The pawTree MLM Business Opportunity? [ Should You Join? ]

A large percentage of the population has some type of pet which in turn offers the opportunity to earn an income for any savvy entrepreneur. So the company pawTree has a business opportunity for pet lovers that uses the mlm business model.

Join as a consultant which they call a petPro as a way to earn a residual income selling products for cats and dogs.

Is this something that can generate a full time income or is it just a side hustle with limited potential?

I decided to check it out and do a review to see what its about.

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Who is pawTree

The founder is Roger Morgan who was involved with the pet industry for years when he got the idea to start his own company.

So in 2014 pawTree began its journey.

Below is a quick video with some great information.

I personally don’t have any pets but I have friends that do and some of them treat their pets better than their kids!

So I can see how this business opportunity of becoming a petPro might be something they would consider.

Offer your pets nutritional products while having the potential to make money with your very own business. Seems like a pretty good combination right?

So lets take a look at what the products and earning potential are.

Customized Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition no dog or cat is the same so the company has developed customized nutrition plans that you can follow to make sure that your pets get what they need.

How it works is that a pet owner will fill out a profile for their pet on the companies website and from there the company makes recommendations as to what you should be feeding your pet.


Dogs and cats have the same needs as humans when it comes to getting the right nutrition.

As they say “you are what you eat” so it only makes sense to feed your pets the things that are good for them.

One of the advantages of being a pawTree petPro is that you will be able to promote products that are made without fillers like some of the lower cost pet foods contain.

There are also no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Below is a list of some important aspects of the products that can be used as selling points.

You will be offering pet owners a customized nutritional plan.

pawTree Has Products For Dogs And Cats

The nutritional products can be found in different categories which can help with different issues your pet may have such as dry skin, allergies, joint health, digestive issues, shedding, low energy just to name a few.

The Opportunity

If you decide that this company is the fit that your looking for then you can become a pawTree petPro consultant just by signing up on their website and purchasing a starter kit.

There are 2 starter kits to choose from Basic Kit at $99 and the Everything Kit at $125.

The difference between the 2 kits is that you will get assorted samples of seasonings with the Everything Kit thus the added cost.

How Much Money Can You Make With The  pawTree Business Opportunity

Being that this is a mlm company you will be able to sell both retail and recruit others in order to build a team.

On the retail side you will earn 10% commissions on any product sales as well as 10% on any residual sales generated by your retail customers.

There are also bonuses for new signups and instead of just earning 10% commissions there is the possibility of getting up to 20% if your able to do a higher monthly volume of sales.

Recruit & Build A Team

Its going to be tough to make a real income on retail sales so in order to be a successful pawTree consultant you will need to start recruiting others so that you have the possibility of earning commissions from their sales.

The amount that you earn in commissions will be determined by your rank and there are 9 different ones.

  • petPro
  • Senior petPro
  • Director
  • Sr. Director
  • Executive Director
  • Vice President
  • 1 Star VP
  • 2 Star Vp
  • 3 Star VP

Commission start at 4% to 7% on level 1 and 2% to 5% on level 2.

Then there is also leadership bonuses and group volume bonuses that can be met.

So just by laying out the commission structure you won’t be able to figure out an actual monthly income until you start getting others to join under you.

Keep in mind it can take months to years to see any income results from your efforts.

Most people that you recruit will never do anything with the opportunity so it is going to be a continual grind to introduce this opportunity to others and find the ones that will take advantage of it.

Final Thoughts

MLM isn’t my favorite business model mainly because there a lot over hyped products being marketed at prices that are not realistic in the industry.

Although the pawTree pricing is expensive at least it isn’t a recruitment scheme in my opinion as many of the other mlm companies.

With that being said there its a business and not a hobby so if you plan to have any success then you need to treat it like a true business.

I know when I got started online it wasn’t until I started doing things on a consistent basis and getting the the right training that led me to see results.

Now I have system in place and I can basically promote any products knowing that I will be able to have a successful business using what I have learned.

So don’t give up and keep moving forward.

If your looking to get help and need a step by step process then I can help you with that.

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