Should You Trust Social Media Marketing? ( Waste of Time?)

Social media marketing has taken the web by storm and many people have fallen in the trap of trying to run their whole online business using it.

Its great because it doesn’t cost anything and its possible to get some decent traffic from it.

But there are many reasons not to base your online business just on this type of marketing.

Keep reading…….


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What Are The Different Types Of Social Media Platforms

There are many different platforms to consider as an online marketer or business owner.

Not all of them work the same way.

Some are more image based while others offer more ways to actually interact and engage with other members

Some also cater more to specific demographics and may not appeal to your specific niche.

So lets take a look at some of the more popular social media networks used by marketers and the problems encountered.



One of the first social media platforms to hit was Facebook.

Their growth was astronomical and people were signing without hesitation so that they could connect with their friends and relatives.

Over time as the platform grew Facebook had to come up with a way to take advantage of its traffic and turn it into income.

They allowed marketers and online business owners the opportunity to set up their own pages.

These pages could be used to advertise their business and post information as well.

Many of us jumped on this opportunity because it was free.

It offered another way to get some free traffic and try and turn it into income.

For me it meant driving traffic from my Facebook page to my blog.

While other marketers used their Facebook pages to post affiliate links and drive traffic directly to products and services for sale.


Reality Strikes

I was never a fan of social media do to the fact that they mine all your information whether you like it or not.

So I didn’t initially jump on the bandwagon when it came to setting up a Facebook page.

But after a while of being told that I need one I took the leap and set one up and started promoting my blog posts.

One day I logged in to post and my Facebook page had a warning that it had been unpublished.


I did a video on it explaining my thoughts.

They didn’t give a specific reason other than to say I violated their terms of service.

I appealed but it stayed blocked because I couldn’t fix the problem without actually knowing what I did wrong.

For me this was the last straw.

I decided that it was a waste of time to spend the energy on a platform that you can’t control.

Facebook is in full control and if they want to shut you down there is nothing you can do.


Others with the same complaint

After doing some research I came across other marketers with the same complaints.

There Facebook pages were deactivated and they were not sure why or where to start looking to fix the problem.

Another successful internet marketer even did a video on his experience with his wife’s 8 year old Facebook page which you can watch below.

So when it comes to trusting social media marketing with Facebook just keep what you have seen here in mind!



Here is another social media platform that has produced good results for some marketers.

Pinterest Social Media Marketing Platform

If you are in the cooking, clothing camping or traveling niches then you know what I mean.

It is a favorite among females and has seen a steady growth over the last few years.

Instead of being a platform where you can send messages and interact with others you instead post pins.

You also create boards that you can save pins to.

Its been called a “visual search engine”.

Visitors see a pin that grabs their attention and click on it.

From there they can be directed to an offer or product that your promoting.


The Problem With Pinterest 

After having my Facebook page unpublished I decided to try Pinterest to see how it worked and if it would be useful.

Would I have a better experience with social media marketing using Pinterest?

I decided to give it a try.

What I found was it was very time consuming and confusing.

I studied different marketers each telling you the best way to get traffic by pinning, re-pinning and making eye catching graphics.

My traffic went from 0 into the 1000 and impressions were increasing as well.

I still didn’t really understand how it worked but I thought I could figure it out.

After a few months of using Pinterest I decided it just wasn’t for me.

It seemed too time consuming trying to get traffic from a platform that I had no control over.

Plus I was seeing other marketers complaining as well because they were seeing a steady decline in visitors compared to previous years.

Pinterest has been tweaking their algorithm because apparently they had been gaming Google in order to bring traffic to their site and Google made adjustments.

A lot of the pins that were ranking high in the search engine had now lost those positions.

Here is an explanation how it effected traffic and why.


Google +

Then we had the Google + social media network that was trying to play catch up to Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Using Google +

I tried using this similar to how I was using Facebook but it just didn’t have the same engagement that I saw on Facebook.

