Is Selling Tupperware Worth It?

Tupperware is one of those MLM companies that has been around for years. If your looking for a work from home business you may be considering the consultant opportunity they offer. Why not? Everyone knows the name and the quality of their products have stood the test of time.

There are some things to consider though and I will review the business opportunity. I will go over the pros and cons to see what the good and bad are. After doing so many mlm company reviews it is easy to determine the potential here.

Can you make money selling Tupperware and earn a real income as a consultant?

Let’s find out…


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Tupperware MLM Business Model

Multi Level Marketing also known as MLM is a way companies and manufacturers use to sell products directly to consumers.

They are one of the many mlm’s that use home parties to sell their products. Other such companies include Avon, Pampered Chef and Mary Kay.

This is a hands on approach where the consultants representing the company can interact with customers and show them the benefits and selling points of the products.

This proved to be the best way to sell Tupperware as the founder Earl Tupper discovered back in 1946.

Although he had something that the majority of people could use to store their food easily and simplify their lives, without the use of consultants his sales would suffer.

Later I will explore whether selling food containers by multi level marketing has become an outdated business model and if there is a better way to work from home with more opportunity to earn income.

The Company

TW has a worldwide footprint being sold in more tan 100 countries such as Africa, Mexico, China, Brazil and Canada.

There are close to 2 million Tupperware consultants marketing the products.

They are seeing increased growth in emerging markets and have annual worldwide sales of over 2 billion dollars.

They expect sales growth of 2% to 3% this year reported on Nasdaq.

How To Start A Tupperware Business

Before jumping in and becoming a consultant its good to plan ahead and make sure that the Tupperware business is going to be something that you will enjoy doing.

You will have to dedicate a certain amount of time to getting your business started and established.

Everyone needs good quality food storage containers, so there is a demand for the products. How much money can be made selling food containers to the end consumer will depend on a consultants efforts.

Starter Kit

To get started as a consultant there is a $99 starter kit that needs to be purchased as shown below.  If you purchase your Tupperware starter kit through another consultant, then there is the option to make 2 payments instead of the whole $99 upfront.

Tupperware Starter Kit

This will offer the chance to start selling, letting your friends and family know what you have to offer.

Eventually as a little time goes by, a consultant will want to buy more products and add them to the starter kit. The more samples shown the better the chance of getting more orders.

How To Sell Tupperware

There are a few main ways of selling TW, but of course using creativity is what separates the top consultants from those that aren’t making any money.

The three main ways are:

  • Hosted Party – have a family member or someone you know host a party at their house. They would invite as many friends as would be interested in coming.

The person that hosted the party has the possibility of earning free products depending on the sales volume, while the Tupperware consultant would earn their commissions.

  • Online Party – is another way to sell, but instead of having a physical hosted party it would be done by directing those interested to a website on a specific date and times.

This might be a good option if for buyers that are too busy, but could do at more convienent hours.

  • Fundraisers – great way to sell brand name products for a good cause. Churches and schools events can be a great way to raise money as well as marketing for your Tupperware business.
  • Tupperware Blog – another way to market your business would be to start a blog to talk about related topics. Such as different foods, cooking and maybe events where you could show the benefits of using Tupperware in everyday life. Also a great way to make connections with locals in your area.

Can You Make Money Selling Tupperware

Ok so you love the products and feel good about a getting involved with a company that has been established as a leader in the food storage market.

But let’s be honest, your main motivation is to make money.

So let’s take a look at the compensation plan to see how much money can you make selling Tupperware.

Compensation Plan

There are a couple ways that a consultant can make money with this business opportunity.

  • Personal Sales – as a consultant whenever you sell a product directly to the buyer it is considered a personal sale.

Consultants will earn 25%  based on the of amount of products sold.

Tupperware Commission Chart

The chart above shows an example of the potential if doing hosted parties. Consultants can use other ways of making money selling Tupperware as well such as door to door, mall kiosks, selling on Ebay or whatever you can think of .

  • Recruiting – as a multi level marketing company, consultants can earn on the sales of other consultants that they have sponsored into the opportunity.

This is a more passive approach because once you help and train a new consultant to generate sales, you have the potential to make money without doing the direct retail selling.

