Top Super Affiliate Marketers – $$$ Millions

Top super affiliate marketers are the top dogs, cream of the crop online marketers. They know how to fill the needs of a customer and earn an income online at the same time. Do top super affiliates have a secret?

As simple as it sounds, the sad reality is that most people that try affiliate marketing make very little money if any at all.

So how do you get to the level of being a super affiliate?

I put together a list below of  more than 10 of the best marketers in the affiliate marketing business. Browse the list to see who is on it. There are sure to be names of marketers you have heard of as well as some you may not have.  Learn about how they made it to the top.


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List of Top Super Affiliate Marketers

Check these guys and gals out and see what they did to make it to the top.

Stefan Pylarinos

Stefan Pylarinos Super Affiliate

Here is a super affiliate that not only makes his money from affiliate marketing but from Kindle publishing, e-commerce and coaching. He has a reputation for being down to earth and delivering quality products with no fluff.

He has made millions of dollars by the age of 27 and has developed different courses such as Affiliate Marketing Mastery and K Money Mastery to help people learn how to become entrepreneurs and make money online.

John Crestani

John Crestani Is A Top Super Affiliate

Stepping out of the corporate world and getting into affiliate marketing John became an expert in a short amount of time making millions of dollars and earning a spot as one of the top super affiliate marketers.

He then developed his own training course called Super Affiliate System. He teaches people how to make money with affiliate marketing and work on building a business.

Tai Lopez

Top Affiliate Tai Lopez

Say what you want about Tai, but this guy is going down as one of the top affiliate marketers of 2017.  You either love him or hate him, but you do have to admit Tai knows how to sell himself  and earn millions doing it with his courses such as 67 steps and how to make money online.

He used YouTube and other social media to create a huge following showing off his Lamborghini and mansion creating a firestorm about his net worth.

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Charles Ngo

Top Super Affiliate Marketer Charles Ngo

It’s hard to believe the success that this super affiliate has achieved in such a short amount of time. As of this post, Charles has only been in the affiliate marketing business for 9 short years. Yet he has made millions of dollars and become one the top trainers in the business. His Affcelerator workshop training is well received among the elite affiliates in the industry.

When you watch his videos and read his blog, you can see that truly wants to help people become successful with online marketing.

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Zac Johnson

Top Super Affiliate Marketers Zac Johnson

Here is  a guy that has been in the online marketing game for 20 years. Getting his start at an early age, he learned how to “make a buck” online  with banner ads and sending traffic to free offers.

Over the years, Zac has become a professional blogger and grown his websites to offer tips and advice to those interested in affiliate marketing.

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Sarah Staar

Top Super Affiliate Marketers Sarah Staar

If your looking to learn affiliate marketing, then check out Sarah Staar. She has become known for her honest, no fluff approach to teaching affiliates how to make money online.

Her free and low cost courses offer more value and information than those you get from the gurus costing much more! Her main focus is paid advertising. She believes this is the fastest way for a marketer to build their business online.

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Martin Osborn ( known as “Finch Sells” )

Top Super Affiliate Marketers Martin Osborn (Finch Sells)

This guy is another youngster in the affiliate marketing industry that has earned the reputation as for good copy writing skills to go along with his ability to knock down the benjamins.

He is only 29 years old and claims to be a high school drop out.

It just goes to show that a persons ability to be successful has less to do with following the structure of society and more to do with a persons ambitions and creativity.

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Keep reading on about these top super affiliate marketers and you will see a pattern of why they have achieved the success that most of us dream of !

Dan Brock (known as “Deadbeat Super Affiliate”)

Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate

I ran across Dan while surfing Youtube videos about affiliate marketing. His videos are entertaining because while he is giving viewers good nuggets of information, he is dressed in a bathrobe proclaiming how lazy he is.

On the serious side, he gets good reviews for his courses and gives away some good free advice.

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Luke Kling ( known as LukePeerfly )

Luke Kling Top Super Affiliate Marketers

Luke is director of marketing at PeerFly, one of the top affiliate networks.

What makes him unique is his abilities. Not only does he know affiliate marketing, but he is also a programmer, web designer, social media expert and blogger.

How can you not be a super affiliate with all these talents?

