The Kevin David Course – Amazon FBA – Shopify Ninja

If you have been looking to get into making money with e-commerce you’ve most likely run across Kevin David and the many reviews about his course.

I found him on YouTube.

He has had a lot of success with Amazon FBA and dropshipping.

Like most of the other successful gurus out there he sells his course which teaches you how to sell using Shopify like a Ninja.

I’m already in a great course but I’m always looking to expand into other things.

Question is does his Shopify Ninja Masterclass course really work or are there better options?

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Who Is Kevin David

Learn About Kevin David & His Courses

Young guy hungry to become an online entrepreneur and make a ton of money would best sum it up.

How did he do it?

He started selling on Amazon as an affiliate and discovered the potential benefits of e-commerce.

Then he upped his game and decided to do Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon).

FBA is when you send your products to Amazon in large quantities and they then warehouse it, pack it and ship it when you get an order.

Using Facebook Ads he scaled up his business into making $1000’s per day.

As with most guys that master their business model Kevin created a course which he now promotes for a hefty price of $997.


The Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course And What To Expect

Shopify Ninja MasterClass Course

As with most training you get nowadays it is done in video format.

Its broken down into modules as follows:

  • Finding Products To Dropship Using Shopify
  • Dropshipping Suppliers
  • Optimizing Your Shopify Store
  • Marketing
  • Scaling

I have experience dropshipping so I am familiar with how the business model works.

When I got started all you needed to do was some SEO and get your product pages ranked.

It wasn’t that hard.

Nowadays your competing with Amazon, Walmart and other big retailers so you need to know how to use targeted paid advertising.


How Much Does The Course Cost & Is It Worth It

If your a spanking new beginner to e-commerce and dropshipping then you will probably get something out of Kevin Davids course.

There is nothing ground breaking he just teaches the basics broken down into specific easy to follow sections.

He is also good in front of the camera and explains things well.

But the cost of Amazon Ninja Masterclass is expensive coming in at $997.

Originally it was priced at about $2000 and he has since dropped the price in half.

Which tells me that its overpriced or that there are better Shopify courses teaching the same things for less.


Is Kevin David A Scam

Looking back at what Kevin has accomplished you can’t really call him a scammer.

He hit the wave just at the right time.

Facebook Ads were new and Amazon FBA was just gaining traction as a way to make money online.

He had the smarts to make them both work together along with his Shopify dropshipping business to make millions of dollars.

Are there any bad Kevin David reviews?

His course does get a lot of negative reviews on Reddit from what I can see.

But as I said if these are dropshippers that are already experienced using the Shopify platform and familiar with running Facebook Ads then they aren’t going to be happy about spending $997.


Things To Consider

There are different business models that you can try in order to create your an online income.

Dropshipping using Shopify is just one of them.

Amazon FBA is another and Kevin David proved that you can make money with these business models.

But when you look back at the timing of his success you will see that it happened when these business models were just becoming popular.

Take Facebook Ads for example.

The rates were cheap so that you could experiment without blowing through tons of cash.

Kevin took advantage of this.

Of course times have changed and running PPC has become more expensive as well as more competitive.

As matter of fact the cost of most things have been rising including Amazon FBA fees.

Not to take anything away from Kevin David but he realized he could make more money selling his courses.

Plus its less work than running a dropship business.


Final Thoughts

After considering getting back into dropshipping and getting a refresher course I must say that I wasn’t ready to spend $997.

I do believe that Kevin Davids course has some good information that I could use.

But on a value standpoint I have seen some better alternatives.

For now I think I will just stick with affiliate marketing and my current training which has been a great experience.

Comment below: what is your experience with Shopify Ninja Masterclass or any other courses from Kevin David?

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