Is SiteGround WordPress Hosting Good? [ Review ]

Is SiteGround WordPress hosting good at such low prices and do you get all the features needed to run a successful WordPress website? Good web hosting is hard to come by at the lower price levels and there are quite a few web hosts that claim they offer the best for less.

When it comes to getting your online business started its always good to keep the overhead low, but does that mean you need to skimp on quality?

Lets take a look at this up and coming host to see why they should be considered. My review breaks down the company and what they offer so you can make a better decision.

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SiteGround WordPress Hosting


What Is SiteGround About | The Company

Before jumping into any web hosting commitment its a good idea to know who is behind the company and what their history says about them.

The company got its start back in 2004 by a few college friends and since then has become one of the well known WordPress hosting companies.

They are very supportive of the open source community and provide hosting for WordPress, Joomla and Magento software.

They have data centers around the world, so no matter what your location is you won’t have to worry about having customer support in your time zone or latency problems if your located on different continents.


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SiteGound WordPress Hosting Prices

Here is where it gets interesting, because the hosting prices for managed WordPress hosting typically are more expensive than going with basic shared hosting but not with these guys.

I just recently did a Bluehost vs SiteGround comparison showing just how reasonable SiteGround managed WordPress hosting is compared to the other leading hosts basic shared plans.

Why should you consider managed WordPress hosting over the basic shared hosting?

Here are just a few good reasons:

  • Servers optimized to run WordPress
  • A good host will know the WordPress software itself
  • Better security
  • Typically less sites per server all running WordPress

So what does it cost to have managed WordPress hosting with SiteGround?

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Prices

As you can see these plans are really priced aggressively and offer anyone that is building a WordPress website an economical way to get started.

StartUp Plan $3.95 monthly

This is hosting for only one website and it includes everything needed as far as storage and the amount of traffic that you can have when first setting up a new website.

It can take some time to get build your online business and this is one of the least expensive WordPress hosting options available on the web.

GrowBig Plan $5.95 monthly

This includes everything that is in the StartUp plan plus more web space and monthly visitors.

Its worth considering this plan even though you may only have one website at the moment, because with the GrowBig Plan your able to host multiple websites.

You may want to set up some landing pages that are separate from your existing site or have the ability to start multiple websites.

You have this ability with the GrowBig Plan for only a couple extra dollars per month.

GoGeek Plan $11.95 monthly

This is basically the same as the GrowBig Plan with the only difference being that you get more storage space and traffic allowance.

So if you have multiple sites that are really growing then the GoGeek Plan is the best plan.


Hosting Features

Now that you know what the hosting pricing is for the different entry level plans lets take a look at what you get for features.

These are some of the basic features and each of the plans have them.

  • Free WordPress installation
  • WordPress is updated automatically
  • Free transfer of a website to SiteGround from your existing host
  • Free SSL
  • Auto Backups
  • SSD drives
  • 24/7 support
  • Free email accounts


Premium Features (only with GrowBig & GoGeek plans)

Now when you have the GrowBig and GoGeek Plans you get some added premium features such as better technical support, SuperCacher as well as free backup restores.

The SiteGround SuperCacher is their own creation that will be able to help your website handle spikes in traffic volume optimizing the server to load your website faster.

In the instance that something happens to your website, they can help restore it back from a previous backup copy. Along with having SiteGround do backups its always a good idea to do your own as well and there are plugins that can help with this.

Geeky WordPress Features (only with GoGeek Plan)

With the GoGeek Plan you will get all the premium features that come with the GrowBig Plan plus the following:

  • 1 Click WordPress staging
  • Less sites per server
  • GIT for WordPress
  • PCI compliant
  • Free on demand backups

The GoGeek Plan would be good for adding WooCommerce to your site because it is PCI compliant.


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Installing WordPress On SiteGround

Once you have chosen which WordPress hosting plan your going to use, you will receive an email with log in instructions.

If this is your first time logging in and getting set up then there is a wizard that will help you.

