Should I Sell Arbonne? The Truth Consultants Need!

You may be asking yourself “should I sell Arbonne?” If your looking to help people stay healthy, then this business opportunity might be what your looking for.

As an independent consultant you will have a chance to make money selling skin care and wellness products.

But there is some rumblings in the industry regarding marketing tactics.

Find out the truth about consultants and if the opportunity is actually a pyramid scheme?

I will go over the pros and cons, start up cost and how much you can make. Check out my review to see if its the right opportunity for you?

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What Is Arbonne – Company

Arbonne Business Opportunity Selling Skin Care Products

The company sells health and wellness products by way of the MLM business model through independent consultants. They have a world wide presence with locations in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Poland and New Zealand.

They pride themselves on using only the best ingredients that are botanically based. The focus has been on skin care products but they have diversified including cosmetics, anti-aging, body care and a selection wellness products.

Instead of opening retail locations, the company decided to sell by MLM otherwise known as network marketing. By using independent consultants, they were able to keep the overhead down and grow the business into what it is today.

Some of their competitors include Usana, Isagenix and Advocare.


There are 4 main categories of products for consultants to sell. They are skincare, bath & body, makeup and nutrition.

Arbonne Products

So why would you want to sell Arbonne products as a consultant? Going by the companies mantra, they only use natural ingredients that have been scientifically tested. These ingredients are said to be derived from plants making them a safe alternative to man made engineered ingredients.

Below are an example of some of the products and pricing:

  • Thermal Fusion Hair & Scalp Revitalizer cost $32.50 for 2.4oz
  • Daily Self Adjusting Shampoo With Tea Oil cost $32.00 for 16oz.
  • Rescue and Renew Detox Mask cost $44.00 for 5oz.
  • Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme cost $24.00 for 4oz.
  • Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF15 Sunscreen cost $44.00 for 1oz.
  • Vanilla Protein Shake Mix cost $76.00 for 30 day supply

As you can see, the products are quite expensive for the small sizes you get.

Can You Make Money Selling Arbonne

It is an established company with 27 years of experience under its belt. So they have a system for consultants to follow. It is in their best interest to have their consultants that sell Arbonne succeed.

Consultants looking to make money selling skincare and wellness products could do well with this opportunity by finding the right buyers. If your friends and family are shopping at Walmart for their needs, your probably wasting time trying to make money with them.

The costs are quite expensive thus the reason the company is able to pay out big commissions.

With the right business plan, target audience and high prices of the products it is very possible to make money with this opportunity.

Should You Become An Arbonne Independent Consultant

For anyone looking to make a side income or maybe full time income, the Arbonne business opportunity provides a way to start with an established company.

Being an MLM company you can make money by hosting parties as well as recruiting others and have them become independent consultants in your down line where you get a commission on their sales.

You can start out as just a consultant and progress up the ranks as follows:

  • Consultant
  • District Manager
  • Executive District Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Executive Area Manager
  • Regional Vice President
  • Executive Regional Vice President
  • National Vice President
  • Executive National Vice President

As you can see there are quite a few levels that can be achieved when you become Arbonne consultant.


The compensation plan for the independent consultants is fairly extensive.  With all the different levels (9 total) I would need a blog post dedicated to going over it. So I will just keep it simple here.

A independent consultant will earn the following:

  • 35% profit on their personal sales
  • 15% profit on preferred clients

There is also the opportunity to be qualified for other specials and incentives.

Team Building

Now if your looking to take your business to the next level, then recruiting others into the business opportunity will earn you more commissions. Not only that but they are residual as long as the person you sponsored keeps selling.

Consultants with a down line will earn 6% commissions from their team members.

In order to qualify for the 6% commission on your down line, the consultant must meet a personal volume requirement of 500.

How To Get Started?

Now if this is the business opportunity that you want to pursue, getting started selling Arbonne is a simple process.

First you must complete a independent consultant application and agreement. No need to worry, your not going to be denied the chance to become a consultant.

The Arbonne Consultant Starter Kit

Next lets take a look at what it costs to become an Arbonne consultant.

You will need to purchase a Arbonne Consultant Starter Kit. The cost for the starter kit is going to be $79 and includes  everything you will need to get up and running:

  • Welcome CD
  • Workbook for achieving business success
  • Benefits and specials flyers
  • Forms and brochures for recruiting
  • Product catalog and order forms
  • Manual explaining opportunity and compensation

The starter kit also comes with samples of their RE9 line. If you want to promote the different categories of products, the you get a 50% off discount on the Success Packs.

It should also be noted that there is a yearly $30 renewal fee in order to stay active as a consultant.


The Truth About Arbonne Consultants

The reality is that MLM is a hard road to take when it comes to starting a business for yourself.

Especially when it comes to selling cosmetics and nutritional products.

Consultants typically make little if any money after buying products and other expenses.

The only Arbonne consultants that have any success are the ones that put sales before everything else.

I found an example on a forum that illustrates what I am talking below.

Arbonne and The Truth About Consultants

Unfortunately that is the reality of mlm and if your not sales driven then your probably going to have a hard time making any money with the company.


