The Bluehost vs SiteGround Showdown? [For WordPress]

The Bluehost vs SiteGround showdown, which company should you use as a blogger or affiliate marketer for your WordPress hosting? Both these hosting companies offer economical hosting but which one really has the best features and quality for the price?

If your like the millions of people out there looking to get started online building a WordPress website, then you have to make an important decision as to where your business is going to be parked.

So this review is going to compare some of the important aspects you should think about as well as what others have to say about using these 2 web hosting companies.

You will be able to make a clear decision on which to choose when I’m done with this review.

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Bluehost vs SiteGround |  Head To Head Comparison

Everyday millions of people go looking for web hosting to build a WordPress website and start their business.

Two of the more popular options are Bluehost and SiteGround because they are both economical and offer a way to set up a WordPress blog with just a click of a button.

Let’s take a look at what it costs to get started with these 2 hosts.


The Bluehost plans for shared hosting start at $3.95 and go to $13.95 per month and this is probably where the majority of their customers have their websites.

The plans below will only allow 1 domain to be hosted.

Bluehost Web Hosting Prices

These are just the promotional rates which means that after the one year is up your hosting will go to the regular monthly price.

Another thing is that you will need to pay for the whole year up front to lock in the prices shown.



The hosting plans from SiteGround offer similar pricing starting at $3.95 per month and going to $11.95 per month.

If you will only have one domain then the starter account will be fine, but if you have more than one domain then you would need to move up to the GrowBig plan.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans

These are also promotional prices, so after the first year of hosting you will get bumped up to the regular rates. You must also pay for the year in advance.


Who Really Has The Best Price For WordPress Hosting

It looks as though the pricing is similar but there are some things that you need to keep in mind when comparing the different plans between these companies.

SiteGround offers the ability to have more than 1 website starting at the GrowBig plan, but Bluehost plans are only allowing one website.

Another thing to consider is that SiteGround hosting plans are for running WordPress websites, but the Bluehost plans at these price levels are just for basic shared hosting only.

This can have an impact on how fast your site loads. WordPress hosting is specifically optimized to make it run better, so running on basic shared hosting can result in lower Google rankings and customers leaving your site because its slow.

If you want hosting for WordPress on Bluehost you would need to pay more. Their WordPress hosting actually starts at $19.99 per month and goes up from there.

So when it comes to Bluehost vs SiteGround WordPress hosting hands down SiteGround hosting offers the best price!


Customer Support Options

When your paying to have your website live on the web you want it work correctly and be available 100% of the time.

Unfortunately there are going to be some instances where something goes wrong and you will need help from support to figure it out.

So let’s take a look at at what each company offers:

Bluehost support options:

  • Online knowledge base
  • Live chat
  • Phone

SiteGround support options:

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Ticket system

Whats interesting is that SiteGround puts emphasis on the fact that they provide awesome support not just for their hosting services but also for things that may not be related to hosting.

For example they explain that you may have a problem embedding video on your site and call in for help. This is not really a hosting problem, so they wouldn’t necessarily have to help you but they will.

This type of effort to help their customers says a lot about a company.


Bluehost vs SiteGround Complaints

When it comes to hosting there will always be complaints no matter how good a company is.

Sometimes there will problems that occur that a hosting company can’t control such as a DDOS attack or a customer mistakenly wrecking their site.

All you need to do though is look at what people are saying around the web who have used these services to figure out what your in for when you host with them.

Bluehost Complaints

Having millions of websites hosted naturally Bluehost is going to have more complaints but is there a common theme when you look at what people are complaining about?

  • Poor customer service
  • Downtime
  • Slow servers
  • Unknowledgeable tech support

These types of complaints can be expected when it comes to a company this size.

Tech support is going to consist of low level techs reading from scripts and trying to troubleshoot basic problems before calling in higher level techs.

Slow servers are because most people opt for the cheapest shared hosting plans, so they are basically getting what they paid for (overloaded servers).

When you see customers that have been hosting with the company for the last 5 to 9 years complaining about the service declining that is enough for me not to risk time and money with them.


SiteGround Complaints

This is a big company as well although not as big as Bluehost, so I wasn’t expecting to find as many complaints which I didn’t.

Below is what I did find.

  • Auto renewal
  • Customer service

I had to really dig to find any negative reviews for SiteGround and the ones I did find really weren’t that bad.

There were some complaints from people being billed on auto renewal. I see this a lot when it comes to hosting companies.

Mostly because people will build a site then abandon it a couple months later and forget that their hosting plan was set to automatically bill them after their one year is up.


Which Web Hosting Company To Choose

If your trying to choose between these 2 companies then the best thing to do is not get hung up with all the technical aspects if your just getting started.

If your a newbie looking to put up your first WordPress website then you should make sure that you go with the company that will provide the best support.

Clearly from what I have seen from feedback of users on the web is that SiteGround offers a better user experience and support than Bluehost.

This makes sense because Bluehost is such a huge hosting company their ability to help all the customers is really limited.

As an added bonus the SiteGround plans offer better server resources and configurations so that your websites will run faster and better than the standard shared hosting being offered by Bluehost for the same price.

So when it comes to Bluehost vs SiteGround hosting my pick would be to host with SiteGround.


Final Thoughts

When choosing a WordPress web host its always best to spend a little more money and stay away from the lower priced shared hosting plans.

Go with the best company and plan that you can afford.

If your on a budget and you need to start at the lower price level then SiteGround offers what is needed to successfully get started online using WordPress.


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