I have to admit though I didn’t put much effort into learning how to make the best of it.

Probably because I was already utilizing 3 to 4 other social media networks and didn’t have the time or energy to figure it out.

Its probably a good thing as well because Google just announced they will be shutting it down.

So even if I could have gotten some benefits from it they would have been short lived.

Once again it comes down to not having control.

You can spend a lot of time and money trying to produce results with social media marketing only to have the rug pulled out from under you when they want to change things or shut down as in the case of Google +.



Twitter is a social media platform I believe is trying to find its way.

In order to grow they need to make money but yet not scare away their users.

I have used Twitter for social media marketing and it has resulted in some traffic and sales.

Mainly because it was easy to automate and the user base was the right demographic for my niche.

But they have been making some adjustments lately and I am not able to reach the same amount of people with my tweets.

They have tweaked their algorithm and now your tweets don’t get seen by as many people as they used to.

Only time will tell what other changes they implement that will make it harder to reach your audience for free.



Currently YouTube is the hottest social media platform for those that are not afraid to get in front of the camera.

Social Media Marketing With YouTube

There are currently marketers running their whole business off of this platform.

One of the biggest benefits for marketers is the ability to put links in the description that directs viewers to products or services so they can make sales.

If your an affiliate marketer this is great.

Your not able to do this on other social media marketing platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest.

I myself have started to use the platform because of the potential as well as the ease of use.

I can do a 10 or 20 minute video and then get it uploaded and live within another 20 minutes which makes it very convenient to pump them out.



Now many of the old timers that have been making YouTube videos for years and earning their income from it have experienced loss of income.

Google changed their policy recently and they are paying out much less in advertising revenue to YouTubers on their channels.

Which brings me back to who is in control?

The answer is Google.

Even though you might be spending your time creating videos and possibly spending money to advertise them ultimately Google is the owner of your videos.

Another big complaint is creators losing their channels.

The possibility is getting your channel completely shut down is real.

This has happened many times to successful channels that had hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers.

If you run a channel that has to do with topics such as marijuana, kids, politics and other touchy subjects you may find your self caught in the cross hairs of Googles terms of service policy.

And guess who always wins?

Here is just one example of what I am talking about below:

YouTube Is Shutting Down Marijuana Channels

This can be a scary aspect of putting all your eggs in one basket.


Use Social Media Marketing As A Tool

If your going to be starting or running a successful online business then you need a good foundation.

In other words you need to be in control of your business.

When you build a website on a platform such as WordPress and you have your own web hosting your in control.

That is part of the foundation.

You can also build an email list as part of your foundation.

A website and email list are what will make you a successful online entrepreneur and give you the foundation needed to grow on which you control.

Then you can choose to do social media marketing on a platform of your choice for additional growth and branding.

Social media in my opinion is only a tool to be used because you don’t own the content that you place on any of these platforms and you have no control over what happens to the content.


Final Thoughts

Social media marketing works for some marketers while others not so much.

From my own experience I can see that a lot of what I have tried really didn’t produce much in the way of traffic to my blog or any increased income.

I am much further ahead creating content and blogging than spending hours making friends and posting images on my social media profiles.

Plus I like the things that I have control over when it comes to my content.

Why create content on a social media platform and give away your rights to it?

If your new to the world of online marketing and looking to get an online business started then its possible with a simple website.

I have done it as well as many others that I know.

Remember start your online business with a foundation and then use social media marketing as a tool.

In the end you will be further ahead!


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12 thoughts on “Should You Trust Social Media Marketing? ( Waste of Time?)”

  1. You are right. Social media traffic is not always the best option. It depends on the business but generally, Facebook was very good in the beginning and now you can only get a decent amount of traffic from Facebook if you advertise on their platform. Google is also shutting down the Google +.

    For me, the best traffic method is still organic searches coming mostly from google and bing. Thanks.

    • I never got much out of Google + when I was using it but then again I didn’t put much effort into it either.

