[ Ranking ] The Best Affiliate Marketing Course 2020 For Beginners!

One of the best business models to make money online with is affiliate marketing.

The reason being is that there is virtually no overhead compared to a regular brick and mortar business.

But that doesn’t mean that you should jump right in blindly.

Most successful affiliates learned the business by taking different affiliate marketing courses.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you become its always important to keep learning otherwise you lose focus and fade away.

With that being said I put together a list of the most popular affiliate training programs to help both beginners as well as more advanced marketers choose.

You will be surprised to know that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get the best affiliate training.

There are some very reasonably priced courses to get started with.

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My List Of Best Places To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Over the last few years some courses have closed down while others have just been started.

This list has both old and new training programs that will fit anyone’s budget.

Let’s get started …….


Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

Authority Site System Affiliate Training Course

This is a affiliate training course geared towards beginners.

It was created by Mark Webster and Gael Breton who are very successful affiliates themselves.

The goal of the training is to teach a newbie how to build an authority site.

An authority site is typically large with 100’s to 1000’s of pages or posts dedicated to a specific niche.

So if your looking build an income producing asset this is the way to go.

What you learn with this training program:

  • How to do market research for your niche
  • Researching the right keywords
  • Creating a website
  • Content creation
  • Building white hat links
  • Outsourcing your mundane tasks
  • Learn how to make money with your site

The thing that I like about these guys is the fact that they have been in the game for a while now and have experienced both good and bad.

When you start an online business as an affiliate there are going to be challenges that include dealing with changes in search engines, social media platforms and advertising platforms.

These can effect your business in a big way.

To cushion against this the course teaches to use multiple ways to get traffic to your website.

Traffic Techniques Taught In Authority Site System

This is the way to build a successful online business.


How Much Does It Cost

Your going to find the cost of Authority Site System to be more expensive than some of the other affiliate marketing courses out there.

It is priced at $997.

But you can often get a discount bringing it down to $599 if you look around.


Authority Site System Pros and Cons

Pros – the good stuff

  • Experienced affiliates created the course
  • In the trench case studies
  • Easy step by step training
  • Community forum
  • Private Facebook Group

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • A little expensive
  • Authority sites take a while to become profitable

Overall Score

Rated: 8/10

Best for both beginners & intermediate affiliate marketers


Wealthy Affiliate Training Course

Affiliate Marketing Course By Wealthy Affiliate

When I got interested in affiliate marketing and started my search for the best affiliate marketing training course I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

It was the free trial that got me hooked.

They offer the free trial so you can check out what is included which is quite a bit for any newbie.

  • Step by step training
  • Weekly live training sessions
  • Web hosting for up to 50 websites
  • Keyword research tool
  • Community forum
  • An opportunity for all expense paid trip to Las Vegas

The training program has been around for years and is continuously updated.

Its main focus is creating content ( blogging ) as the traffic method for promoting affiliate products.

There is some basic training on PPC but ultimately you will need to get this knowledge elsewhere. Its not really the focus.

Having gone through the course I was able to create affiliate websites that actually got traffic and made money.

What made it happen was the awesome community.

You get to learn from others and also get motivation seeing how the other members have success with their businesses.


How Much Does It Cost

There are a couple different pricing options depending on how you want to pay.

1.Yearly $359 one time payment ( averages $29.91 per month)

2. Monthly $49

Once a year there is a Black Friday sale and the yearly membership can be had for only $299.


Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

Pros – the good stuff

  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for complete beginners
  • Web hosting & keyword tool included

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • Web hosting could be faster
  • Inexperienced members giving advice
  • The training could be more detailed
  • No advanced training

Overall Score

Rated: 7/10

Best for beginners just starting out


Income School – Project 24 Affiliate Training Course

Affiliate Marketing Course Project 24

Project 24 is a new affiliate marketing course that was created by Rick Kesler and Jim Harmer of Income School.

The focus of the course is to create content with a blog then monetize with paid ads or the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Their course Project 24 consists of 60 steps that you need to follow in order to see success and start earning good income within 24 months.

