Traffic Ivy Software Review – Can Cindy Donovan Boost Your Traffic?

My Traffic Ivy review goes over this software to see if it is worth purchasing or not.

As we know when you have an online business getting traffic to your products isn’t easy and there is quite a bit of competition to acquire customers.

There are tons of different products out there being promoted as a way to generate traffic easily.

But they don’t always live up to their claims.

That is why I have decided to take a look at Cindy Donovan’s Traffic Ivy.

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Traffic Ivy Review – What Exactly Is It?

Everyday millions of people go online in order to start their online business and make money from home.

They do it with:

  • Blogs
  • E-commerce shops
  • YouTube Channels
  • Social Media
  • etc.

Once you have found a product or service that your interested in promoting you can decide on which of the different platforms to use.

Each has advantages and disadvantages of course but one thing that gets overlooked by newbies is traffic.

I know when I started my first website I thought that “if I build it they will come”.

In other words I thought that just by having my own website on the web interested visitors of the products I was promoting would find me by default.

Boy was I wrong.

My website was up but I wasn’t getting any traffic.

After doing some research I found that there were many other online entrepreneurs out there that were having the same problem.

They had a great online niche and products but no traffic.


Traffic Ivy App

When there is a problem there will always be somebody looking to solve it.

A lady named Cindy Donovan came up with a solution to everyone’s traffic problems and she calls it Traffic Ivy.

It is basically an app that lets entrepreneurs network and promote each other in order to get viral traffic.

If you decide to join you will be a member of the community and have the opportunity to start promoting your products and services.

The advantage would be that you could not only get viral traffic but targeted traffic of visitors that would be interested in your specific niche.


How Does Traffic Ivy Work?

When you join the Traffic Ivy network think of it as a advertising sharing community.

You would promote and share others content and they will do the same for you.

There is also an option to buy points at a cost of $9.97 to $49.97 depending on the package.

You can use them for some extra traffic options of your choice.

Another added bonus of buying points is that you won’t need to share others content.

Because you would be buying traffic instead of earning it.

This can be important if you don’t have the time or just don’t want to promote others offers.


Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Traffic Ivy

As I said earlier in my post its not easy getting traffic especially when there are millions of people online everyday fighting for the same customers.

So what would be some of the advantages of using the software and joining the network.

Targeted Traffic ( Advantage )

Most traffic generating systems or companies send bot traffic or traffic that has nothing to do with your niche.

This is a waste of your time and money.

Targeted traffic would probably be the best advantage of using the Traffic Ivy system.

If you can get others that are in a similar niche as you to promote your content then you should see some results.

Reasonably Priced ( Advantage )

Having done some pay per click advertising myself I can tell you it gets expensive.

So when looking at the cost of Traffic Ivy I believe its relatively inexpensive for targeted traffic.

You can get packages starting at just $9.97.

Great if your just looking to try it out.

New Community ( Dis-advantage )

Cindy Donovan has a good idea but her community is new and there are not yet a lot of members.

This means that you may not get a lot of exposure at this point and it could take some time before there are enough members to make it worth it.

Another thing to consider is will there be any successful bloggers, social media influencers or online entrepreneurs?

These would be the people that could really generate traffic for other members.

In my opinion I don’t think you will see anyone that is already successful joining Traffic Ivy.

Why would they.

So you would have a lot of members with no traffic promoting each other.

Lack Of Niches ( Dis-advantage )

Currently I see a lot of online marketers promoting this new opportunity.

Most of them are in the “make money online” niche.

Nothing wrong with that of course but if your in the dieting niche, gardening niche or any other niche other than the “make money online” niche you may find that Traffic Ivy won’t send you much traffic for these.



Cindy Donovan looks like she had good intentions when she developed Traffic Ivy.

In order to be successful online you need to not only get traffic to your offerings but traffic that is interested and will result in profit.

The question remains will the members really share their competitors and promote them to their audience?

In my opinion they won’t.

That is why I continue to blog and do videos which so far has worked for me.

I also use automation tools to get traffic on social media that don’t cost me anything.

If your interested in getting targeted traffic and would like to do it with your very own website and online business then I can show you how without having to rely on someone else.

Its the same way that I got started a few years back.

Get started here!


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