Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate (READ!)

Solo Build it (SBI)  seems to be on a mission to clean up reviews around the web about its program. They have chosen to target Wealthy Affiliate University because of some negative Solo Build It reviews its members have posted they claim?

Apparently the founder of SBI Ken Evoy has taken offense to the reviews and created a study to show that his program is a better than Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

If your here looking for a Solo Build it review, that’s not what this post is about.

As a member of  WA I was curious to see what the commotion was about, so I started to do some research regarding the the ongoing saga.

Here is my take on it…


Who Are They

First I needed to get some background information on SBI, because I was not familiar with the company. So I went and checked out their website to find out what they are about.

That’s when I realized that I had actually come across them before, but they were using a different name at the time and calling themselves Site Sell. I can’t remember how long ago that was, but it had to be at least 3 to 5 years ago.

So their new name Solo Build It is just a re-branding of a company that was once called Site Sell, or so I thought.

Confused – 2 Domains With Exact Same Websites

I discovered that there are 2 identical websites online for the company under 2 different domain names (since writing this article the Solo Build It website has been taken down and now directed to the Site Sell website).

Not sure of the reason they would want to do that?

I looked at the traffic going to both the domains and it doesn’t appear like it would be a worry to just forward the Site Sell domain to the Solo Build It website.

Otherwise it might confuse some people.


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What Is Solo Build It

So I got back to my original goal of trying to find out what Solo Build It is about.

Apparently they have been in business for quite some time. 15 years to be exact according to their website. That is a good sign.

The focus according to their website is that it is a business builder with everything you need to have success online  all in one place. There is great emphasis to use the term “solopreneur” throughout the website.


To sum it up

They are a company that offers to teach the little guy a way to build a business with correct preparation and research.

Members also get a set of tools in house, so there is no need to piece together all the different components needed to run the business.


Is Solo Build It Better Than Wealthy Affiliate

After looking at what SBI is offering and my experience as being a member of WA, it looks like the goals of both companies are the same.

Similar in house tools to help grow their members online business including forums, keyword research tools and hosting.

If you were an outsider trying to make a decision whether to join Solo Build It or Wealthy Affiliate, it would probably be a hard decision.

Then again, that is what the free trials are for. Testing to see which company has what your looking for as a solopreneur.


How Accurate Is The Solo Build It Study Really

In order for Site Sell to answer the Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate question, they did a study and are using it as a measuring stick.

As most people know just because something is a study doesn’t mean that it is accurate.  You can choose a subject and find a study that is negative as well as another study that is positive on that same subject.

I had to skim through the study that Solo Build It did on Wealthy Affiliate because some of the information they used for it was not accurate unfortunately.

Here are some of the inaccuracies:

  • Many of the WA sites don’t rank – this is probably true, because we get to host up to 50 different domains that are included with the membership.  So a lot of members just buy a domain and leave it sitting there while they tend to their main site. So if they are counting all the members sites that are basically “test” sites then the the study is not correct.
  • WA wants people to promote the company – this is true as well, they provide the tools  to do so. What they don’t teach you how to do is bash other companies. The members that give negative reviews have their own businesses, nothing to do with WA.
  • No proof of members success – there are members at WA making 5 to 6 figure incomes per year. They are not going to advertise it because their business will be duplicated by others.
  • Using Alexa as a tool in the study –  SBI likes to reference Alexa rankings as being a factor in success of your website. Unfortunately many of the top authorities on the web don’t trust the information from Alexa see here.

There are other points as well, but I didn’t want to turn this into a 2000 word post!


Site Sell – Did It Become Outdated

In my opinion, I believe that Site Sell which is the original name of the company now known as Solo Build It, became outdated and started to lose members.

I have seen some past members stating this on the web.

Which brings me back to my original reason why I never joined. When I came across them years ago, I felt I stepped back in time looking at the member websites and the tool that was being used to build them.

The sites that were built using the page builder all looked outdated.

It doesn’t matter how good it works, if it is not appealing to potential customers, then you aren’t going to get them to join.

I’m not saying that the members and the company weren’t successful. They very well could have been.

It was just my first impression, when I took a look at the opportunity. So I passed,


What You Should Know About Site Sell

One thing that should be noted is that the system that you would be buying into is proprietary. What this means is that once you start using it, your basically stuck with it.

If you look at past reviews online of people that tried to move their business from the Solo Build It platform, they had to pay big money. You will need to hire an outside developer or just walk away and start from scratch all over again on another platform.

This isn’t the case if you have a website at Wealthy Affiliate. If you need to move it, then it can be done very easily.

This is another thing that many people aren’t aware of when comparing Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate.