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Jeremy Schoemaker ( known as “ShoeMoney” )

Top Super Affiliate Marketers Jeremy Schoemaker

Not only is Jeremy an affiliate marketer, but also a true entrepreneur in regards to companies he has founded. He has gone on to sell some of the companies for millions of dollars.

He runs a blog that gives tips and information on different marketing products and business in general.

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Rob Cornish

Rob Cornish Top Super Affiliate Marketers

Rob is a successful marketer from the UK. He is known for honesty and step by step training with no fluff get rich type hype.

He believes in paid methods to drive traffic to your affiliate offers and also likes to make his own digital products.

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One thing all these Top Super Affiliates have in common is their work ethic and ability to come up with creative ways to drive traffic to their offers!

John Chow

John Chow Top Super Affiliate Marketers

John is a successful affiliate that also uses his blog as a means of marketing. He said he was able to generate $40,000 per month within just a couple short years blogging! Way to go John!

One of the programs that John heavily promotes is MOBE, where he is one of their top marketers. He has written books that became best sellers on Amazon and also does live speaking events.

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Ron Cripps

Top Super Affiliate Marketers Ron Cripps

Ron has a blog called Affiliate X Files that is geared toward newbie affiliate marketers or those that are looking to get started in the business.

Looking through his blog and social media pages, I noticed he doesn’t seem to updating them on a regular basis.

None the less, you can still find him on forums giving tips and information.

Mathew Woodward

Matthew Woodward Top Super Affiliate Marketers

Matt is another young affiliate marketer (28 years old) that focuses on SEO to build his business. It just goes to show that youcan still be ranked with the Top Super Affiliate Marketers using SEO and a blog verse paid advertising.

He offers a ton of information for bloggers and affiliate marketers on his site. You can also check out his case studies on different things.

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Mark Ling

Top Super Affiliate Marketers Mark Ling

Mark has been in the internet marketing game for quite some time. He has a membership site that teaches affiliate marketing to newbies looking to get started in their own affiliate business.

He also is active in the e-commerce side of things where he has a directory called Salehoo that matches suppliers with dropshippers.

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It is possible to become a Top Super Affiliate Marketer. You have to set your goals and follow a step by step plan. Don’t be afraid to test new ideas and think outside the box!

Kim Rowley

Kim Rowley Top Super Affiliate Marketers

This stay at home mom got her start back in 1999. Her blog started as a hobby about saving money and clipping coupons.

She turned her hobby into a real income with affiliate marketing. Companies asked her to promote their products and the rest is history!

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Shawn Collins

Top Super Affiliate Marketers Shawn Collins

Shawn has been in the affiliate marketing business since 1997, and has a long list of accomplishments. He is co-founder of a a leading affiliate marketing conference, has written books and has a podcast network just to name some of his achievements.

He has contributed a lot to the affiliate marketing community and continues to be a presence within the industry.

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Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry Top Super Affiliate Marketers

Lynn has been online marketing since the beginning of the internet. She is only 40 years old, but has been involved with affiliate marketing and blogging for the last 20 years.

She gives tips and advice on her popular website as well as case studies.

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This list of Top Super Affiliate Marketers is far from complete. There many more internet marketers that have not been listed here.

If you have a favorite super affiliate, leave a comment below and I will add them to the list.

4 thoughts on “Top Super Affiliate Marketers – $$$ Millions”

  1. Thanks for putting this list together of the top affiliates in the business.

    I try to learn as much as I can from them and use their techniques in my business.

    Do you update your list on a regular basis?

    I will have to keep checking back.

    • Yes I try to add new affiliate marketers as I come across them.

      I want to make sure that I have the best listed so that readers like you have examples to follow.

      I myself find that you can come away with some great tips and information just by following these super affiliates and their businesses online.

  2. Hi Chris

    Thanks for a great list!

    Where do you suggest that someone like me, who runs the affiliate program at Bitcoin IRA posts his affiliate program to let the world know about it? The thing is that we run it completely ourselves without a middleman taking a fee. So we are direct with affiliates and are not exposed on Commission Junction etc.

    • I am not sure to be honest because I am not into cryptocurrencies.

      If you don’t plan on joining an affiliate network then your going to need to spend some money on advertising to get affiliates.


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