Should You Become A Herbalife Distributor? Good Opportunity?

You care about your health and your looking for a good opportunity to work from home with your own business. 

So your asking yourself whether or not you should become a Herbalife distributor as so many others have done?

Being one of the bigger mlm companies with a well known name can offer an independent distributor instant credibility.

But there are things to consider before you jump into this business opportunity and I will shed some light on them in this review.

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The Herbalife Business Opportunity

Everyone wants to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

But most of us live busy lifestyles and we don’t necessarily eat right or consume the best foods.

So we resort to taking supplements as a way to get what we need.

This opens the door to companies such as Herbalife that have the products that are appealing to health conscience consumers like you and I.

Plus they also combine it with a business opportunity where you can make money promoting the products your using.

Sounds like a winning situation.

I have done reviews on other similar mlm companies including Usana, Young Living and Isagenix.

You get your health requirement met and you get to earn some money with the possibility of becoming financially free.


How Does The Opportunity Work

There are a couple different ways of selling Herbalife as an independent distributor.

  • Retail 
  • Recruiting

>> Retail

As a distributor you buy products at a discount and sell them at the suggested retail price pocketing the difference as your profit.

So if you bought a diet product at $20 and sell it at $25 you make a $5 profit as an example.

Pretty straight forward.

Naturally your going to be approaching family and friends as well as everyone else you come in contact with and letting them know about the products.

>> Recruiting Others

The company uses the mlm business model where you recruit other people and earn commissions from their sales.

The more people that your able to recruit the more money that you can make.

Because with mlm companies your downlines will have multiple levels to earn from.

So not only can you make money from the people that you directly recruited into the company but you also get to earn on the people that your recruits have brought in.


The Products

The Herbalife products span a number of different categories with weight loss probably being their most popular.

Below are some of them:

  • Weigh loss
  • Protein powders
  • Probiotics
  • Energy enhancers
  • Skin & hair care

As with most network marketing companies the products pricing is going to be higher than those of similar products from non mlm companies.


 The Compensation Plan

Herbalife Compensation Plan Chart

The Herbalife compensation plan spans different levels and there are 6 different ways to make money with this opportunity.

  • Retail 
  • Wholesale
  • Royalties
  • Monthly bonuses
  • Annual bonuses 
  • Promotions

When you start out your locked at the 25% discount as a distributor but as you move up in volume and rank you will get bigger discounts of 35% to 50%.

Make 5% commissions on your downline levels 1 through 3.


Is The HerbalLife Business Model For You

One thing that usually entices people to join an mlm is the opportunity to earn a passive income from the sales of people that they recruit.

You start thinking to yourself that if I get a bunch of people sponsored over time I could end up making some serious money.

And yes there are some distributors that do well selling Herbalife products.

What is their secret?

They know how to connect with people which gives them a foot in the door to talk about the opportunity and then they know how to train their recruits.

See there is more to mlm than just recruiting people.

You also need to be able to teach people how to duplicate the process.

In other words you have to know how to attract and train.

If you are afraid to get out there and network with others or promote yourself as well as the opportunity then your going to have a hard time making money with Herbalife.

MLM is not for keyboard warriors.


Success Rate Of Distributors

In this day and age where the internet plays such a big part of our lives people want to use it as a way to market these types mlm’s.

This is probably the biggest reason why so few of the distributors are successful promoting the products and opportunity.

They hide behind their keyboard hoping to get people signing up from social media and forums around the web.

Check out the chart below taken from the website:

Herbalife Distributor Earnings Chart

These are some pretty scary looking numbers.

It just goes to show how hard it is to make money with Herbalife as a distributor.

Especially in your first year.

Half of the first year distributors only make $95 but less than $740.


Is Herbalife A Pyramid Scheme

Not too long ago the company came under scrutiny from Bill Ackman who is a successful hedge fund manager.

He believed that the company was a pyramid scheme because the majority of the business model focused on recruiting people versus actually selling products.

Typically most mlm’s straddle a fine line between being legit and illegitimate. 

This caught the attention of other high profile investors who believed the company was legit.

There was a lot of back and forth allegations between the company, Bill Ackman and the investors that were for the company.

Then the FTC got involved probably due to all the attention that was brought on by this public dispute.

It was ruled that Herbalife was a pyramid scheme and they had to reimburse their distributors.

The company ended up shelling out $200 million dollars to settle.



There are some things that you will need to consider if you want to become a Herbalife distributor.

For one are you the type of person that is outgoing and able to spark up conversation with just about anyone?

This is an important question.

The business model of mlm is best marketed in person on a one on one basis.

This how you build a successful downline that is going to make you money.

Another important question to ask yourself is do you believe enough in the products to buy and stock them?

This is going to be an expensive investment.

Personally I have found that most mlm companies have over priced products and little opportunity.

The recruiting game is tough and very few people are able to master enough to make any money.

This is one of the reasons that I passed up the Herbalife opportunity and decided to try affiliate marketing instead.

I rather not have to recruit others or stock inventory.


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