Build A WordPress Website For Beginners ( Free To Try!)

This is my “how to build a WordPress website for beginners” tutorial that is focused on those people that want a quick and simple way to get started online without having to deal with all the technical aspects. This step by step beginners guide will teach you how to set everything up from scratch.

This is the same platform that I used to build my WordPress website. It is the simplest way that I have found yet that also offers some great features.

Most likely your building a website because your getting into affiliate marketing or blogging and that is exactly why you need to give this a try.

What I am about to show you was designed specifically for people looking to start a blog or affiliate marketing website and is free to get started.

Let’s get started….


My Own Experiences

In the past when I set up a WordPress website I would have to find a web host that I could trust, then I would need to register a domain and forward it the web host.

Most hosts have cPanel that you log into and set up your website.

This can be a little overwhelming if your not technical.

Plus it was just basic shared hosting and my website was on the server with a thousand others. So the site speed was slow and there was the possibility of my site being hacked.

So I started looking for a better option and came across a platform called SiteRubix. I became hooked on the ease of setting up a website. There was no need to deal with the technical side of things.

It was also optimized for running WordPress websites.

This will be one of the best resources for any beginner that is looking to build a WordPress website from scratch.


How To Build A WordPress Website For Beginners

Typically when you get started building a WordPress website you will need to have a domain name. A domain name is just your “address” on the internet.

When people type your domain name into their browser it would bring them to your website.

If you haven’t already chosen a domain name yet, its not a big deal because I can still show you how to build a free WordPress website without one and then you can purchase a domain later if you wish.

Now its time to get started and I will log into my SiteRubix account at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would like to follow along with this tutorial and do it hands on with me then click here to set up your free account.

Steps 1 and 2

Once you log into the dashboard there will be a column on the left as shown below. You need to click on the blue button that says SiteRubix “Build Your Websites Here” as shown below.

Log Into Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix

This will open up a screen and you need to click the Site Builder “Build Your Website” button as shown above.

As you can see this is a very simple process so far. Building a WordPress Website doesn’t have to be complicated and thanks to the SiteRubix site builder just following these steps will have your WordPress website set up in no time.


Step 3

Now you will be on the next page and there will be a few choices that you can make here as shown below.

Create WordPress Website Free On SiteRubix

This tutorial is to show you how to create a WordPress website free, so choose the option furthest to the left that is outlined in red that says “On a free domain”.

Once you click the button a set up box will appear underneath with a few questions that need to be answered as shown below.

Build A WordPress Website and Choose A Name

Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

As you can see above you will be asked to choose a domain name. When choosing a domain name for your website, it is a good idea to choose keywords that describe what your website is about.

Another good tip is to keep your domain short and easy to remember.

If you haven’t chosen a niche yet or your not sure what your website will be about, then it would be a good idea to get started with my free 5 step course.

Choosing a niche and building your website is covered in the course.  It includes some video training that will help you decide on a domain name all for free.

Your website will be hosted on a sub domain meaning that you will have at the end.


Build A WordPress Website and Choose A Domain

If you choose a name that is already taken, the system will let you know. Then you can try again using a different name.

I used “test” as an example so you can see what will happen if the name is not available.


Enter Title For Your Website

In this box you can enter what you used for your domain name. So if your domain name is then in the title box just put Pats Pets as the title of your website.


Choose A Design For Your Website

There are almost 3000 free WordPress themes that you can choose from here.

Find one that you like the look of and click on it. That will be the WordPress theme for your new website.

After you have your theme, click the green button and your website will be built.

Build A WordPress Website Using A Free Theme


Presto your website will be live on the world wide web for everyone to find.


Your WordPress Website Control Panel

You should also be looking at the control panel for your website now as well.  Once you click the green button your now able to make changes to your WordPress site.

First though let me explain some of the features.

WordPress Website Control Panel


1. Website URL – This will be your “address on the web”.  This is my demo site, so I just use “mydemomode” as the domain.

Your domain name will be whatever you had chosen when signing up.

2. Login – with one click of a button you will be logged into your WordPress dashboard. This is where you can make changes to your website as well as add content.

3. Reset Password – changing your password is done with one click of a button.


SitePlus Settings

When you build a WordPress website on SiteRubix you will get some additional features that come built in. So there is no need to use extra plugins or pay for additional services.

Build A WordPress Website And Use SitePlus Features


The Sitespeed will be turned off when you first login, so you will need to click the button and turn it on. When you build your WordPress website it is important to keep it fast because this will help you rank better in the search engines.


This is a feature that is only available with the paid premium account. So if you decide to upgrade then this will help  add an extra layer of protection from hackers getting into your website.


Spam can be a real annoyance and waste of your time. Plugins don’t really work that well, so having it built in with SiteProtect offers a great advantage of not having to deal or worry about.

I receive virtually no spam comments on my website.

I encourage you to try the free WordPress website builder i used here, because it really is simple to get your website up and running in minutes.


WordPress Website Dashboard

When you login as shown above you will be in the back end of your WordPress website. On the left side will be all the common features and settings you will be using on a regular basis when building your WordPress website as shown below.

Build A WordPress Website Using The Menu

1. Posts – when your ready to add content and write an article to your website you would click on the “post” link which would bring you to the WordPress editor.

The editor allows you to change the text including size and color. Also add images and links to your other posts.

2. Pages – these are similar to posts but they can used in the menu bar and have a hierarchy, like what you see in the drop down menu in my website.

3. Appearance – when you build a WordPress website there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to how it looks and the functionality.

When you click on the “appearance” link a pop out will appear with the different settings that can be changed.

Build A WordPress Website And Change Settings

You might have chosen a theme that you thought would work for your niche, but later discovered that it wasn’t the best choice.

No problem because you can easily change to one of the many free WordPress website themes under the appearance link, all with the click of a button.

You can also add what are called “widgets” to your website.

A WordPress widget adds a special functionality to your website such as displaying an ad in the header or a subscriber opt in box in the sidebar.


Are You Ready

Now that I have shown you how to build a WordPress website for free, its time to give it a try.

Don’t worry if you need help there will be plenty of people willing to lend a hand including myself. That is something that you won’t get at a regular web host.

While were on the subject of building a WordPress website, I would also like to let you know you can also learn to become a marketer or blogger.

How you might ask?

Included with the free hosting account is my free 5 step course to get you started with your own online business. Its just an added bonus.

Learn to become a lifestyle entrepreneur and work from home the same way I do.

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