Tupperware Commission Levels Chart

As a consultant there is an opportunity to earn up to 10% more plus bonuses by moving up the different levels within the MLM structure the company has set up.

A consultant would need to become a manager and then a director to reach the levels needed to make a substantial income.

So trying to figure out how much money you can make selling Tupperware will really depend on the consultant themselves and how active they are at recruiting new team mates.


There is no doubt that TW has great products but there will be competitors that consultants have to deal with. Such companies as Rubbermaid, Joseph and Joseph, OXO and Clever Container are just a few that also sell food container storage.

Retail stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and outlet stores also sell the products.

You will also find products listed on Ebay and Amazon, which makes it consultant vs consultant creating low ball pricing.

Selling Tupperware On Ebay

Tupperware sales have been taking a hit these last few years and it doesn’t appear that things are going to be changing any time soon.

Personally I wouldn’t want to be starting up with a company that is on a downward trend when it comes to sales.

I believe this is due to the competition.

Plus consumers doing more of their shopping online where they have access to the other brands that I mentioned above.

Its only inevitable that they are going to have lower sales unless they can make some changes in their business model.

Should I Sell Tupperware

By now your probably asking yourself if this is the business opportunity for you?

Although some consider it a home business, the reality is that in order to earn a real income with this business consultants will have the most success hosting parties, signing up new consultants and other creative methods outside the home.

So if your a stay at home mom or dad looking for a way to start a Tupperware business while taking care of younger kids it can be challenging.

I know the challenges that’s why I started an affiliate marketing business, which offers better flexibility and income potential.

Before jumping in and signing up as a consultant think about how much time you can realistically dedicate to get the business started.

Do You Have Sales Skills

Another aspect of business that tends to get overlooked nowadays is the actual process of selling products and services.

The most successful people in any business whether it be a home based or MLM have the ability to win the trust of their customers which rewards them with sales.

As a consultant selling Tupperware your ability to earn trust will translate into more sales and more money.

Tupperware Pros and Cons

Ok so maybe your on the fence as to whether or not this is the business for you. Lets take a look at the good and the bad of this business opportunity.

See what stands out that will help you make a decision.

Pros (the good stuff)

  • Established 69 Years Old Company
  • Quality Products
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Everyone Needs Food Storage Containers

Cons (not so good stuff)

  • Hosting Parties Can Get Old
  • Recruiting Others
  • Competition From Other Brands and Consultants
  • Must Sell A Lot Of Product To Earn Income

The pros and cons of selling Tupperware are no different than most other MLM’s. Typically the same types of benefits attract people into the programs, but lack of team building skills and time to host parties ultimately ends the consultants business.

How Much Do Tupperware Consultants Earn

When you look at joining a MLM business it always looks easy on paper.

Just sign up and purchase a starter kit, host 1 party a week and recruit others to earn a passive income. In reality things don’t work that way and most Tupperware consultants earn very little.

Looking at the Canadian income disclosure below from 2016, you can see basically 47% didn’t do anything with the opportunity while 49% only made about $485.00 for the year.

Tupperware Consultants Earnings


Both consultants and the company face challenges when it comes to selling products and making money.

Tupperware consultants selling food storage containers have to compete in the market with others. Some competitors  are brick and mortar giants such as Target and Walmart, online stores and cheap brands from other markets around the world.

Business Model

Back when the company started the business was perfect for the times.

Now things have changed with heavy retail competition and online shopping from sites like Amazon make it easy to for consumers to buy food storage containers.

Another factor is that most MLM companies sell products like consumables that need to be ordered monthly. For example Avon for cosmetics, 4Life nutritionals and 5Linx telecommunication services.

Once you buy a food container there is no need to purchase another for years, so consultants have to continually find new customers.

So most likely if you were to ask any consultant “how much do you make selling Tupperware” the answer is probably going to be disappointing.

Final Thoughts

Tupperware is a great company that sells quality products. They offer a business opportunity to partner with them as a consultant selling Tupperware products.

Unfortunately a consultant would have to sell a boat load of food containers to really make any money, even with the good commissions. The competition with other brands and consultants will make this an uphill battle which is proven by the disclosure shown above.

Can you be that 1% to 2% of consultants that actually earns any income?

