Is The Princess House Opportunity For You? [ Selling Houseware ]

Is the Princess House opportunity really a great way to make money with your own business or is it just another mlm selling overpriced products with a complicated comp plan?

It may seem easy just signing up and choosing a starter kit but that’s where the hustle starts.

I set out to do a review just to see what the company was about and what the pros and cons might be when joining as a consultant.

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What Is The Princess House Company About

This is an mlm company that sells houseware products using consultants with an emphasis on having parties to promote the business and make money.

Get a bunch of people together and throw a party. Sell cookware, food containers and glassware to build a lifestyle and earn an income in the process.

The business model is not unique and there are others such as Tupperware and Pampered Chef that compete for the same customers with similar products.

To be successful with these home party types of businesses its takes a special kind of person. One that is into socializing and knows how to promote what they do to others while standing in line at the grocery store or while at their kids sporting events.

Personally I’m not much into rubbing elbows and promoting so I just stick to selling online with a simple website.



Selling kitchen cookware and food containers is competitive especially when you can go online and shop any of the big retailers looking for deals on similar products.

On the flip side there are some products that you won’t find in a Walmart such as some of their cutlery that is fairly expensive as show below.

Princess House Cutlery Prices

Their 23 piece cutlery set shown is a whopping $899.95 which is probably too rich for most people.

They also have some nice looking glass food containers but again the price range is definitely more than what your going to see in your local stores.

Princess House Food Container Prices

Although selling Princess House products may seem like a great opportunity how much would you actually sell in these price ranges at hosted parties?

How To Become A Princess House Consultant

You can’t just sign up on the companies website, first you need to find a consultant in your area to sign up through.

This is the part of the process that can make you or break you as a consultant.

As a new consultant your going to want to sign up through someone that can help and guide a newbie through the selling process.

Unfortunately there is a lot of turn over in the mlm business and many consultants are just part time doing only a couple parties a year. So the odds of signing up through another consultant that will help is probably slim.

Starter Kit

Then pay your $139 start up fee and get your starter kit.

This is a reasonable cost to get started and just a part of doing business. You can’t sell products unless you have samples people can go over and see in person.

Its also important to plan on spending more money for samples, because the sample kits rarely if ever have enough. Of course what you don’t have is going to be what people want to see.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Princess House

Next its time to take a look at what you can make selling Princess House products.

Starting commission is 25% and in order to reach the 35% level a consultant will need to sell at least $2000 in a month.  The company says the average sales at parties are $500 so you may be thinking that a few parties a month and your going to hit the higher commission.

The problem with basing your decision on whether join Princess House or not shouldn’t be based on these averages because most home parties probably aren’t going to generate big sales unless there are a large group of people attending.

Another factor you need to ask yourself is just how many parties a week or month can you actually do?

If you have a limited amount of friends a coworkers it can be challenging to get enough parties scheduled on a regular basis to generate a significant income.

Say for example you find that your only averaging $250 in sales per party. That means in order to reach the 30% percent commission level you would need to have 5 parties per month. Or if you wanted to reach the 35% commission level you would essentially be needing to do 8 parties per month.

Sure the products are expensive and its possible to sell a $900 cutlery set, but realistically speaking those types of big ticket sales are going to be rare.


Being that this is a mlm company your going to need to do some recruiting of others in order to get them to join and start selling.

The benefit here is that in theory by building a team you should be able to earn an income off of their sales when you get enough in your downline.

There is more to it though than just signing up a bunch of people because the majority aren’t really going to do anything with the opportunity and your not going to want to be training people non stop only to have them disappear a month later.

This is another reason why making money with an mlm such as Princess House can be hard.

Need To Stay Active

There is no monthly fee to be a Princess House consultant but in order to stay active there is the requirement to do at least one $350 show every 12 weeks.

So you can’t just join Princess House and then let the opportunity sit there which I imagine happens to a lot of people that sign up.


Its always a good idea to see what past and present consultants feel about the opportunity so I set out to find what was being said.

To my surprise there really was no significant negative feedback that I could dig up even with the BBB.

There were customer complaints regarding quality issues that they couldn’t get resolved but overall for a company that has been around for this many years the actual amount of Princess House complaints were low.

Princess House Pros and Cons

What might be the things that make you want to join as a consultant or the things that you should consider before jumping in?

Let’s take a look at the good and bad of this opportunity.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Old established company
  • Legitimate products
  • Well known with overall good reputation

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Expensive products
  • Must host a lot of parties for good income
  • Possible saturated market

Final Thoughts

Princess House like the many other older mlm’s companies have seen the retail market change over time and their business model become outdated.

I mean when was the last time you heard any of your friends going to some kind of hosted party?

With the growth of the internet and online shopping many people can easily buy what they need from the comfort of their home while looking for deals.

That is why I got started with selling with affiliate marketing.

I don’t have to worry about hosting parties, mandatory quotas or recruiting. Just build a website and promote the products that you want to earn commissions on.

Of course it takes the right training and tools, but learning a skill can set you up earning income for the rest of your life.

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