      So seeing it being discontinued doesn’t bother me.

      Now YouTube seems to be the big social media outlet and I have even seen others call it the “new blogging”.

      I think somewhere down the line the creators using this platform are going to be disappointed when Google starts to make changes that effect their business.

      Its only a matter of time.


  2. I had similar experiences using social media for marketing and found that it was time consuming and getting eyeballs to your posts is very difficult unless you promote your post using their ad platforms. I still think the best way to get exposure is through a website or blog utilizing content marketing and organic search engine traffic as you suggest. Thanks

    • I just don’t trust any social media platform enough to build my whole business on it.

      I have seen too many marketers get their YouTube channels or Facebook pages shut down.

      Pretty scary if you ask me.

      You spend all that time building them up and then one day it can all be gone in an instant.

  3. Hey Chris! Excellent article. I don’t like social media. Never really managed to succeed in using it for my goals. But I do know it works, because a lot of marketers are using it.

    I should really make the time to invest more in this. Lately I got a notification from Facebook that they will unpublish my page, because I haven’t put anything on it for quite some time. So what do I do, I put something on and then I stop again…

    • I have seen others talk about how the reach of Facebook Pages has decreased because Facebook wants you to spend money on ads instead.

      I just checked and my page is gone now.

      Currently the only social media I am doing is YouTube. I feel it offers more upside at this point than the other options.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story about Facebook. I know how it can be, even though I only experienced a small setback. They banned me from posting, though it was for a short period like a few weeks. Without even notifying me, I just realised one day that I couldn’t do any posting in my groups. And after digging around, I came to realise that they put a quota on the number of links you can place in your posts. These are not affiliate links at all. They are legitimate, authority websites that I was trying to point people to, to get more information. 

    So yeah, I totally understand how the way they do things can put us at their mercy, and we should avoid relying solely on social media for our marketing. Your strategy to use content and blogging as your solid foundation is the way to go, with social media just as a tool to support your blogging efforts. 

    • At this point I have pretty much abandoned social media marketing on all the platforms other than YouTube.

      I find YouTube has more potential at least at this point in time and it doesn’t take much effort to create videos.

  5. Hello there, 

    Social medias can be an amazing tool to spread Your website’s content and share it with the rest of the world, but just like with any other tool, a person has to have knwodledge on how to use it correctly to maximize its results. Using social medias can be overwhelming especially for new comers, but thankfully Your article does a great job of providing informative descriptions about each social platform and tips on how to use them more efficiently. My favourites have to be Twitter and Google+, as they are very user-friendly, straight-forward and don’t require so much learning. Also, sharing Your website posts on Google+ can help You in achieving better google rankings more than any other platform from what I’ve heard, is it correct statement?  Also, twitter is insanely popular which makes it so effective at reaching out to different huge niche audiences, and people can access and use it everywhere on the go easily, which is a very big advantage. All in all, Thanks for the great article and keep up the good work šŸ˜‰

    • If I had to choose one of the social media marketing platforms to use it would be Twitter.

      It fits my audience plus its easy to automate the posting tasks using services such as Buffer and Hootsuite which is a big time saver.

      But they are all trying to keep the users on their platforms and constantly changing the rules so you never know what is going to happen.

  6. The problem I see with people who put all their eggs in one basket is all of the constant changes that each platform goes through.  We’ve seen it now with Google+ shutting down and before that, Pinterest and banned all affiliate links.  So if you’re basing your entire business on one platform, if something were to ulter, you would be shut down with it.  That’s why i strongly agree with you that the best thing to do is to always rely on organic traffic.  If you’re doing things correctly and writing great content constantly, your business should never be effected too badly.

    • Good points Nicki those are the exact same things that I had experienced.

      It takes a lot of time to build up a following on social media but at a moments notice they can change things and your business can take a hit or be gone overnight.

      I like to do content marketing with a blog as the foundation of my business and use social media as a way to get some extra traffic.


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