The Lifebrook Opportunity? Make Money Selling Aronia?

The Lifebrook opportunity offers a way to make money selling Aronia by way of the mlm business model. That’s right you can become a consultant known as an advocate to start promoting this super fruit.

If your familiar with this space you probably already know that it is saturated with other mlm companies selling similar types of products.

So should you jump on this business opportunity or not?

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Who Is Lifebrook & What Is The Story

Typically when it comes to these types of mlm’s selling health supplements you will find that they were started by some big name multi level marketing guru. That is not how this company got started though.

Believe it or not it was started by a guy (Tony Heisterkamp) that had taken up farming as an apple grower.

Unfortunately he quickly found out that farming is hard work and can play havoc on your body. He therefore started using different natural remedies to help with joint pain and other ailments.

That is when he found out about the benefits of Aronia.

After using it he discovered that many of his ailments no longer bothered him and that is when he got that aha moment.

He then started growing it on his farm and networked with other farmers that were growing this super fruit.

Wanting to get this product in the hands of the consumer he opted to use the mlm business model and independent consultants to spread the word.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Lifebrook Advocate ( consultant)

Cost To Join As A Lifebrook Advocate

If your interested in selling this super fruit loaded with antioxidants you will be pleased to know that it is relatively inexpensive to get started at only $39.95.

There are also other levels that you can start at that will cost more $59.95 to $399.95 and include different marketing materials.

For example at the basic $39.95 cost you will get a self replicating website and done for you marketing system. So you can get started marketing the product as well as recruiting others.

If you opt to go in at the higher start up costs then you can get additional marketing materials such a physical starter kit and product samples.

What Are The Products

The companies product line is not very extensive and only consists of juice, a powdered mix and a vitamin supplement.

The juice is called Puronia and comes in packs with the smallest pack being 4 bottles at retail price of $129.95 ( $32.49 per 25.3 oz bottle ).

The powdered mix is called Puronia-CP and has the benefit of being mixed on the go in a glass of water or you can add it other products such as yogurt and smoothies.

The retail cost for the powdered mix will be $59.95.

The last of the products will be its Aronia infused multi vitamin that goes by the name Vitronia Daily.

The selling point for these products are the fact that they are supposed to reduce inflammation in your joints and aid in your overall health because of the antioxidants they have in them.

The question is are the products priced at a level where the public would consider using them?

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Lifebrook

So if your considering the opportunity you might be wondering what the compensation plan is and what the possibilities are of earning an income as an advocate.

Being a mlm means that you will have a couple different ways to market the products including retail as well as recruiting others and getting a percentage of their sales every time they sell something.


If you sell the product directly this is considered retail and you would earn 20% commissions.

Another way to earn is to get people to sign up as preferred customers and get on the auto ship program so that every month they receive their products. This is a good way for advocates to increase sales because customers get new products whether they need them or not.

So when you get your customers on auto ship you will earn 10% residual income.

There is also what is called an enhanced bonus which is determined by how many preferred customers that you have:

  • 2 to 4 preferred customers = 5% bonus
  • 5 to 9 preferred customers = 10% bonus
  • 10+ preferred customers = 15% bonus

Of course in order to get paid these bonuses you yourself will need to be “active” and purchasing at least $103 worth of products for the month.

This is common with mlm companies.

If you plan on making money selling Lifebrook then you will also need to be a consumer, so its a good idea to actually like the products instead of jumping in just for the earning opportunity.

Making Money From Downline

The next way to earn is through the sales of your downline and how much money you earn is determined by different factors one of which is your rank. These ranks include:

  • Independent Advocate
  • Business Builder
  • Team Builder
  • Team Leader
  • Director

With all these ranks you will still earn a 20% base commission selling Lifebrook products but you will be able to receive higher en-roller bonuses the higher the rank you are which range from 1% to 6%.

There is also an Executive Phase where you can earn additional bonuses.

In order to qualify for any of these bonuses there are certain volume requirements that need to be met at each rank.

Income Potential

Getting a 20% retail commission isn’t bad.

Based on the smallest size drink pack at $129.95 you would be earning about $25 per sale. The only problem is that this product has a small audience to try and sell to.

I mean how many people do you know that could afford to buy these types of drinks?

So ultimately its going to come down to how many people you can recruit and teach how to do the same.

With some luck if you get enough people in your down line there may be some that will have access to just the customers for this product.

Final Thoughts

Lifebrook does offer the opportunity to get in on an mlm that is fairly new offering products that may appeal too those trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

The only problem that I see is that the cost is quite expensive for the products and it would seem like an uphill battle trying to convince people to buy on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter how great the commission is if you aren’t going to be able to sell the products.

This might be one of the reasons why I don’t see a lot of publicity around this business opportunity. Not many independent advocates are to be found online when I search.

Considering that the health market is huge there a lot of possibilities to consider as well.

You may not want to limit yourself to just one company or even consider a different business model all together such as affiliate marketing.

I never realized that affiliate marketing had the advantage of being able to sign up for many different companies and market their products all from the same website.

All it took was the right training and I was able to see the potential with this business model.

Anyway if your still on the fence as to whether or not you should join Lifebrook as an independent advocate you should have a look at my #1 pick here. It may be what your looking for when creating your online business.

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