Secret Affiliate Website System? [ Is $937 per day realistic? ]

The Secret Affiliate Website System I came across while researching opportunities to make money online.

The claim is that the company can show you how to make $937 per day.

I did the math and that comes to about $342,000 per year.

Not a bad yearly income if it is true don’t you think?

So I decided to review the system and give my opinion as to whether or not you should waste your time and money on it.

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What Is Secret Affiliate Website About

Typically when I review different online money making opportunities I look for red flags right from the start.

They are not really that hard to spot.

So when it comes to this opportunity the use of the word “secret” would be the red flag that stands out to me.

There are really no secrets to making money money online but that’s not what the gurus want you to think.

The last few reviews that I have done Rapid Profit System, 60 Minute Profit Plan and Funnel X Project all used similar tactics.

You get very little information up front other than some income figures that can’t be verified.

Secret Affiliate Unverified Earnings Proof

Are these income figures legit and if they are were they made using this specific system?

I guess we will never know for sure.


The Gist Of It

The whole system evolves around using affiliate marketing to make money.

Affiliate marketing involves selling other peoples products without all the headaches of having to deal with payments, inventory or customers directly.

I personally love affiliate marketing because of these advantages.

So the Secret Affiliate system shows you the “secret” websites that you can put your affiliate links on to earn commissions.

The Secret Affiliate System Adding Affiliate Links

In other words its a “done for you system”

Not only will you get access to secret websites but also secret traffic sources.

The problem that I have here with this so far is the fact that they are implying that you can earn $5 to $500 commissions using their plug and play websites.

Realistically this isn’t going to happen.


The Concept Of Secret Affiliate Website

Having been working online for years I can tell you from experience that running just one website can be time consuming.

But this system wants you to set up multiple websites and use each with a different affiliate program.

Your basically going to be building landing pages and promoting products from the ClickBank marketplace.

Then you send traffic to that web page in hopes that the visitors will click on your affiliate links and make a purchase.

I used to think it was that simple too when I first got started.

But it wasn’t until I got some real affiliate marketing training did I realize that this doesn’t doesn’t really work like the gurus want you to believe.

You can get a lot of traffic to a web page but that doesn’t mean that your going to make any money.

So you could end up with a bunch of websites just sitting there because you ran out of money to advertise them.


Things To Consider 

There are a lot of different money making opportunities being promoted on the internet.

More and more are offering “do it for you” systems.

In other words all you need to do is add some basic information and you will start making lots of money.


Too easy to duplicate

The problem with this concept is that it is easily duplicatable.

Meaning that anyone that buys into system can set it up which will result in a bunch of websites all looking the same and promoting the same products.

The results will be limited sales if any at all because everyone is promoting the same websites.


Their Not Your Websites

Another problem is that you won’t actually own the sites.

Secret Affiliate wants you to believe that its better to let them handle everything.

Just put in your affiliate links and off you go making money.

What happens if they close up?

What you paid for is gone. This includes the cost for the system as well as all the money you spent on advertising.

You may believe that its in your best interest to let someone else handle the technical stuff but in reality that leaves your online business in jeopardy.

Its better that you have possession of your websites and if you keep reading I will show you a way to get started that is even free.


Cost To Promote Websites

The only way that you can make Secret Affiliate Website work is to spend money to advertise the sites and hope that you can turn a profit.

This can get quite expensive quickly especially when you go by their advice of starting multiple sites up (one for every affiliate program).

My experience with advertising is that you have to lose money first before you can figure out what works.

Were talking $100’s per month for each website.

So you will need to ask yourself is that something that you can afford to do?

Not having ownership of the websites I wouldn’t want to take the risk personally.



You might be wondering if Secret Affiliate Website is a scam?

I don’t believe that it is other than giving inflated income figures that can’t be verified.

There is no secret to this business model.

You set up simple little landing page websites and buy traffic that you send to them promoting affiliate products from ClickBank.

Another thing that you might want to ask yourself is why would they only be selling this system for only $17?

I mean if it really could earn you $937 per day people would pay much more for it.

A better alternative to Secret Affiliate Website is to actually learn the skill of affiliate marketing and how to build your own websites.

As I said earlier in my review I found some of the best affiliate marketing training and I recommend it to everyone.

I own my own websites and I learned how to use affiliate marketing to earn a passive income.

Now I show others how they can do it too.

So if your ready to get your own online business started and stop wasting time on these hyped up “done for you systems” then check out my free 5 step course.


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