Best Camping Affiliate Programs To Make Money With!

Camping affiliate programs offer the camping enthusiast an opportunity to make money with their favorite past time.

Lets face it whether your into weekend camping or you go camping on a regular basis there is always a need for camping gear.

This opens the door to starting your own affiliate marketing business and its not as hard as you may think.


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Let’s Take A Look At Demand

Camping has been enjoying a steady climb in popularity as well as the amount of people that have decided to take up this recreational sport.

KOA has recently done a report that shows the state of the industry and its looking good for anyone looking to get started as a camping affiliate.

Between millennials and retiring baby boomers it is estimated that there are a total of 77 million households currently enjoying the camping lifestyle.

This is great news!

You want to make sure that your starting a business in an industry that is growing.


Focus & Niche Down For The Best Results

Before deciding on which of the different affiliate programs to sign up for you may want to consider what segment of the camping niche you will be promoting.

Here are just some ideas to consider:

  • Summer camping
  • Winter camping
  • Hammock camping
  • Backpack camping

Different segments of the camping niche offer different products that you can promote as an affiliate.

For example a family going on a summer weekend camping trip to a state park will require different camping equipment than a backpacker heading out into the wilderness with only what he can carry on his back.


List Of Top Affiliate Programs For Camping

So let’s take a look at the different merchants, their products and what the commissions are that they pay out to their affiliates.

There is an assortment of big brick and mortar retailers and online retailers that an affiliate can work with to build their online business. 

Brick & Mortar Retailers With Camping Affiliate Programs

>> Bass Pro Affiliate Program

If your into anything that has to do with the outdoors then your probably familiar with this brick and mortar retailer

Bass Pro Affiliate Program For Camping Gear

With 200 stores around the country they offer a great selection of camping gear and other outdoor products.

  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Sign up: CJ Affiliate Network

The advantage of being an affiliate for Bass Pro is the product offering not only in the camping niche but also in boating, hunting and fishing.

Having products in these outdoor categories offers a way to make more money than if they only had a affiliate program with camping related products.

Plus they offer specials and sales that could help increase affiliate sales.

>> Sierra Trading Post Affiliate Program

Sierra Trading Post is another large brick and mortar retailer that sells camping gear and also offers an affiliate program.

Sierra Trading Post Camping Affiliate Program

Not quite as big as Bass Pro but they do have a good reputation for servicing their customers.

  • Commission: 3%
  • Cookie: 14 days
  • Sign up: CJ Affiliate Network

As with most of these types of retailers you will find that they carry the more common brand names in different outdoors products related to camping.

So there is always the opportunity for some add on sales.

 >> REI Affiliate Program

Well known with camping and outdoor enthusiasts REI is a great retailer for camping affiliates to use to grow their business.

REI Camping Affiliate Program

With about 150 retail locations and some great brand names of camping equipment signing up as an affiliate with REI would be a no brainer.

What makes them unique is the fact that they carry used clothing and equipment as well as new.

So if you have a price conscience audience you may get some sales from their brand name used offerings.

  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie: 30 day
  • Sign up: AvantLink Affiliate Network

>> BackCountry Affiliate Program

A well known retailer catering to the outdoor lifestyle enthusiast BackCountry can provide their products to customers around the world.

Online Retailers With Camping Affiliate Programs

Along with the big retailers with their brink and mortar locations there are some great online camping retailers for an affiliate to sign up with.

>> Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon should come as no surprise.

Use Amazon As A Camping Affiliate

With millions of products in all the different categories camping just being one of them.

  • Commission: 4% to 5%
  • Cookie: 24 hour

Although the commission is lower for Amazon compared to other merchants they make up for it with high conversions.

Being that they carry everything under the sun an affiliate can also make money on other products that their referral purchases that may not be related to camping.

>> CampingMaxx Affiliate Program

This online retailer has a well organized website and focuses on high end camping gear as well as survival and preparedness gear.

CampingMaxx Affiliate Program For Camping Gear

The owners have good experience in the outdoors and they carry some of the best names in the industry when it comes to camping equipment such as Kelty, High Peak and Moose County.

The benefit of becoming an affiliate with CampingMaxx is that they offer one of the larger commissions of other retailers plus they have a lot of higher end brands which equates to larger commissions and earnings.

>> InstaFire Affiliate Program

I like finding unique products and here is one that I think would make an excellent product for any camping affiliate to promote.

Sign Up For The InstaFire Affiliate Program

The company is InstaFire and they offer a way to have a fire without the need for wood.

It also makes a great fire starter and eliminates the need for kindling.

The company is backed by Mark Cuban which should makes it easy for an affiliate in the camping niche to promote.

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: 90 days
  • Sign up: ShareASale Network

Tell me you can’t make money with this camping affiliate program!


How To Get Started Promoting The Different Camping Affiliate Programs

If your new to the world of affiliate marketing then you may be wondering what is the best way to get started with this business model?

The 3 key things that your going to need are going to be:

  • A website
  • Content for your website
  • Patience

Seems simple enough but there is a learning curve and it can be drastically cut down by simply following some established training methods.

This is how I got into the business and I keep up on the latest trends.

So if your into the outdoors and enjoy camping you may want to consider setting up your own website to promote the lifestyle.

Find a legitimate affiliate marketing training program and use it to build the skills needed to succeed on the web with your online business.

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