The SiteGround Wizard will pop up and guide you through the process of setting up your WordPress site or transferring an existing website over as shown below.

The SiteGround Wizard

From here the software would be loaded and now you get started choosing a WordPress theme and adding content.


Who Should Use SiteGround WordPress Hosting

With all the different choices of web hosts out there who would be best suited to use the managed WordPress hosting with SiteGround?

  • Beginners – if you never set up a WordPress website before but you want to get started online, then the easy one click installation of WordPress is very useful. Plus you won’t have to worry about updates because it is all done for you along with keeping your website secure.
  • Intermediate – if you currently have a WordPress website or blog that is generating income and has some decent traffic up to 25,000 on GrowBig or 100,000 on GoGeek should work just fine. If you outgrow these entry level plans then you could jump to cloud hosting or move to a specialized host.
  • Advanced Marketer – if your running a successful blog or affiliate website then your probably getting a ton of traffic and need a lot of storage space. If this is you then there is still the chance that you may be able to use the GoGeek Plan. If not then you would have to jump to the cloud hosting plans which start at $80 per month.


What Are Customers Saying

A good way to get a feel of what to expect with a hosting company is to visit forums and see what some of the current and former customers say about the service.

There will always be some negative reviews, but you can get an idea of what the problems might be if you keep seeing different customers complaining of the same things.

So here is a sampling of what I found for feedback:

Never again will I recommend any other company as my client’s web hosts when speed and specialised support are part of the equation. SiteGround is the best. Period.

From the beginning, I have found Siteground to be the easiest and most reliable experience I’ve ever encountered in web hosting

I have hosted projects on over a dozen different providers and SiteGround wins on all fronts. Value, technology, uptime, performance, support. All leagues ahead of the competition.

So super thrilled with Siteground. I was having some issues with transferring over my entire account from another host and they went above and beyond to make it right.

To be fair there are some negative reviews but very small compared to the amount of customers that they have. Plus the few complaints that I could find seemed to based around user problems versus the company’s services.

So if your considering becoming a SiteGround customer you should keep in mind the overwhelming amount of positive reviews and feedback from former customers.


Things To Keep In Mind

When it comes to hosting your website looking for the cheapest price isn’t the best idea.

At some point your going to need support whether its because of something that you did or the web host is having problems on their end.

You want to be able to get a hold of someone and get answers quickly.

This is where a lot of the budget hosts cut costs. They don’t have the support resources and that can put you in a situation where your losing money because your website is down.

So buy the best hosting that you can afford.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most hosts offer introductory prices, so what you pay for may only be for a certain period of time.

The SiteGround hosting plans shown above are just that. You pay for at least one year up front to get those prices and then after the year is up they go back to the regular prices.



So lets go over why you should consider using the SiteGround WordPress hosting and the advantages.

Support – whenever you find positive SiteGround reviews online a large percentage mention the outstanding support and knowledge that the techs have. Not only that but they are knowledgeable in WordPress as well which is a big help when your site isn’t working correctly.

Low Introductory Pricing – their WordPress hosting pricing is as low as other hosts regular shared hosting prices, so that makes it a great deal. If you can afford to buy 1 or more years to lock in the price then it will be worth it.

Free Transfers – if your hosting your WordPress site at another host and would like to transfer it to SiteGround then they will help you do it at no cost.

One Click WordPress Install – this is a feature that makes WordPress so appealing. With just a click of a button your WordPress website will be live on the web. There will be other small adjustments and setting that need be made but the software will be loaded and ready. Its that simple.

Automatic WordPress Updates – its nice to know that your always running on the newest version of the software. Having the SiteGround managed WordPress hosting will give you piece of mind because all the updates are done behind the scenes so you don’t need to mess with it yourself.


Final Thoughts

SiteGround WordPress hosting is setting the bar for others to follow after. They offer some competitively priced plans with great features and the customer service to back it up.

The feedback from their customers is evidence of the kind of company that they are.

That is why they are my back up web hosting company if I ever need to switch from where I am currently hosting my WordPress sites.


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