Tai Lopez Scam or Marketing Genius?

Maybe you have heard of him or maybe you haven’t. One thing is for sure, Tai Lopez has become very popular promoting his course 67 Steps and has built up a following of those that love him and others that claim he is a fraud.

Tai’s claims to be able to help anyone including affiliate marketers, network marketers and those into drop shipping.

So, lets try and figure out if Tai Lopez is a scam or marketing genius?


Who Is Tai Lopez?

If you have been looking for ways to make money online, then you have most likely come across Tai Lopez videos promoting his 67 Steps program. I will get into this a little further down.

It is estimated that Tai is between 45 to 50 years old.


Tai Lopez College Dropout?

It is also reported that he is a college dropout, but I am suspicious of these claims, because he did have a job as a financial planner. You don’t become a financial planner without a college degree.

So, could it be that Tai thought that using “college dropout” in his bio would give him a better connection to his audience? If this is the case then I would say that this is good marketing by him.


Online Entrepreneur

He also has some dating websites that were said to be started back in 2009.  I won’t list them here as I am not interested in promoting them.

Apparently there are many disgruntled customers of these sites.

Most of the complaints stemming from not being able to cancel subscriptions as well as fake member profiles.

I don’t think that these complaints are unfounded, but you do hear these same complaints of other dating sites as well. I would also be surprised if Tai has any day to day involvement in them.

He most likely paid to have them set up and also pays other companies to do the day to day task to keep them marketed and running.


Tai Lopez Net Worth?

There doesn’t seem to be any solid information about Tai Lopez net worth. I have only seen estimates of between 3 to 7 million dollars.

Based on the cars he claims to own and the house that he is shown to live in, these estimates might even be a little low in my opinion.

He shows himself living in a Hollywood mansion, with exotic cars in his garage such as a Lamborghini and Ferrari. Some people are claiming that these are just props for his videos, while others say he just rents the house and cars.

From research that I have done, it does appear that he does use the house and cars. Even if he does rent them as some say, does that make it wrong?

A large percentage of the population rents their house or leases cars.


What Is Tai Lopez About

Well according to his video, he will teach you how to be a better person and achieve your financial goals. You will learn health, wealth, love and happiness.

These are things he learned from mentors and others he had spent time with.

Mr. Lopez does this through his The 67 Steps course which you become a member of.  Pay your monthly fee to gain access to videos, other members in the community and phone calls with Tai’s team.

What is the monthly membership fee? You guessed it $67!

It’s been said that everything in his monthly course is just regurgitated material from others, that he just puts his own spin on it.

Maybe it is! So, what’s the big deal?

Most of what you read on the web is just rehashed information that bloggers and authors use to gain followers and promote their products.

I’m not here to sway you either way on The 67 Steps course. I haven’t subscribed to it and I probably won’t anytime in the near future.

I’m just here to talk about Mr. Lopez’s ability to gain the trust of people that come across his videos.


Ability To Connect With Audience

An important aspect to being an internet marketer is the ability to make a connection with your target audience. This I believe is what helps Tai with the growth of his internet presence.

All you have to do is come across one of his videos and you will find yourself immersed in his ramblings about how to create a better life for yourself. He has a way of speaking that kept me watching his videos even though I had no intention of purchasing anything from him.

The haters add to his popularity!

There seem to be just as many people that hate him as do like him. They call him a scam and a con artist.

Do these people actually have legitimate gripe? Have they tried his course and given it a fair chance? Most likely not. So why so much negativity?


Final Thoughts

It looks like Tai Lopez is living the dream that all of us wish we could. Who wouldn’t want to live in sunny Hollywood with Lambos in the garage?

Yes, he is a good marketer, that has been successful creating his brand.

I don’t think he is a scam or fraud, otherwise Mark Cuban or Gary Vaynerchuck wouldn’t want to be associated with him. Right or wrong?

I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds for Tai and his loyal following of supporters.


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4 thoughts on “Tai Lopez Scam or Marketing Genius?”

  1. Wow this was really interesting. I myself had not heard of this Tai but hey, everyone who is doing something has their haters. I agree with your position, that he is not a scammer. He is just marketing something perhaps a bit costly, but I guess it is working for him. Great job!

    • I think Tai Lopez is more of a motivational speaker that knows how to market himself well. The only thing that I don’t like is in his videos, he is always showing himself around expensive cars, houses, and flying around in helicopters.

      He sends an unrealistic message to his audience. He makes it seem too easy.

      People need to learn the basics first. It’s not quite as easy as Tai implies.

  2. I don’t know about this guy. Claiming to be able to help people learn as you say, ‘health, wealth, love and happiness’ then parading around with a mansion and a bunch of fancy cars. I’m not sure that it sends the right message about what it takes to be happy and the fact that he uses these things to attract a following seems a bit scammy to me. $67 per month is not exactly cheap either, how many months does one have to be signed up to get a mansion and a Ferrari?

    • Thanks for commenting Shirley.

      Tai Lopez definitely knows how to get peoples attention with the Lamborghini and the house. I also believe that he is sending the wrong message.

      Making money online takes time and is a process of learning what works and what doesn’t. He makes it seem too easy by showing off his lifestyle.

      If his course 67 Steps has quality material that can help people achieve their goals, then the cost isn’t really that bad. Unfortunately many people are saying it is not worth.


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