The Team National MLM Opportunity? – Good or Bad?

Everyone is looking to save money on products and services that they use.

This opens up a world of opportunity for any company to build a business model putting buyers and sellers together.

That is exactly what Team National does.

The companies business model is mlm and their compensation plan rewards its consultants for selling memberships offering discounts to everyday people on brand name products and services.

Some are calling this a pyramid scheme because it is a direct sales company and recruiting is the way to be successful as well as make money with this business opportunity.

Should you get involved with this business or run the other way?

That is what I was wondering so I decided to check out Team National and get the scoop!

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Where It All Started

I have done a lot of reviews on different mlm businesses and many were started by a person with an idea working out of their garage with a limited budget.

You know rags to riches stories.

But that’s not the case with the Team National opportunity or how its business got started.

The creator and founder Richard Loehr was already a successful businessman and entrepreneur when he started the company back in 1997.

He had car dealerships and restaurants.

This is probably where he came up with the idea for Team National and business opportunity selling memberships as a discount club.

Over the years the company has generated 100’s of millions of dollars in sales and has many consultants marketing for them.

They join the ranks of other older bellwethers in the mlm business world such as Herbalife, Kaiser & Blair and Tupperware.


The Products

The company itself doesn’t have products that it manufactures.

So you might be wondering what exactly do the consultants sell and how do they make money?

Team National products are actually memberships and these memberships offer discounts in many different industries such as:

  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Travel
  • Retail products

As a consultant its your job to get people (consumers) to sign up for a membership which entitles them to discounts for products and services from brand name companies in these industries.

Sounds simple right?

Its a win win for both the Team National consultant who is able to generate income and the end consumer who gets to save money on products and services they use everyday.

Business Services

Another perk is that as a consultant you get to offer business discounts as well for:

  • Credit card processing
  • Business directory
  • Dealer Mall ( marketing suit or car dealers)

Should I Join Team National

By now your saying to yourself this is the perfect opportunity to make money as a consultant.

Join a company where you can earn an income selling a product that everyone needs.


So how much does it cost to join.

There are a couple different levels that you can sign up for and neither one of them is cheap.

You have an option of paying $795 every 2 years or $2,195 for lifetime.

Looking at both levels it doesn’t take a mathematician to see that the lifetime membership makes the most sense on a value standpoint.

But there is more to this than just choosing a level to sign up for which I will talk about in a bit.


Compensation Plan

How much money can you make as a consultant is the big question and one that no one can really answer.

I mean you do get paid $25 to $100 commissions for signing others up.

And a lot of the possible income that you have the opportunity to generate is going to be based on your rank within the company.

There are bonuses to be had when someone in your downline makes additional purchases.

The one thing that I don’t like about the Team National compensation plan is the fact that your first 2 recruits get passed up to your sponsor.

There is also a minimum monthly requirement of 25PV that needs to be met in order for you stay active and get paid.

This equates to about $50 per month additionally on top of the initial membership fee that you already paid to join.

$50 per month x 12 months = $600 per year.


The Problem With Membership Discount Clubs

I have been part of some membership discount clubs in the past and what I have found is that they really don’t offer any advantages.

I could always find products or services that I needed just as cheap or cheaper than what I could get at the discount clubs.

Especially nowadays with the internet driving the bulk of sales.

Its hard not to get a deal on anything and be able to compare prices as well for things that your considering purchasing.

So does the Team National membership club really save its members money?

If not then I can see why a lot of people are calling Team National a pyramid scheme.


Team National Complaints

After a little research I did run across some complaints regarding the companies discounts.

All TN does is refer you to other companies that basically offer affiliate programs as stated in the following complaint.

Of course Team National is a rip off pyramid scheme. Its all about the $2200 to sign you up. There are NO discounts. The lame affiliate marketing plan is a total con job as any big company listed will allow anyone to act as an affiliate.

There are quite a few other complaints as well that usually all follow the same mantra.

The discounts that they offer their members just aren’t big enough to justify the large membership costs.


Final Thoughts

MLM is a tough business nowadays because you can find just about any product online at the price that you want to pay for it.

Even the big retailers such as Sam’s Club have a hard time making money selling because the retail business model has changed over the years.

That is why I don’t think that it makes sense to pay such a large cost to sign up as a consultant for Team National.

You won’t be able to recoup your money with the discounts.

As for the business opportunity itself.

Only a small fraction of the people that become consultants are going to have what it takes to make any money with the opportunity.

Plus knowing that the discounts are minimal you have to ask yourself if you feel comfortable promoting this as a business opportunity?

This is why it gets a bad name and people are calling it a scam and pyramid scheme.

Hopefully this review of Team National has given you some things to think about.

Its better to learn some skills such as blogging and building websites to promote legitimate business opportunities.

Or try a business model such as affiliate marketing that offers a low cost of entry.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and get started for free here with my help.

Let me here your comments and experiences with Team National below!

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