Pros and Cons

So maybe your not sure whether you should pursue this opportunity and if the selling these types of products are something you would be good at.

Lets go over some of the good and bad things about this business opportunity.

Pros- the good stuff

  • Established company
  • Good selection of products
  • Good compensation plan
  • Low start up cost

Cons – not so good stuff

  • Yearly renewal feee
  • Expensive products
  • Need to meet monthly quota ($150) to receive commissions

Final Thoughts

The skin care industry is a massive market driven by women that want to look their best and keep their skin looking young and nourished.

This creates the opportunity for ordinary people to start their own businesses with products that are in demand. Who wouldn’t want to get a piece of the pie and sell skin care products in a billion dollar a year market.

The problem is when something is demand, there will strong competition in the industry for those products. To get a piece of the pie and make some money, you have to be in the top 5% of consultants to do it.

The companies strategy to use MLM as their  business model grew them to a massive leader in the industry. The fact is that the MLM seems pretty simple, sign up others and make money from their sales.

Unfortunately for the many that became an Arbonne independent consultant, the opportunity is harder than most realize. So the success rate is low for consultants that actually make money with the company.

That is why I prefer affiliate marketing over mlm. You get more control over the products you sell without having to deal with autoships and recruiting others.

So if your considering joining the thousands of other Arbonne consultants in the market after looking at the pros and cons, plan on working your butt off for years before you see any benefits of your labor! Hopefully you enjoyed my review.

Check out how I learned to work from home here.

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13 thoughts on “Should I Sell Arbonne? The Truth Consultants Need!”

  1. So I enjoyed the balancing act in your review. There are somethings that are not accurate. For example, in the starter package you do receive sample products, 20-7pc trial size packs of the flagship RE9 line, as well as 20 catalogues. As a consultant, you are not rushed into developing a personal kit because your sponsor or upline provides all of your materials until you are ready (whether financial or professionally). Also, the consultant levels are not required to be achieved linearly and I know of many who skip levels. Finally, you do not have to be a top 5% consultant in the company to earn life changing money. My sponsor is a regional Vice President and far from being amongst the top 5% but is still only a consultant and is able to retire her husband with only the income she earns as a consultant. In no way am I saying MLM is for everyone, however, it is a profession, and just like any other profession you just educate and train. Many people who join MLMs do not appreciate that and this is highlighted by their lack of progression. Just thought I’d clear up some things.

    • Thanks for commenting Shamyka.

      I fixed the article and included the RE9 samples in the starter kit.

      If your sponsor is a regional vice president then they are definitely within the top 5% of earners with the company. You can check out the income disclosure.

      About 2% of the Arbonne consultants are regional vice presidents.

      It is a business and yes most people that get involved with a mlm company fail because they think all you need to do is sign and start making money.

      The biggest problem I have with the business model is the pricing of the products. You can always find a similar product for less at a local retailer or health food store.

      If your happy selling Arbonne and you believe in it then you may be one of the few that are successful.

  2. Hi Chris! I appreciate your review of our company. I just wanted to let you know that I have been in the business for four years and yes you do have to work to make money but that is like any job. People fail in business when they don’t work. That’s definitely not a reflection on the company or any company for that matter. I am a Regional Vice President and I have someone promoting to the RVP level this month and two others that are right behind her! At the RVP level it is life-changing money and even at the Area Manager level it is a full-time income. Another thing is that the $30 fee to be a consultant every year can be waived if you place an order …. so really it’s not a con in my book. And Arbonne is a 38 year old company. I appreciate you taking the time to study how Arbonne works.

    • Thanks for the feedback Kristie I am sure there are some Arbonne consultants that are successful with the company such as yourself but overall the majority really don’t make any money.

  3. so can you sell these products on line?

    • Possibly but in order to really have success with Arbonne and the mlm business model in general its better to promote the products on a personal level. Have meetings and recruit others is what its about.

      If you are just looking to sell online then you may want to consider different opportunities that are geared towards online business.

      Checkout my favorite online business here.

    • I am not really a fan of mlm myself but I would like to hear your experiences with the company.

      Your not the first to call Arbonne a pyramid scheme.

  4. Hi, Chris. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading what you said about Arbonne.
    However, I couldn’t get past the incorrect use of “You’re” within the body of the page.
    You’re (you are)
    Your (possessive). Your car etc.
    As a writer myself, I would appreciate such feedback, so please don’t take this as critical.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      I don’t really consider myself a writer to be honest. I just blog about things that interest me.

      Many times you will find spelling errors etc.

      That’s what I love about blogging and affiliate marketing. You don’t need to be a professional to make a living online!

  5. It’s easy to make the your mistake!

    • Fortunately I never signed up as an Arbonne consultant, so no mistakes were made.

  6. Thank you Chris for your informative review of Arbonne. Overall, I think most people fail at any MLM business and Arbonne is no different. Many times the preference is for their independent reps to recruit people vs selling the products. That is where the money can be made. Like any business, you have to put in the work. I appreciate you also correcting your article based on the informative feedback from a commenter.
    Much appreciated,


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