Primerica MLM Review – Can You Get Rich Selling Financial Services

If your looking to earn money working from home then maybe the financial services industry is for you.

Primerica MLM offers a a business opportunity selling their financial services and they have been around for 37 years.

Primerica Business Opportunity

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What Is Primerica?

First off Primerica has been around for quite some time. They are based in Duluth Georgia and they state that they have 107,000 representatives.

They offer the following financial service products:

  1. Term Insurance
  2. Investment Services
  3. Debt Solutions
  4. Auto & Home Insurance
  5. Long Term Care Coverage
  6. Legal Protection

Now, when it comes to a business opportunity like this, the best way to market it and make money is to get yourself out into the public spotlight and go door to door or set up a booth at some kind of homeshow etc., where you can explain to people in person these financial products.

Primerica is not really a great online business for these types of products, but you could use the internet to do the recruiting and sign people up into your downline.

Primerica Affiliations

They do have some affiliations with legitimate organizations and also an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

American Council Of Life Insurers –  this is a 280 member strong trade association advocating for the insurance industry. From the looks of it, basically most companies that have anything to do with insurances would be able to join this trade group.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – this is a not for profit entity that makes sure that the securities industries do what they are supposed to and not take advantage of the consumer.

Primerica is a marketing company and they have set themselves up with the following partners to sell their services:

  • American Century Investments
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Invesco
  • AXA
  • Pioneer Investments
  • AGF
  • Morningstar
  • LTCI Partners LLC
  • Equifax
  • Answer Financial
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Putnam Investments

So they have quite a few companies that they have partnered with to market their investments and services.

Primerica Income Potential

In order to market all the products from Primerica, you will need to get the proper licensing for your state. After which you will be a representative of the company and can start earning.

To start with you will be earning up to 25% commissions on your sales. You may have ongoing licensing fees also that need to be paid on an on going basis. Selling securities is heavily regulated.

As time goes on and you move up within the company, you will be able to earn commissions as high as 143% on sales of products. Then you can also earn 10% on the sales of the people that you recruited.

Primerica Conclusion

This is a legitimate way to make money, although I would say it is not really an online business where you market it and people sign up.

You will need to do face to face marketing and with any type of sales you will need to follow up with your customers to offer them more products to try and increase your earning potential.

Selling these types of products is also very competitive. You will be competing against other big financial institutions and banks.

How much money you can make will really only be determined by your effort.

Better Option

In my opinion, there are better options out there to earn money working from home and they won’t require you to be licensed and incur monthly expenses.

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4 thoughts on “Primerica MLM Review – Can You Get Rich Selling Financial Services”

  1. Hello Sir,
    Primerica even though they have been around for a long time and are affiliated with other companies that have been around for years I have not heard of them before.
    Selling door to door could be something of an old technique as technology now does all your door to door sales for you without you actually selling door to door yourself.Selling door to door could be a dying strategy.The most annoying sales technique I know of now is the sales people that ring you by phone.

    • Funny you should say door to door. Whenever I see someone at the door I don’t know, I won’t even answer it.

      To sell the Primerica services you will need to make direct contact with consumers no doubt. I think that anyone that is looking for a homebased business will probably not consider this to be in that category.

      I like the tried and tested method to earn money working from home here.

  2. Hello,

    I enjoyed your review of Primerica! I didn’t know that even the Financial industries was also entering MLM business opportunities. I would say that this kind of business is more difficult to sell because it is extremely regulated and you’re likely to have more responsibilities if you misrepresent products to clients than in other any industry. Morever you have to register and to know perfectly the sector of insurance and brokerage. So if you’re not an expert, it’s indeed safer to stay away from Primerica. Good job!

    • Actually Primerica has been around for a while and they are a legitimate business.

      I wouldn’t really consider it a work from home business because you will actually have to be out in public “pounding the pavement” as they say to meet people in person and sell the financial services of the opportunity. This hard work and very competitive.

      In my opinion there are easier ways to make money at home online.


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