Sell Games Online To Make Money! Huge Potential

Has it ever crossed your mind to sell games online as a way to earn income with your own online business?

If so you will be happy to know that there is a great demand for this service and many entrepreneurs are cashing in.

I break this post down into 2 segements which will consist of selling video games as well as selling board games.

Both of these have the potential to help you become the online entrepreneur you have been aspiring to be.

If your cash strapped you will be happy to know that getting started on a budget is absolutely possible as well.

I will show you how!

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Sell Video Games Online

I was never really into video games and didn’t pay much attention to the video game market.

That is until my son requested a game console for Christmas.

So I purchased him an XBox and a couple of games.

The total cost was between $400 to $500.

I noticed that most of the popular games were priced in the $40 to $50 dollar range while there were some that were priced $80 or more.

This got me thinking about the potential of selling video games online as a way to make some money.

I know that I did not want to deal with inventory.

Having to buy inventory meant that I would need to invest quite a bit of money.

Plus I would need to get a resale license and set up an e-commerce shopping cart.

I had been down this road before and knew that there was a better option for me as far as selling games online.


Use Affiliate Marketing To Sell Video Games Online

Once I discovered affiliate marketing my eyes were opened to a business model that allowed me to make money without all the headaches of a traditional business.

So I was curious how to go about using affiliate marketing to sell video games.

I started doing my research and found that some of the biggest online video game retailers had affiliate programs.

For example:

  • Microsoft
  • GameStop
  • Target
  • WalMart
  • BestBuy
  • GameFly

As an affiliate you would just sign up in order to sell video games from these companies.

Most of the time you will find information at the bottom of their websites.

The image below shows the GameFly website and where to find their affiliate terms.

Sell Video Games Online As A Gamefly Affiliate

The commissions will vary.


Sell Video Game Accessories

There is a lot more to this niche than just games.

While promoting and selling video games there is always the opportunity to get add on sales with all the different accessories available.

Here is just a quick list of accessories that a lot of gamers have to have:

  • Extra controllers
  • Gaming chairs
  • Clothing
  • New consoles

How Much Money Can I Make

You want to sell games online as a way to make money and run your own business from home.

What is the possible income potential for this niche?

Unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball that can give me this information but I can tell you that there are others doing very well as online video game sellers.

What you will know is the percentage of commission that can be earned when your referral makes a purchase.

For example GameFly will pay you $15 for each new subscriber that you send their way along with a 5% for new gaming console purchases and 10% on used game purchases.

Here is what you can earn as an affiliate with the other guys:

  • Microsoft – 7% commission
  • Amazon – 1% commission
  • GameStop – 5% commission
  • BestBuy – 1% commission

There are many other companies in the video game niche that you can become an affiliate for.

You can check out some of the more popular affiliate networks ShareASale, CJ Affiliate and FlexOffers to find others.

What they pay you will vary so before signing up with all of them its a good idea to see which ones offer the best support along with the best commission rates.

How To Start Selling Video Games Online

One of the ways to sell games online is through a website.

Some of the most successful websites have been online for years and still cater to specific groups within the video game market.

Most of these websites started out as video game review websites.

Gamers that may be interested in purchasing a specific video game could visit one of these review sites to get an idea of what new games are hitting the market and the pros and cons.

A great example that I found is one dedicated to Nintendo.

The name of the website is NintendoLife and they offer a ton of content for Nintendo gamers.

NintendoLife Selling Video Games

There are some links on here that point to Amazon so they are earning commissions as an Amazon affiliate plus they have advertisements related to the video game niche all over their website.

So you don’t have to sell video games directly.

You can have ads from different networks displayed on your website that will also earn you income when visitors click on them.

Another example of a website that you could get inspiration from is Game Informer.

Game Informer Sells Video Games

They do video game reviews and at the end of the review they have a purchase link that sends their visitors to the GameStop website.

When a visitor makes a purchase at GameStop Game Informer will earn a commission.

You can build an affiliate website nowadays inexpensively with a few simple steps.

So if your a gamer looking to become an online entrepreneur then hopefully you see the potential here.

You can sell games online with a simple website working from home enjoying your favorite hobby.


Sell Board Games Online

Believe it or not there is still a large following of people that like to play board games.

This opens up the opportunity to make money selling new and used board games.

Of course you can look for people that are selling their collection and then purchase at a price that would allow you to resell for a handsome profit both locally and on a marketplace such as eBay.

This can be profitable but also will need a significant amount of time and resources to make a good income this way.

Another alternative would be to make money selling board games using affiliate marketing.


Use Affiliate Marketing To Sell Board Games Online

As you can see I am a fan of the affiliate marketing business model because of its low overhead and straightforward marketing methods.

Just create content and refer people to the board games that they are interested in to receive commissions.

No need to stock inventory or ship products.


Niche Ideas Of Board Games To Sell

There is a big spectrum when it comes to board games that you can promote.

Before you decide to sell games online it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the different niches you may want to focus on.

Here are some examples:

  • Train gamers
  • Diplomacy gamers
  • Magic gamers
  • War gamers

Then of course you can sell board games that are age specific.

You have younger kids from 3 to 10 years old that such as Candy Land, No Stress Chess and Connect 4.

While older kids may be into Dungeons and Dragons, Scrabble or Pictionary.

Don’t forget the education segment as well.


Where To Find Board Games To Sell

Sourcing games to sell online is easy because you can become an affiliate of the major retailers such as:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Barnes & Noble

Plus you can promote and sell games from online marketplaces such as:

  • Amazon
  • eBay

Another great place to look is affiliate networks because there are a lot of smaller resellers listed that may offer better service and a better selection of board games.

For example TSCToys and are just 2 of the many different merchants that offer affiliate programs.

Affiliates Can Sell Board Games From

Things To Consider Before You Sell Games Online

If you decide that you want to become an online entrepreneur to make money selling games online then you should know that a large portion of sales come in the month leading up to the Christmas holiday.

The charts below are a good example of what I mean.

Video Game Sales

Looking at the chart above you will see that a large percentage of video games are sold in the months of November and December.

The same can be said for board game sales as shown by the chart below.

Board Game Sales

Another thing to consider is the price range of the games and accessories you plan on selling.

A good mix of low priced and high priced products will keep a steady stream of visitors coming to your website.

Plus adding other related products and accessories can help to boost your income.


How To Get Started Selling Games Online

The first step is to start building a foundation for your online business and this begins with the right training.

Learn how to build a website and add content to attract the audience that is interested in purchasing your products.

A website is something that you own and have control over.

From there you can start building out your social media presence such as doing YouTube videos or building a Facebook group of people that are interested in gaming.

Over time your business will slowly grow and you can expand products or focus on a whole different niche.



Starting an online business is exciting and you can definitely sell games online to earn an income.

The beauty of selling video games and selling board games is that there is some overlap.

A lot of gamers enjoy both so you have a potentially large audience to profit from.

If your interested in using the affiliate marketing business model because of its low cost of entry and the ability to work from any location with just a computer then there are resources to help you get started.

If I can do it so can you!

Learn how to get started today!

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  1. Never thought about that niche but I also don’t play video games. I do like board games. Your site is well written and informative. I enjoyed the read and learned a few things I didn’t know before about selling games. Overall the topic interested me and sparked a Hmmmmm… hadn’t thought of that moment. Great work!

    • When you here about selling games online people usually think video games but there is also a market for selling board games as well.

      It can be a great way to make money if your into these niches.


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