The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses ( #1 Pick )

If your looking for the best affiliate marketing training courses then you have come to the right place. I have put together a list of the best programs for training beginners and advanced affiliates. There are also some options to start free and learn the basics including videos. So make sure you check out my list before deciding on a training course. There are a lot of good ones to join but only one really stands out.

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What To Look For In Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

When it comes to learning about affiliate marketing, there are no shortage of gurus promoting their systems as the best and if you join their training you will discover the “secrets to making money”.

As many successful affiliates have found out there really is no secret.

Choosing the right training course from the start can save a lot of time and money, so here are some important things to look for in a training program for beginners:

  1. Do they offer a forum for members to communicate and exchange ideas?
  2. Do they offer the basic tools needed such as web hosting, keyword research tool, link tracking?
  3. Do they use video training in their course?
  4. Is their mentoring?
  5. Can you access the owners?
  6. Is there a FREE trial so you can see what the course is about?

Now that you have an idea of the important aspects of what should be included in any course that your considering, lets get to the list of training courses and which one is my #1 pick.


10. ClickBank University

ClickBank University Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

This training course usually comes up when someone mentions affiliate marketing and for good reason. ClickBank is the biggest digital marketplace for affiliate marketing products.

So it stands to reason that they set up a training program to teach affiliates how to sell their products.

What Does The Course Offer

There is a $47 monthly cost to start with which is reasonable and they do have an active forum where members can connect and share ideas.

There are training videos and downloadable lessons as well.

Unfortunately there are some upsells that will set you back $594. This is for their landing page builder.

ClickBank University made my list of best affiliate marketing courses because it puts more of an emphasis on creating your own digital products to sell which might be more appealing to more advanced affiliates.

This affiliate marketing training course overall is weak when it comes to teaching affiliates how to sell other peoples products such as those on Amazon or Ebay. Plus there are no basic tools included like hosting or help with keywords. Therefore they come in at the bottom of the list.


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9. Solo Build It

Solo Build It Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

Next on the list of best affiliate marketing training courses is Solo Build It formerly known as Site Build It. They have been around since the late 1990’s and have just gone through a re-branding.

They have a proprietary system which uses a page builder to build sites with and they have just recently incorporated WordPress into their offerings.

What Does The Course Offer

For $29.99 monthly you get to host 1 website and use their keyword tool called Brainstorm It. There is also an active forum where members talk about different topics.

The page builder allows a member to build their site while being hosted on the SBI servers. It can’t be used anywhere else.

Of all the affiliate marketing training courses in the list, this is the only one that uses a proprietary system.

Although this could be a good training course for beginners, the problem is the proprietary system that your stuck using. Try moving off of their system and you will be stuck paying someone to do it for you which can be costly.

Plus they don’t have the nicest looking sites, they tend to look dated.


8. Affiliate U

Affiliate U Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

This course is run by Tim Schmidt a successful affiliate marketer with years of experience. What makes this one of the best affiliate marketing training courses is the amount of material along with the quality of the content.

The content has some unique marketing angles and suggestions, not the typical rehashed marketing material you find all over the web.

Tim knows affiliate marketing and he gives examples of his own successful websites to prove it, unlike other training programs. So you get to see what works and what doesn’t.

What Does The Course Offer

The cost of the course is expensive at $1497. The course training consists of videos that are unrehearsed. You also get access to the private Facebook group for help and support.

Speaking of support members also get help from Tim himself as well.

Although this is a great course with many happy members, its not really a training course for beginners. There is no web hosting or keyword tool included plus you will need to know how to set up and use WordPress.


7. Fizzle

Fizzle Online Business Training Course

Fizzle is not a affiliate marketing training course per se, but I included it because it would make a good add on. You won’t learn the specifics such as building links, keyword research or about affiliate programs.

What you will get out of it is general guidance in building an online business whether it be affiliate marketing, e-commerce or even a brick and mortar business.

Any advanced affiliate looking to grow their online business and be a well rounded entrepreneur may be interested and find the topics support their current goals.

What Does The Course Offer

There is a monthly fee of $35 per month or you can pay for the year up front at $315. The course itself is in 3 different sections including:

  1. Your business idea and building the foundation
  2. Launch your business and make money
  3. Grow your business and make it profitable

There is also a forum, podcasts and videos on sub topics.

