The Clickfunnels Review & What You Need To Know!

This Clickfunnels review will go over what the software is about and how anyone that has products or services can use it to turn their leads into sales.

Is it for everyone?

No, but if you have the budget and would like the ease of being able to build a high converting sales funnel to grow your income then this will be what your looking for.

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What Is The Clickfunnels Platform About

This is a all in one system that combines landing pages (also known as sales pages) with a sales funnel.

It is a self hosted solution so if you don’t have a website no worries.

Typically a potential customer doesn’t make a purchase when they first come across a product or service. They need to see it multiple times before they become comfortable with the idea of spending their money for it.

This is what a sales funnel is for.

Not only does it offer the opportunity to keep your product or service in front of a potential customer, but it also can be used to upsell them into other products or services for additional income.

Before considering if you should use this sales software or not you should know that a few things are needed before there will be any benefits.

1. Product or Service

Do you have a product that customers are looking for? These products can be physical, digital or even a membership.

Naturally if your in the business of selling digital products this software would be a snap to set up but a lot of people don’t know that it is also being used to sell physical products or connected to an e-commerce store to do dropshipping.

Below is a video showing the process of setting it up with a Shopify store.


Even if you have a business that is offline and does no e-commerce this software can still be used to capture leads and turn them into income.

For example there are real estate agents that use this to keep their services in front of potential buyers and sellers.

There are also doctors,dentists and lawyers that use this as well.

So if you have something to sell then this can work for you.


2. Traffic

Just purchasing this software doesn’t mean you will get any sales.

In order to take advantage of the features you will need a flow of traffic either from your website, pay per click or some type of offline advertisements.

The idea is to get visitors to sign up and from there the sales funnel automation takes over doing the heavy lifting of promoting whatever you are selling.


3. Additional Tools Needed

Although Clickfunnels offers a quick and easy way to set up your sales funnel there are still some additional tools that you will need or should use.

  • Autoresponder

Once you have a lead in your sales funnel your going to need to send them information that they are interested in or requested.

The software is able to connect with all the major email service providers such as GetResponse, Aweber, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, Infusionsoft, MailChimp and a bunch of others.

There is an autoresponder included called Actionetics but you need to be subscribed to the more expensive Etison Suite to use it.

  • Tracking software

If your spending your time and money to convert your traffic into income then it is important to track what is going on during the sales process.

Its possible that there is a problem somewhere with your funnel and your not connecting with your leads.

Tracking software will be able to show where the problem is so that you can correct and make improvements resulting in more sales.

The autoresponder and tracking software would run about $40 to $50 to start depending which companies you go with.



The advantage of using Clickfunnels is that there are a ton of features and really too many to list and review here so I will just touch on some of the main ones.


One of the main advantages of using this software is the ability to use any of the already made templates and easily modify them to make them your own.

Pricing ranges from free to $297 depending on which ones you choose.

Clickfunnels Templates

They come as only a single page or you can get as the complete funnel. It doesn’t matter what industry your in there will be a template that you can use.

Its fairly easy to swap them out and change to a new one as well as shown in the video below:

Some people consider Clickfunnels templates easier to customize than other landing page software on the market such as Leadpages or OptimizePress.


Split Testing

Another important aspect of marketing is the ability to test different landing pages side by side to see which perform better.

You may have heard of A/B testing as well which is just another name for split testing.

The process involves having a couple different funnels marketing the same product or service. One of the funnels you would make small tweaks to in order to try and increase conversions.

Having the ability to split test means running each to see if the one that you are making changes to will convert better than the original.

Clickfunnels makes this easy with the click of a button.

Split Testing With Clickfunnels

Once you have your variation set up then you can adjust your traffic sending however much you want to each landing page to see how it converts.

For example lets say that you were getting 500 visitors per day to your original landing page.

Clickfunnels allows you to adjust based on a percentage how many visitors you want to send to your original page and the page you made changes to.

So you could send 50% ( 250 visitors ) to the original page and 50% (250 visitors) to your new modified page.

From there you would be able monitor the statistics to see which was performing better and then implement the better one to increase your sales and income.


Webinar Funnels

A lot of top marketers have been doing webinars as a way to get their brand out there and promote launches as well as products.

But thanks to the Clickfunnels webinar functionality now anyone can have their own webinar by just following some simple steps getting it setup.

This adds another marketing avenue to your arsenal.



Being that you will be running your business on a hosted solution and not your own hosting there might be a worry as to the quality and ability to handle a lot of traffic.

The good news is that the Clickfunnels platform is hosted on Amazon servers backed up by Cloudflare for speed and protection against DDS attacks.


Is The Clickfunnels Pricing Expensive

If your considering this platform then you will be happy to know that there is a 14 day free trial to see what it is about and how the features work.

After the trial period ends the monthly cost for the basic membership is $97.

The basic membership would pretty much cover most marketers needs. There is another level called Etison Suite that has a cost of $297 per month.

This level includes:

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited domains
  • Autoresponder
  • Ability to take payments
  • Use for subscriptions
  • Run your own affiliate program
  • Billing integrations

These are in addition to all the other features that you get at the basic level. So ultimately you can run your whole online business from this platform or have a handy tool to streamline your offline business sales process.

There are some people that consider the pricing too expensive for a landing page sales funnel builder while others believe the pricing is right in line with what it should be.

It really depends on your situation and if you can afford at least $97 monthly to grow your business.

If you can then you would get the best landing page sales funnel building system currently available in this price range.


Who Is Clickfunnels for

If your an internet marketer or affiliate marketer that does paid advertising then this software can be a dream come true for you.

Especially because selling digital products or memberships would be the simplest set up using this software.

Plus Russell Brunson the CEO and co-founder has a background in internet marketing so you may say he is a little biased.

Now if your a content marketer and you are using WordPress as your main means of getting leads then there are probably better alternatives such as Thrive Architect or OptimizePress that would save you quite a bit of money.

If you have an offline business where lead generation is critical to your success such as real estate agents, insurance agents, yoga studios, chiropractors, massage therapists or any company that has something for sale for that matter, then this sales funnel software can help.

There is a little learning curve but with the Clickfunnels templates available you should have no problem putting together an income producing sales funnel in no time.

Hopefully my Clickfunnels review gave you some food for thought.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not it will work for you then give the 14 day free trial a spin to test it out. It could be the piece of the puzzle that you have been looking for to increase your sales!


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2 thoughts on “The Clickfunnels Review & What You Need To Know!”

  1. I always wondered how Clickfunnels can be integrated with my blog and glad to come across this review. Make sense to use it for paid advertising or selling digital product. I am planning on going into paid traffic soon, but $97 per month is simply way over my budget.

    Is there a way that you can create a funnel system on WordPress without spending on all these type of software? It would be good to know.

    • Hi Cathy,

      If you are a blogger or content marketer that uses WordPress then yes there is a plugin for integrating CF with WordPress.

      Thrive Architect can be a good alternative. Just pay once and you can build as many sales funnels as you wish.

      Although it will be a little more involved than using Clickfunnels it would save you quite a bit of money over the long haul.


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