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It seems like some people love Jeremy Schoemaker otherwise known as Shoemoney or hate him. If your not familiar with him, he is a top super affiliate that has made millions of dollars and has been in the marketing game since 2006 when he started his first affiliate marketing website. My Shoemoney review will give you an in depth look at Jeremy and success as a affiliate.

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History – Shoemoney Review

Jeremy wasn’t some straight “A” student with with a 4.0 grade point average in college. As matter a fact, you can say that he had a pretty crappy experience.

As he states on his website, he went to 3 different colleges within a 3 years and only came away with 6 credits. Was it boredom, laziness, or just no interest in getting sucked into the structure thrown at us by society?

Not sure, but as you read on you will discover that this period of time for Jeremy Schoemaker was where he discovered his talents for making money.


Computers and Internet

The one bright spot was his computer background and internet savviness. He had gained experience working with servers, security and some coding of websites.

This led to him starting a gaming website where he sold games for the Macintosh computer.

Which probably contributed to his lack of interest to go through college and get his degree.

He did end up getting jobs though with financial institutions and corporations. Jeremy must have had some talent, because without a degree, how else would he have been able to get jobs like these.


The Dot Com Crash Happens

2001 was the year of the Dot Com crash. This was a wake up call for most online entrepreneurs including Jeremy Schoemaker.

After being canned from his job, he decided to hit the road and move to another state.


Hits Rock Bottom

After moving to Iowa, he ended living with a friend and sleeping on their couch. These weren’t the best of times.

Overweight, smoking like a chimney and in debt up to his eye balls, his future outlook wasn’t looking good.


Shoemoney The Super Affiliate Is Born

It’s 2004 and Jeremy Schoemaker is about to transform himself into a super affiliate.

He starts a starts a website called

His website sells ring tones for different cell phones. The popularity of the website grows in popularity to the point that he is receiving 5 million visitors per month! Can you imagine getting 5 million visitors to your website?


Big Google Adsense Check Arrives!

Jeremy capitalized on the traffic he was receiving to his website by placing Google Adsense ads on the website. Which resulted in a large amount of visitors clicking on them.

So many clicks that he earned $132,994 in a months time! See pic below.

Jeremy Schoemaker Shoemoney Review - Google Adsense Check

The fire has been lit and now Jeremy has gotten a taste of what it was like to receive a fat check of six figures. This is nothing compared to whats to come!


Becomes A Millionaire – ShoeMoney Review

A couple years later in 2007 he partners with another guy and they launch Auction Ads.

This was a service that affiliates could use to place Ebay ads on their website and earn commissions when visitors followed their affiliate links and made a purchase.

After only 4 months of being in operation, a media company made an offer and Jeremy sold his share of Auction Ads for 17 million dollars!

Can you imagine that. Sleeping on someone’s couch to being worth millions of dollars in a couple of years time, but the story continues.

Now here is something cool about this deal that maybe a lot of people don’t know about. After the sale of the company, Jeremy Schoemaker gave each of his employees 1 million dollars.

That right there speaks volumes about this guy. He took care of his employees and changed their lives forever with that big payday.


Millions Of Dollars More For Jeremy Schoemaker

I am sure there were people out there calling Schoemaker lucky with his success, but he will prove them wrong again.

Fast forward to 2012 and Jeremy brings another company to life called Free SEO Report. He ends up selling it for 1 million dollars 6 months after it launches.

He’s not done yet!

In 2013 he launches still another company called PAR (Peoples Acquisition and Retention). After only 3 short years of being in existence, it was sold for 12 million dollars.


Small Accomplishments

So far my Shoemoney review has gone over some of the major financial achievements that Jeremy saw success with, but there are some smaller just important ones as well.

  • 2003 he meets his future wife
  • 2003 launches his blog
  • Launches Elite Retreat
  • He has courses on Udemy
  • Launches Blog Ninja (
  • Raises money for charity

Some of his startups are no longer around and some are. It seems as if he has a knack for picking winners and really creating something of value in a short period of time.


Final Thoughts

After reading my Shoemoney review, I hope you have gained some insight on Jeremy Schoemaker and the way he uses his talents to build companies in the right niches. This super affiliate has made millions of dollars and become one of the most recognized marketers in the world.

You won’t find him driving around in flashy cars or doing videos in a mansion like Tai Lopez! He seems to be a down to earth guy with keen ability create opportunity for himself.

It just goes to show, that if you take the things that your good at and work with your talents anything is possible.


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