landing pages and slowly over time funnel them into specif products and offers.

The software is easy to set up for both newbies and established marketers.

Due to the monthly cost though its better to promote affiliate products that have a higher earning potential.

In the $50 and up range in my opinion.

Then of course you could just promote ClickFunnels itself to earn affiliate commissions.

Overall its a solid platform that is established.

There are many competitors in this space but CF has proven that they are one of the top landing page sales funnel companies with their drag and drop editor as well as assortment of pre-made funnel options.

If your looking to step up your game and start marketing like a pro its worth checking out ClickFunnels today.


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  1. Chris,

    I’m looking to join Wealthy Affiliate. I’m currently an affiliate of A social network called Webtalk. I’m looking for a Wealthy Affiliate member who would consider taking a free Webtalk with me in return for me joining Wealthy Affiliate with them. Is this something you would consider?

    • Thanks for the offer John but I am already a member of WebTalk.

      After looking at the opportunity I have decided that it is not for me. If you are considering joining Wealthy Affiliate I think it would be a wise choice.

      Once you learn affiliate marketing then you can try ClickFunnels to help with your marketing.


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