Thirty One Gifts Consultant Opportunity (Good or Bad MLM?)

Have you considered starting a business selling home decor and personal gifts? Its sounds fun and rewarding.

The good news is that Thirty One Gifts is a MLM that offers this opportunity if you sign up and become a consultant.

I saw many reviews from independent consultants and wondered what the pros and cons were with this opportunity.

So I checked them out and here is what I found ….


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What Is Thirty One Gifts About

Thirty One Gifts isn’t a new company, they have actually been around for a while, getting started back in 2003.  

Cindy Moore is the founder and current CEO.

Their product line consists of home decor, jewelry, backpacks, storage containers along with many other related sku’s. There are products for both men and women in the line up.

They are specifically focused on creating a way for women to earn money by becoming consultants and working from home.

Hosting parties or by recruiting others and earning a commission on sales from their downline as a multi level marketing company.

The company has seen steady growth and just recently purchased a building in Texas for their new headquarters where they will be moving to expand and grow.


The Products

There are a decent amount of products for being a direct selling home party business opportunity.

And because the company is focused on women, the products are basically geared toward them.

Thirty One Gifts Products

The categories range includes:

  • Home products – storage boxes, baskets, pillow covers and more
  • Jewelry – necklaces, charms, earrings, bracelets
  • Purses – there were 10 different sku’s to choose from
  • Stationary – card sets
  • Storage & Utility – organizers, totes, caddys. About 15 products in the category
  • Thermal – this category has totes and bags for keeping food cold or warm
  • Wallets – self explanatory with a total of 6 products

Some of the products allow the customer to personalize them. This is a nice touch for a special occasion.


Looking over the products you can see that the pricing appears to be on the high side for similar types of products that could be purchased at a mall or discount store.

Being that Thirty One Gifts is a multi level marketing company, they need to build into their products the consultants commissions.

I will talk about the compensation plan a little later in the post.


 The quality of Thirty One Gifts products seemed to be liked by some and not liked by others. This raises a red flag that maybe their products aren’t worth the price that is being charged.

If your going to charge in the upper price range for these types of products, then the quality should match. Otherwise the the Thirty One Gifts consultants will start looking for an opportunity elsewhere that will give them the price and quality needed to keep customers.

Customer Comments

Below are just a few of the comments we have found regarding Thirty One Gifts products:

“Thirty One Purses and Gifts = Scummy” – this customer complained that they ordered embroidered handbags before Christmas and they didn’t arrive on time and the quality was looked like high school kids put it together.

“CHEAP, EXPENSIVE and DONT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT” – this customer complained that of the 4 products purchased from Thirty One Gifts, 2 of them started falling apart

To be fair there were good reviews as well but overall out of a maximum score of 5 the company was rated 2.6 stars as can be seen on


Becoming A Consultant

If your looking to become a Thirty One Gifts consultant, they have a few different ways to make money with their products.

  • Face to Face – this is basically your standard house party where you would have samples of the different products for your guests to look at and get an idea of what they would be purchasing. In my opinion, this would be the best way to sell Thirty One Gifts products as a consultant because your customers may feel the impulse of making a purchase while being surrounded by others in that type of setting.
  • Catalog Party – just as it sounds, leave a Thirty One Gifts Catalog with potential buyers with the hopes that they may make a purchase at a later date in the convenience of their home or work. This would be my least favorite option because typically these types of products need to be in the hands of potential buyers so they can see what they are getting. As a Thirty One Gifts consultant, you would need to keep plenty of catalogs on hand and make sure you were constantly handing them out.
  • Online Party – the company encourages their consultants to work with friends, relatives and potential buyers to make purchases from their website. In my opinion they would need a much larger product selection to make this work which then would make it harder for the consultants that use the face to face home party method because they would be competing against the companies website.

Thirty One Gifts Starter Kit

To first start selling Thirty One Gifts as a consultant, you must pay a $99 enrollment fee. With the enrollment fee you will receive a sample box of products with an estimated value of about $350. The sample box also includes business supplies.

One thing to note is that there is a shipping charge currently at $14.95 to get your sample box.

They do run specials from time to time where the enrollment fee is discounted if you buy a certain amount of products when signing up.


Compensation Plan For Thirty One Gifts

As a consultant, you will earn a 25% commission on any products that are sold directly to a customer. So this is a good opportunity if you do house parties and can get enough people to attend.

There are other ways as well to earn credits and exclusives selling by the direct sales hosted party method. Depending on the total sales of a party that you had, it is possible to earn credits or discounts on items.

The more sales you get the more credits an discounts!

Thirty One Gifts Hostess Rewards

MLM Sales

This is a multi level marketing company, so there are 6 levels that you can earn on as well:

  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Executive Director
  • Senior Executive Director

Below is a chart showing you what each consultant level offers in the way of commissions and bonuses:

Thirty One Gifts Compensation Plan Chart

Looking at the commission chart, you can see why the products pricing seems high compared to similar products that could be purchased a your local discount stores.

Thirty One Gifts has a generous payout schedule when you get to the Director level in the company and it gets better from there as you go up the levels.


Claims Of Being A Pyramid Scheme

There is always a lot of talk about network marketing companies being pyramid schemes.

Similar things are being said about this company as well.

Is Thirty One Gifts a pyramid scheme?

In my eyes I would say they are not.

Although their business model is mlm and you have the opportunity too recruit others as a consultant the focus isn’t just put on recruiting.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t find some consultants trying to build the biggest downline they can to make money.



Thirty One Gifts looks like a legit opportunity to make money with a decent amount of items to promote.

Hosting parties is not what is going to get you the income needed to be successful as a Thirty One Gifts consultant.

With that said, you have to ask yourself:

  1. how many parties could be had before you run out of time and people to show?
  2. Do you want to have a continuous flow of people in and out of your house?
  3. Would your family life be impacted by this direct selling method?

These are just some of the potential downsides to having direct sell hosted parties, that Thirty One Gifts promotes.

Now your left with the multi level marketing aspect if your not interested in doing hosted parties.

Although a lot of these companies make it look easy recruiting people and earning commissions from their consultants sales, the reality is that recruiting new people for your downline and keeping them motivated is a challenge.

A Better Option

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Feel free to leave your comment below with any opinions or experiences!

2 thoughts on “Thirty One Gifts Consultant Opportunity (Good or Bad MLM?)”

  1. My mum has been a consultant for a few of these kinda companies, having to host a ‘party’ and doing the hard sell. She’s sold DK books, tupperware and Mary Kay (cosmetics). The thing is, she starts with her friends and then it kind of fizzles out and to be honest, she buys a lot of the product anyway. So she doesn’t really make any money, she actually loses a lot!

    • Hi Kate,

      I don’t think people realize the amount of time and energy these types of business take up. They blindly jump in and order inventory and then its too late.

      Having hosted parties is a great way to get started, but if you want to make any money as a Thirty One Gifts consultant, you will need to find a different way to sell their products an that being the multi-level marketing route.


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