Is Ken Evoy Ready To Sell Solo Build It

While I was skimming through the study that I came across online comparing Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed a piece of information that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Basically Ken Envoy was stating that he was ready to step away from Solo Build It.  Move it to another company in so many words!

See the excerpt I took from the study below:

Is Solo Build It For Sale?

Which makes me believe that is why it felt as if Site Sell had become outdated. Ken Evoy had probably become tired with the company and it was drifting?

Maybe I’m wrong on this?

In the same excerpt, Ken goes on to say that his wife has been patient “far too long”. In other words the “ultimate experiment” that Ken had created now known as Solo Build It had become a drain on their time and resources.

If I was a Solo Build It member, I would be a little worried about my business after reading the above statement.  Being that it is a proprietary system, if you ever had to move your business it would be a nightmare.


Not Practicing What They Preach

Now back to the main reason that I wrote this post concerning Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate.

The whole squabble started because the owner of SBI took offense to some negative reviews about his system. Plus he said that these same people were doing a bait and switch and luring people away from SBI to different opportunities.

SBI seems to think that affiliates doing this are unethical.

But here is the thing that not many people know about SBI. They use affiliates to promote their program too.

The kicker is that a large percentage of Solo Build It affiliates who promote the product never actually used it!  So its possible that a newbie may run across a SBI review from an affiliate telling them how great the product is when in reality that affiliate has no experience with it.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think it is ethical to promote a product based off of reviews from someone that never actually used it.

Food for thought!



What Have We Learned

The internet makes it easy to put information out there in hopes that it will result in something positive for our businesses.

This goes for Solo Build It , Wealthy Affiliate and all the members of each company.

There comes a time when you need to make a change within your business and I believe that Solo Build It is now experiencing that.


Final Thoughts

Things change quickly on the web, and it can be hard to keep up with the technology. Is Solo Build It going to be the new modernized version of Site Sell? Is the Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate saga going to end?

I guess we will have to see how things pan out.

One thing is for sure, if Solo Build It wants to look like a respectable company, then it would help if they moved away from accusing the Make Money Online niche as being the problem.

It’s here to stay and will become more competitive over time.

For me I will stick with my #1 Pick here!


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6 thoughts on “Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate (READ!)”

  1. Thank you, Chris, for sharing this review on Solo Build It. Though I haven’t heard about SBI, am not surprised by the strategy they are using to bash WA, due to the position WA has obtained over the years building a genuine business.

    Instead of working to bring down other company’s image, I would say we would be far better off if we work on our strengths.

    • Thanks for stopping.

      Yes its unfortunate that Solo Build It (SBI) is making a big deal about this. The best thing to do would just to keep building upon their own business and not worry about everyone else including Wealthy Affiliate.

      I believe some of their tools just became outdated and now they are playing catch up.

  2. Hi I have recently joined WA and was shocked to read all the negative reports that SBI were putting out about WA I was pretty confused even took a step back from WA as I researched SBI and their claims. SBI seemed to spend it’s time slating WA instead of trying to attract customers, I also found that compared to WA their coarses seemed sub standard. I thought their claim that they had contacted WA members but no-one would reveal what they were earning from WA stupid ” er hello if some random person stopped me as I was leaving my place of work and asked how much I earned a year they would be given a few choice words and I certainly wouldn’t tell them how much I got”. Thank you for your article I enjoyed reading it.

    • Thanks for commenting.

      You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned SBI talking a lot of negativity about Wealthy Affiliate. That is one of the reasons that I chose not to even look at their program.

      The reality is that it doesn’t matter how good the system is, the person has to put the work in to have success. Whether it be Solo Build It or Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hi Chris, interesting post, I have never heard of this company and I’m thankful I didn’t join it instead of WA. What a nightmare to not be able to easily move your site, that would put me off for a start. I can’t say I much like people bashing other companies to get a sale either (unless they deserve it), but this is the nature of the internet and it’s here to stay. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I find it hard to find any fault with it. It really us a fantastic platform for building your own online business with all the support you need from the community and the site support team. Plus, the training is concise and easy to follow. I truly recommend it.

    • Thanks for commenting Stefanie.

      Yes SBI made a big issue about bad reviews written from WA members but the funny thing is that if you go looking for any of these so called reviews you can’t find them. All you find is negative Solo Build It reviews that were written by their own members.

      The other problem is that their affiliate program lets affiliates that have never used Solo Build It make money by promoting it? Yet SBI is against anyone doing negative reviews for their system because they haven’t used it.

      Seems hypocritical to me.

      Personally I believe that Wealthy Affiliate gives you much more value and all their tools and training are continually being updated. 

      Plus you can try it for free to see what its about.

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