Setting Goals Is Important!

To be successful in anything you do you must set goals. Especially if you plan to be an online affiliate marketer.


What Is A Goal?

Are you asking yourself what exactly is a goal? Basically a goal is a challenge to yourself to get something done.

You should have both short term goals and long term goals. Lets go over these two:


Short term goals – these would be part of your daily or weekly things to get accomplished. For example, maybe you needed to

  1. Write a article everyday for your blog
  2. Look for better keywords
  3. Look for a better web host for your website
  4. Test new PPC ads


Long term goals – these would be goals that take months to years to reach. Some examples might be:

  1. Doubling the amount of daily traffic
  2. Increasing your income by 40% to 50%
  3. Getting 1000 subscribers as affiliates
  4. Monetizing 3 or 4 more niches
  5. Retiring with 1 million in the bank!


For me I like to set smaller achievable goals. This way you always feel like you are moving forward and getting things done. Others like to set there goals so that they need to push themselves to the limit to reach them.


Set A Goal Now!

If your just starting out testing the waters with affiliate marketing, then join an affiliate marketing program that will nurture you and build your confidence to reach your goals of becoming online affiliate marketer.


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