Is this a bold claim?

Maybe but these guys have been successful at building niche sites and they now have a team doing it so they can see what works and what doesn’t on a bigger scale.

All the members benefit because this information is supplied to them.

Another aspect that I like about these guys is the fact that they share their successful websites.

Most affiliates keep their prize websites hidden.

How Much Does It Cost

There is only one payment option of $449.

This gives access to all the training for 12 months.

If you would like to continue on after 12 months the renewal charge is $199 every year thereafter.


Project 24 Pros and Cons

Pros – the good stuff

  • Jim and Ricky are in the trenches with the members
  • Step by step to do list and guide
  • Additional training added and updated regularly

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • Expensive one time upfront payment of $449 ( no monthly option )
  • No web hosting included

Overall Score

Rated 7.5/10

Best for beginners as well as intermediate marketers


Savage Affiliates Affiliate Training Course

Savage Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Course

Franklin Hatchett is really killing it as an affiliate.

I first ran across him on YouTube giving out a ton of valuable content.

Then I found out about his affiliate marketing training course called Savage Affiliates.

It is geared more towards internet marketing products and the ClickBank Marketplace but you also get training for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

The training consists of 9 modules with all videos so you won’t get board reading through a bunch of text.

There is training for both paid advertising as well as SEO.

Franklin likes organic traffic from the search engines and for good reason.

It converts better than paid traffic and it is also passive.

Once you write content on your blog it ranks and becomes evergreen unlike paid advertising which you have to keep monitoring and tweeking.


How Much Does It Cost

This is probably one of the most reasonably priced affiliate marketing training courses online.

The total cost is only $197 one time.


Savage Affiliates Pros and Cons

Pros – the good stuff

  • Great training from an established marketer
  • Modules consist of video training
  • Inexpensive price

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • No Web hosting or tools included
  • There are better courses for a bit more money

Aversity Gold Masterclass

Aversity Gold Masterclass Affiliate Course

Sean Bagheri has created an affiliate marketing course called Aversity Gold Masterclass.

It teaches the full scope of how to do affiliate using both paid advertising and SEO.

The course is big on pre-selling your traffic and using sales funnels to create conversions.

Sean is actively involved and you can often find him in the forums answering questions as shown below.

Affiliate Marketing Course - Aversity Gold Masterclass

Although this affiliate marketing training course teaches SEO I think the main focus is geared towards paid ads.

Plus Sean is big on using video as a means of generating traffic.


How Much Does It Cost

You will find that the course is reasonably priced at $297 (one time cost).

This gets you access to everything the training, support and forum.

There is also more advanced training if you need it but this will be an additional cost.


Aversity Gold Masterclass Pros and Cons

Pros – the good stuff

  • Sean the creator is involved giving support and feedback
  • Reasonably priced for what you get
  • More advanced training when your ready

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • Need to find your own web hosting
  • Need extra money to run paid ads

Which Affiliate Marketing Course Should I Choose

Well that’s a good question and one that I can help you answer.

The majority of successful affiliate marketers have a website for good reason.

Writing quality evergreen content on your blog will result in passive income. Once its in the serach engine it should remain there for a long time.

So for learning how to create your own website and write content the best choices are going to be:

  • Authority Site System
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Project 24

The next step is to consider your budget.

If your on a budget Wealthy Affiliate offers the most bang for the buck.

If you have some money then Authority Site System is a good way to go with Project 24 coming in the middle price wise.

Now if your more interested in doing affiliate marketing running paid ads then you have:

  • Savage Affiliates
  • Aversity Gold MasterClass

Of these 2 options I believe that Aversity is the better affiliate marketing course even though it does cost a bit more.



After looking at most affiliate training programs I took into consideration what they offered as well as the cost.

Not every affiliate marketing course is going to be the best for everyone.

These were the some of the best options that I could find for beginners.

So I would rank them as such:


Leave a comment below with your favorite affiliate marketing training course!

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