Is The Usana Business Opportunity Worth It? [ Review ]

Thinking about becoming an Usana consultant? You may be interested in the business opportunity and have heard that Usana is a scam and other negative things about the company.

Are the products worth it and can independent distributors really make money here?

I decided to check it out and give you the pros and cons as I see it.

Read my review on the company and by the end of my post maybe you will have a better idea if this truly is a scam or a legit business opportunity.


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What Is Usana

The easiest way to describe Usana is a manufacturer that sells nutritional products through mlm otherwise known as multi level or network marketing.

Founded in 1992 by a microbiologist named Myron Wentz. He is very reputable and has other successful endeavors including Sanoviv Medical Institute located in California.

So unlike some of the other nutritional mlm’s that are started by business people or former network marketing CEO’s, Usana actually was started by a real scientist with a vision.


Usana Products

There is a decent amount of products manufactured by Usana and they are grouped into 3 categories. I will give a brief description for what each category centers around.

  • Nutritionals – the products in this category center on the foundation of health and reaching the cellular level. Were talking minerals and anti-oxidants. Even a subcategory for women and children.
  • Diet & Energy – shakes, protein snacks and energy drinks make up this category.
  • Personal Care – this category is based around your skin and hair. These would all be topical solutions.

Usana products are priced in line with other multi level marketing companies products. They tend to be more expensive if you were to compare with those found in your local health food stores.

One thing that I would like to point out is that Usana products are endorsed by celebrities that have been compensated. The disclaimer is right on the website next to products.

Usana Products Paid Endorsements

 Business Opportunity

Usana is an mlm and with this business model you must recruit people into your downline. In order to see significant results as far as growth and income, it takes time and pursistance in finding people that would be good independent distributors.

Even though technology will allow the Usana consultant to automate their recruiting, you still have to engage new consultants in your downline and nurture them along. As with any business opportunity, it can take years to get profitable passive income coming in.

The advantage of multi level marketing is the leverage one has by having many people selling for them, so forget about trying to sell retail and concentrate on getting your recruits productive if you plan to take advantage of the business opportunity.

 Compensation Plan

There are 6 ways to earn with the :

  1. Retail Sales
  2. Weekly Commissions
  3. Lifetime Matching Bonus
  4. Incentives
  5. Leadership Bonus
  6. Elite Bonus

As you can see by the six ways to earn above, the Usana compensation plan is heavily rewarded to those earning passive income through their downline of independent distributors. Growth could be exponential if your good at recruiting.


Usana Pros and Cons

Now that you have some information on the company and its products lets have a look at the good and bad so you can decide if this opportunity is for you!

Pros ( the good stuff)

  • Scientific researched products
  • Name recognition from pro athletes
  • Inexpensive starter kit

Cons ( the bad stuff)

  • Required to by products to earn commissions
  • Downline can be hard to keep
  • Opportunity seen as a pyramid scheme


The business opportunity is what you make of it and if you feel that you have the ability to promote Usana as a business and get others to join as independent distributors, then maybe its worth a shot.

The products are similarly priced to other nutritional multi level marketing companies, so there is no real advantage there.

In order to be effective as a consultant, you must believe in the products your marketing.


Alternative To Usana

If you feel that multi level marketing is not for you, but would still like to make money online then maybe affiliate marketing is something that is better suited for your style.

No inventory to stock, people to recruit or customers to deal with! So if your looking for an alternative to Usana, then let me show you how to make money online and best of all you can try it for FREE!

My #1 Recommendation For Earning Online!

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4 thoughts on “Is The Usana Business Opportunity Worth It? [ Review ]”

  1. We (my family) are customers of USANA’s food supplements. Their products are good, and really help us in maintaining good health. Being a pharmacist myself, I can attest to the quality of their products, they are of good quality. But we remain as retail customers only, never becoming distributors.

    Perhaps, the reason why we did not join USANA as distributors is because, the joining cost is to steep. It’s $500 here in our country, and that’s equivalent to a professional’s one month salary. Plus, I do not like their method of stacking up products upfrontly. I mean, putting up more of the same products in a package.

    With your alternative (Wealthy Affiliate), if someone is wanting to earn extra money operating a part time business, that’s more affordable than joining USANA. People who don’t have enough money to spend on expensive business opportunities should take a look at the alternative you’re offering here (WA).

    • Thanks Gomer for the feedback.

      I don’t think Usana is a bad company. They are just in a competitive market selling nutritional products, so as a consultant it would seem like an uphill battle to sell and keep a team of active consultants motivated.

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate does have great affiliate marketing training. Once you learn the basics you could actually market Usana products as an Amazon affiliate.

  2. How much is the cost for your training?

    • You can get started for free to see what its about. If you like everything that is included then there are a couple different options.

      $49 monthly gets you everything including web hosting or pay for a year up front which will bring the cost down to $29.91 monthly.


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