Selling Watches Online – Top Watch Affiliate Programs For Profit!

If your an affiliate looking to start selling watches online then there are some great watch affiliate programs that you can sign up for to start earning some profit.

As an affiliate you can earn some big commissions selling some of the top brands of watches in the industry such as Apple Watches, Rolex Watches and Tag Heuer Watches just to name a few.

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Advantages Of Selling Watches Online With Affiliate Marketing

If your in the business of selling things to earn a living then selling high ticket items can be very lucrative.

Especially when it comes to high end jewelry such as watches.

One of the disadvantages you would run into though is the cost of inventory as well as what items to stock?

Do you have $1,000’s to invest?

Don’t worry as a watch affiliate there is no need to stock inventory or worry about choosing the wrong sku’s.

When you sign up for a watch affiliate program your basically getting permission to promote a companies products to earn commissions from referrals.

Here are the advantages in a nutshell:

  • No inventory needed
  • Don’t have to deal with customers
  • No returns to worry about
  • Work on your own schedule
  • Completely web based

So lets take a look at possible merchants that you might be interested in working with to get your online watch business started!


KnifeArt Affiliate Program

KnifeArt Watch Affiliate Program

KnifeArt has a selection of new watches for those looking for the military style.

Features included:

  • Mill spec
  • Waterproof
  • Steel housings
  • Swiss quartz movements

Although they are not exclusively a watch seller they do carry a quality brand made by Traser.

Currently there is about 7 sku’s available with most costing between $400 to $700.

Sign up: ShareASale Affiliate Network

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 30 days


Original Grain Affiliate Program

Original Grain Affiliate Program

Original Grain is a retailer with multiple locations throughout the US that carries some unique watches made from both wood and steel.

As an affiliate you would have the opportunity to not only sell quality watches but also unique designs not seen elsewhere.

They carry watches for both men and women in different styles including, military, sports and minimalist.

Sign up: ShareASale Affiliate Network

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 30 Days


Bob’s Watches Affiliate Program

Bob's Watches Affiliate Program

Bob’s Watches is a retailer that sells used luxury watches.

Some of the brands they stock are:

  • Rolex
  • Tag Heuer
  • Breitling
  • Cartier
  • Tudor

These watches cost $1,000’s of dollars and can bring in some huge commissions for the affiliate that learns how to promote these to upscale buyers.

Watch affiliate programs for major brand names are usually run through affiliate networks.

But Bob’s Watches keeps theirs in house so you can sign up on their website.

Sign up:

Commission: 4%

Cookie: 14 Days


Fossil Watches Affiliate Program

Fossil Watches Affiliate Program

Fossil is a popular brand of jewelry and watches.

They manufacture watches for both men and women that come in many different styles.

They are reasonably priced which makes them a good sellers as well.

With hundreds of retail outlets and a popular e-commerce website you will be promoting and earning commissions from an established brand.

Sign up: CJ Affiliate Network

Commission: up to 17%

Cookie: 1 Day


Ashford Watches Affiliate Program

Ashford Watch Affiliate Program

Ashford is a retailer of both new and certified pre-owned watches for men and women.

Some of the brand names they carry are:

  • Rolex
  • Breitling
  • Seiko
  • Armand Nicolet
  • Coach

Price ranges of their products go from just under $100 to well over $7000!

Sign up: CJ Affiliate Network

Commission: 6%

Cookie: 45 Days Affiliate Program Affiliate Program has a wide selection of both men’s and women’s that cover the spectrum of styles and price ranges.

As an affiliate you will have access to:

  • Rolex
  • Movado
  • Cartier
  • Omega
  • Breitling
  • Tag Heuer
  • Bell & Ross

You will be selling watches from a family owned company that has been around for over 40 years.

Sign up: CJ Affiliate Network

Commission: 2%

Cookie: 14 Days


How To Take Advantage Of All These Watch Affiliate Programs

If your niche is jewelry and more specifically selling watches online then you want to build a solid foundation.

It all starts with your web presence.

More specifically you should build a website that has all the content needed to educate potential customers on which watch would meet their needs.

More importantly though you should narrow down who your target audience is before you start building your website.

For example luxury watch buyers will be looking for such brands as Rolex, Breitling or Tag Heuer.

So your website and content should be focused on these types of higher end buyers.

If you plan to sell watches that appeal to a wider audience that are more economically priced such as Fossil Watches then your website should have content specifically targeted to these potential buyers.

Don’t try to cover all the bases from low end to high end watches otherwise your not going to see much success.

Most successful affiliates have learned this over time.

You need to know who your customer is by focusing specifically on a segment of the niche.


Affiliate Marketing Tools

Once you have figured out what segment of watch buyers you plan to target its time to get your website up on the web.

A large percentage of affiliates build their websites using WordPress.

The benefits are that the software is open source and free.

All you need is a web host and you can get it set up with a click of a button.

The next thing that you should have is an email list.

Once you have started adding content to your website and there is traffic you’ll want to start building your list.

Both a website and email list are things that you have control over in your online business.

Next its a good idea to choose a social media channel such as Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

There are others as well but its best to just focus on one especially in the beginning.

Build your social media presence and funnel your traffic to your website and email list.

That is the basic outline of how you would go about selling watches online as an affiliate blogger.


Final Thoughts

There are a number of different watch affiliate programs that you could take advantage of.

This gives an affiliate many options when starting their business.

If you are already selling jewelry online then it would be easy to sign and add more programs to your current list.

If your new to affiliate marketing and would like to learn more about the business model and all the different affiliate programs out there then its a good idea to get the right training.

I learned step by step myself how to build websites and write content that attracts customers.

The process is simple but affiliate marketing does take some hard work and patience in order to start seeing some results.

That is why its important to get the right tools and training from the start.

If your ready to get your online business started today and become a successful affiliate marketer then check out this free course.

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