Only you can answer that question.

Personally I like working from home with no headaches from customers, inventory or having to recruit people.

I can choose from millions of different products to sell in a number of different categories.

Instead of using the mlm business model I decided to try affiliate marketing instead which has more options when it comes to being able to work from home.

And it all started with my #1 pick here.

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10 thoughts on “Is Selling Tupperware Worth It?”

  1. Awesome review! Thanks for breaking this down. I haven’t had a particular interest in Tupperware, but I’ve been intrigued by MLM in general, and you helped me to understand it.

    My attention was brought to Amway by a friend of mine who is involved with it. Like you say, it just sounds like it has so much less opportunity and upside than affiliate marketing.

    • Hey Jordan thanks for commenting!

      I myself am not a fan of MLM companies, but Tupperware is as legit as they come.

      The problem with these older mlm companies is that back in the day selling Tupperware with hosted parties was good but things changed and no longer are people excited about going to these types of gatherings.

      Why go to a hosted party when you can jump on Amazon and get a similar quality product shipped to your door.

  2. Tupperware has been around for so many years this is a business that a lot of people have committed to starting an online business but with the changing of times and the many competition that are out there when it comes to other brands like you say this is an uphill battle so, in the end, the question is it really worth it.

    • hey Norman.

      I agree with you.

      I think back when they got started the business model was all right for the times, Now that you have dual income families running kids there is little time left for a party.

      Plus as you say competition. There are other similar products out there for food storage that you can buy online. It my opinion it just may not be worth selling Tupperware anymore.

  3. Hi there!

    While I appreciate the review as a new Director with Tupperware I do want to state that there is definately money that can be made in this business. The problem truly is that people do not want to dedicate the time needed to reach success! As far as recruiting it’s not a must however you are correct in saying that it is needed to advance on titles to earn more profits. I have been in this business just under 2 years now and prior to signing up I would have never considered myself a selling type of person! I watched videos on how to have parties did my research on different ways to help boost my business! Yes it is an amazingly great product backed by a lifetime warranty and that is what separates us from the others selling food storage containers! I think people would be surprised at the interest that continues for parties . I personally have a 10+ party roll every month! From those parties is where I get my new team mates because they see how easy it is and simply want to try! The key is to be a great leader and by training my team and dedicating the time to help them reach success is what has allowed me to truly be successful! If you have thought about Tupperware I would say to absolutely give it a try! I will agree it’s not for everyone however it is for everyone to try! At the very least you get a ton of product at a great discount

    • Its true Kristina you can make money in just about any business and I am sure that there are people making money with Tupperware as well.

      With their business model (MLM) you will need to recruit and build a team to have any chance of earning income with this opportunity which most find isn’t an easy thing to do.

      For me I like working from home and having time freedom without always being on the go having parties, so I will stick with affiliate marketing myself.

  4. Thanks for all the information. I just started selling Tupperware and it is a lot of work. Thinking about switching to Mary Kay. I win great prizes with Tupperware but that’s pretty much it. Not much profit. I would like to be manager one day then director. I need to become more informed on how I can make this happen. Thanks again.

    • Every opportunity is going to be a lot of work including being a Tupperware consultant. With MLM you really need to concentrate on building a team but its not as easy as its made out to be.

      That is why I prefer affiliate marketing myself.

      If your tired of recruiting do your own thing and check this out!

      • I so appreciate your insights and are spot on with most of what you say.
        I too sell Tupperware and in total have been with Tupperware almost 10 Years. There are many ways to work the Business however selling it on Ebay should not ever be one of them.
        It is very hard to get the sales however when you earn the trust in your customers they know where to go when they need a great product. We are the only company that stands behind the warranty and helps our customers keep great Products in there kitchen and in there Households.
        I don’t make much money at all and parties and recruting are not my specialty however connecting and being available to my customers are my reward and the love of Tupperware.
        I do parties at request so it is the way you do your business to earn you the money.
        Thank you.

        • I appreciate the feedback regarding your experience as a Tupperware consultant.

          If your looking to earn an income from home then you might also be interested in affiliate marketing as well.

          You won’t have to recruit like you would in the mlm business model.

          If your interested you can get some free information here.


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