There are no other tools included such as web hosting or website builders. Its only training course material.


6. Udemy

Udemy Affiliate Marketing Courses

Is a marketplace or platform that has many different training courses including affiliate marketing training courses. All you need to do is type the words “affiliate marketing” into the search box at the top and you will get a list of courses that are available.

Each training course has its own price starting at $20 and going as high as $200. You can also check out the ratings to see what others thought about the specific course your considering.

The one problem with Udemy is that there are so many training courses for each subject it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Plus it is just course material with no support or tools to help you get a affiliate marketing business started.


Well I’m half way through my list of affiliate marketing training courses and as you can see there are quite a few good options.

There is training for beginners as well as training for advanced affiliates. 

No training course offers the same features and options either, but if you keep on reading you will get to my #1 pick which I believe offers the most value.



5. Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

You may seen this guy wearing the red bathrobe and socks hanging off. His name is Dan Brock and he is a successful affiliate marketer.

He plays the part of a lazy affiliate that makes money in his sleep. Oh it should be that easy!

He has a training course called “Reloaded” that has 23 total lessons available.

What Does The Course Offer

The cost starts at $17 and there are some upsells once you get into the course.

The lessons are pdf format and some video.

The main focus of the training course teaches how to sell physical products as an affiliate on Ebay and Amazon. Plus it talks about affiliate networks and promoting products from these networks. There is also a forum to exchange ideas and get feedback from other members as well as Dan himself.

This course is geared towards beginners.


4. Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

Chris Farrell is a successful marketer that has the reputation of being an honest down to earth guy.

He was earning 1000’s of dollars per day within his first year of internet marketing.

He started his own training course and it is focused on helping beginners make their first money online using the same steps that he used to find success.

What Does The Course Offer

The cost is $37 per month and offers video tutorials and there is a forum for members to ask questions and get feedback.

There is also free hosting for websites included with the monthly fee.

There have many positive reviews of this course while others are claiming that it has become outdated.


3. Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

John Crestani went from broke to making over $500,000 per month and has started many successful affiliate marketing businesses.

With the experience he has gained he developed his own affiliate marketing training course which is reasonably priced and has a main focus of teaching how to get free traffic as well as how to use Facebook ads.

What Does The Course Offer

The training course will cost $47 to join and then there is a monthly cost of $47 per month.

There are 10 modules that go over topics such as choosing products, using Google keyword planner and setting a WordPress website.

Most of the course material is basic and best suited for beginners.

There are no tools included with the training other than a forum and Facebook for members.


2. Affilorama

Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

Affilorama is a training program that has been around for years and is best suited for beginners to intermediate affiliates.

This is one of the better affiliate marketing training courses on the web, due to the amount of quality content and its overall focus on helping people become successful affiliate marketers.

There are some upsells to other products that are on the expensive side.

What Does The Course Offer

You can sign up for free and get some access to the training or you can upgrade and pay $67 per month and get full access to the tools.

There is a forum, video training, and an active blog that offers some good information and ideas. There is also AffiloTools which can be used for free and has been in beta for quite some time.


1. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

One of the longest established training programs Wealthy Affiliate made my list of best affiliate marketing training courses because of the amount of content that is offered along with the tools.

The community is also very active and supportive.

This is a good training course for beginners to intermediate affiliates.

What Does The Course Offer

You can join for free and build 2 WordPress sites on sub domains. You also get 10 lessons of training with the free membership.

The premium membership will cost $49 per month and gives access to all the features and tools such as hosting up to 50 websites, keyword research tool, forum, live video training, site comments, mentoring, owners participation.

I have been a member for almost 2 years now and without a doubt I believe that this is the best bang for your buck when it comes to affiliate marketing training and tools.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses ( #1 Pick )”

  1. Its dangerous nowadays trying to find online training programs. People are not skeptical enough and usually fall victim to scams. A huge waste of time and money, and in the end you gain absolutely nothing except knowledge of your awful experience.

    You put together a good list of training courses that can help anyone become an affiliate.

    I will try out your recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate. They seem to have the complete package.

    • Sounds good TY,  I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best start for any new affiliate because they have not just the training but also the tools such as web hosting and keyword research.

      Another important aspect is the community.

      You will get tons of support and get to network with all the other marketers.

      These are the main reasons that I consider them to be the best affiliate marketing training course.


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