What Is The Shareasale Affiliate Network? (Review)

Shareasale is a marketplace where affiliates and merchants come together to grow their businesses. It is one of the oldest affiliate networks and has thousands of different products for affiliates to choose from. The merchant list covers many different categories as well. So if your asking yourself “what is the Shareasale affiliate network”,  then I will go into detail here.

Best of all there is no cost to join. So sit back and lets review this opportunity.

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What Is Shareasale Affiliate Network

The company was started back in 2000 by Brian Littleton.  It has over 3900 merchants that trust the company to manage their affiliate programs spanning many different categories.

So if your a merchant that would like to use affiliate marketing to promote your brand and products, then this is a legit company to build a relationship with. They handle all the tracking and payments to affiliates so the merchant can concentrate on their business.

If your an affiliate and need to find affiliate programs related to your niche, then joining the network will give you access to thousands of different merchants all in one place.


How To Sign Up As A Shareasale Affiliate

Getting started is a simple process and just involves entering some basic information. First though you do need to have a website.

If you don’t have a website then you can set up a free membership here to get started.

First step is to click the link at the top of the homepage that says “affiliate signup” as shown below.

Sign Up As A Shareasale Affiliate

Once in the application process, just fill out the required information and submit.

It may take a couple days to get approved, so just keep checking back.


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How Does Shareasale Work

Once your account is approved then you can browse the different merchants and their offers.

For example, lets search for coffee affiliate programs to see what comes up.

This is done by logging in and clicking the “merchant” link at the top of the page. In the drop down, I then choose “search for merchants” that brings me to another page as shown below.

Search Shareasale Products

On the left side you can pull up a category list. When you click on a specific category a list of merchants is shown.

For this example though, I am searching for affiliate programs related to coffee so as shown above I would use the search box on the top right.

My search has come up with a total of 731 merchants and 156,000 products!

So if your a coffee affiliate the Shareasale merchant list and amount of products can seem overwhelming. The good news is that they can be sorted depending on specifics such as commission rate, earnings per click, relevancy and more.

Here is a video that shows how Shareasale works:


Shareasale List Of Merchants

Many top merchants are listed and as an affiliate you have the potential to promote any that fit in your market niche. Here are just some of the merchants listed on the network:

  • StudioPress
  • Weebly
  • Sears
  • WayFair
  • Costumes4less.com
  • Stella & Dot
  • K&N Filters
  • 3Dcart
  • Gymboree

Now that you have your list of merchants, its time to choose some that you as an affiliate would like to promote.

Each merchant lists the important specifics of their affiliate program. As shown below, here are just some of the aspects that should be considered.

Shareasale Merchant Listing Specifics


At the top it shows the commission paid out for each sale that you refer to the merchant. This specific merchant pays 20%, while others may pay more or less.

Active Since

Its nice to know how long a company has had their affiliate program active. The longer the program has been established the better it has been streamlined and the problems worked out.

Auto Approval

The merchant will list whether or not you are automatically approved. Some merchants want to check out your website and make sure your a good fit for their brand, while others allow anyone to sell their products.

Average Sale and Commission

At the bottom it will show what the average sale when a retail customer purchases along with how much commission an affiliate would receive based on that amount.

Join Button

At the top right is the “Join Program” button, so if you think that you would like to sign up and become an affiliate for this merchant click the button and you will be registered.

Shareasale Categories

Now lets go over some of the categories that you can explore in the marketplace.

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Employment/Jobs
  • Food and Drink
  • Toys
  • Health
  • Military
  • Home and Garden
  • Real Estate

These are just a very small taste of the different categories to explore in the Shareasale Network.


Shareasale Referral Program

You can also make money as an affiliate promoting the Shareasale Affiliate Program.

Merchant referral – You can make money just by getting merchants to sign up. If a merchants signs up and pays the required fees you the affiliate would earn a $150 commission.

Affiliate referral – when you refer an affiliate and they set up an account, then you would earn $1 for the lead.

Shareasale Account

When you first sign up as an affiliate your account will be set at “limited”. Which means you can only join affiliate programs that are pay for sale and pay per lead.

Once you receive your first payment of at least $50, and you have a website with its own domain name then you account would be set to unlimited. You can now apply for any of the different Shareasale affiliate programs listed.

Affiliate Tools

As an affiliate network it is important to help affiliates to be successful and make the most money possible. If the affiliates are successful then the affiliate network will be successful.

Shareasale Affiliate Marketers Toolkit

The Shareasale Affiliate Marketers Toolkit are some added features and plugins to do just that.

Make A Page

The Shareasale affiliate tools include ways to make pages by simply searching using specific keywords. A list of keyword related products will be displayed which an affiliate can add to a page as shown below.

Shareasale Page Builder Tool

Once you have the products that you want to promote, Sharesasale makes it easy to add to your site or blog by giving you the code with the click of a button.

Just cut and paste the code where you want the products to display on your site.

This is a huge convenience because now an affiliate will have products that are up to date. Especially if you have many different merchants and products being promoted on your site.


The DealsBar can be another tool used by any affiliate to increase sales. The bar as shown below will have updated sales information for whatever merchant you have chosen to promote.

This is a WordPress plugin that can be added and uses the Sharesasale API.

Shareasale DealsBar

The best part is that it is updated automatically, so no need to worry about.


There are also recommended plugins for WordPress that can help run and market your affiliate business, but they are not specific Shareasale plugins.

They are just some of the standard ones such as Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, HelloBar and a few others.

How To Get Paid (Affiliates)

First off an affiliate will need to have at least a balance of $50 in their account before Shareasale will release payment.

You then have the choice of getting a check mailed or direct deposit into your bank account.


How Much Does Shareasale Cost

Affiliates – If your an affiliate then the cost is free. Just sign up as shown above and you can browse the different merchants and products.

Merchants – If your a merchant, then the cost will be $550 to get your account set up and then $100 to fund the account in advance. There will also be a transaction fee of 20% plus a monthly minimum payment of $25.

Shareasale Pros and Cons

Now lets point out some and the good about this affiliate network, after all no one is perfect.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Anyone can sign up
  • Huge amount of merchants and products
  • Good Tools
  • Free for affiliates to join

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Don’t use Paypal
  • Some don’t like the way it is organized
  • Account limited when first signing up (affiliates)

Final Thoughts

Shareasale is a legitimate affiliate network with quality merchants and helpful tools. They have a large selection of products for affiliates to promote in just about every category.

A lot of times a new affiliate will have trouble getting accepted to a network, but that is not the case with Shareasale. They accept new affiliates without hesitation! Best of all there is no cost for an affiliate to sign up and get started, so it seems like a no brainer.

In my opinion an affiliate has nothing to lose by signing up for Free and using this valuable resource to grow their business and make money online.

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Shareasale Affiliate Network? (Review)”

  1. You have done an amazing job on this post. Be proud. I am in share a sale and you explained it really well. I also want to mention you did a really good job with the WA link. However I think it might help some if you had WA open in another page. But other than that it was great

    • Thanks Melissa

      I think there are some really good affiliate programs within the ShareASale marketplace and I have just recently joined a couple of my favorites.

      For example I am a fan of StudioPress Themes, so I just joined their affiliate program. 

      I’m glad you liked my ShareASale review and thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hey Chris, your post rocks. Second, I thought about joining Shareasale sometime ago but since my niche is video games and video game tech then the site is of no use to me unfortunately, but it’s a great site nonetheless. So I also read that you have a dropshipping business, I thought about getting into that because I wanted to sell video games and video game tech but I don’t have inventory nor the means to make that happen.
    But, great job with your post. Bravo!

    • Actually I got out of the dropshipping business because it was too time consuming and it wasn’t the lifestyle business that I was trying to achieve.

      That is why I got involved with affiliate marketing.

      It eliminates the headaches that I didn’t want to deal with such as dealing with customers, returns, merchants etc.

      Affiliate marketing is exactly what I was looking for as a business model and I joined ShareAsale to promote some of the different products I found there such as WordPress themes from Genesis and MyThemeShop.


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