What Is The PartyLite Opportunity (Join or Not?) See Review!

What Is The PartyLite Opportunity and can they help you to become financially independent with their compensation plan?

That is what this MLM has set out to do with its selection of candles and home decor. Buy a starter kit and your ready to start selling the products to earn commissions.

But does this consultant opportunity really having the earning potential to help you work from home? Is it just another MLM company with a hosting party plan model that really has no potential to help you quit your 9 to 5?

Lets review.


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PartyLite MLM Business

PartyLite is one of the oldest MLM companies in the candle and gift business. Originally started in 1909 by a woman named Mabel Baker. She made quality candles out of her home.

Later in 1973 PartyLite was formed and the rest is history. Now the companies products are being sold in 21 countries with thousands of independent consultants leading the way. The business model is based on multi-level marketing and I will go over the compensation plan further down.



PartyLite Products

The companies products consist mostly of candle and candle related decor. They can be broken down in the following categories:

  • Candles – available in the standard votives, tealites and signature 3 wick candles
  • Home Decor – this category includes sconces, holders and accessories to display your candles
  • Gifts – candles and holders for any occasion or holiday
  • Flameless Fragrance – use with warmers to extract the fragrance and fill the room with different scents. These are similar to what are being marketed by Scentsy.

Price ranges for the candles run from $11 for the tealites to $25 for the 3 wick candles.  Considerably more expensive than you would find in the mall or specialized candle stores.


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Become A PartyLite Independent Consultant

So maybe your looking to make some extra income or possibly make money full time selling candles and accessories. The company offers an opportunity to become an independent consultant.

Some of the advantages would be more time with family, flexible schedule, be your own boss and fun selling products that are in demand.

How To Get Started – Starter Kit

There are a couple different ways to get started as an independent consultant. Just choose a starter kit and start selling. Below are the choices the company offers:

  • Starter Kit (No Cost) – start earning 25% after your first hosted party.
    • Find Your Signature Party Tools
    • Selection Of Signature Fragrances
    • Beautiful Decor
    • Catalogs and Order Forms
  • Starter Kit $99 cost – start earning 25% on your very first hosted party. This kit includes everything in the no cost kit.

This is a simple business, where you get training and mentoring as well as the business tools needed to be successful.

Basically there are 3 steps to the business:

  1. Talk To Everyone
  2. Book Parties
  3. Encourage Others To Join

Compensation Plan For PartyLite

Now your going to need to be outgoing and passionate about the idea of selling candles and accessories. The goal of this opportunity is to find people that are willing to host parties at their place or somewhere where they can invite all their friends.

This isn’t a bad concept, because it multiplies the amount of people that would be interested in the products or becoming an independent consultant.

If a consultant tried to host their own parties, it wouldn’t be long before they exhausted their own friends and family list. Therefore having others host parties, opens up the door to more people being introduced to the products and opportunity.

The compensation plan is simple and straight forward as shown in the chart below:

PartyLite Compensation Chart

As shown in the chart above, consultants can earn 25% from their own personal sales. Then if the consultant can hit $1000 in a month the will get an additional $250 which would bring the commission to a total of 32%.

This is a multi-level marketing company, so building a team in theory should multiply the consultants earnings.

As a Team Builder sponsor 2 people and hit $2000 in a month you would earn an additional $640. As a Unit Leader, earn $1100 if you can hit $2000 in sales for a month and $5000 in sales from your team.


Final Thoughts

Overall PartyLite looks like it has good products with its candles and candle accessories. If they didn’t then they wouldn’t have lasted for as long as they have.

I didn’t find an income disclosure on their site, but if we go by the industry average, then less than 2% of the estimated 70,000 consultants are actually making any money.

If your thinking of becoming a consultant, you must ask yourself, does PartyLite offer anything that other similar companies don’t?

If not, then it will put more of the work load on the consultant to sell candles that are in the higher price range. For me, I don’t really find this an exciting opportunity.


Alternative To PartyLite

Maybe you would like to start an online business and earn some extra or maybe full time income. There are alternatives to the MLM business model that don’t require stocking inventory or hosting parties.

My #1 Recommendation For Earning Online!

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2 thoughts on “What Is The PartyLite Opportunity (Join or Not?) See Review!”

  1. In Partylite we don’t stock inventory, we don’t even have inventory. all orders are filled by the company and sent directly to the customers. The Host Program to achieve these in home parties is the best in the industry. Plus your numbers above are not correct. You can make money, but it does take work, as does all income producing opportunities, you won’t work 9-5 as you will work your hours and be your own boss with your own schedule. If you want to advance into management positions, that is also available to everyone. And how quickly that happens is up to you. there is no glass ceiling on Partylite incomes. and more than 2% make over 6 figures incomes. and there is not 70,000 consultants in the US. So do your research and get your own answers.

    • Hi Deb thanks for the fact check regarding the total number of consultants. I do my research before writing these posts and I don’t make up figures.

      If you look at different sources they all have different figures regarding the total of Partylite consultants around the world. With that being said here is a consultant company that had the number of consultants listed at 70,000 and I do admit it is an older article.

      When I check Dun & Bradstreet they had them listed with 52,000 consultants, so maybe it is possible that they are losing consultants and the business opportunity is not as popular as it once was?

      The MLM industry has a track record of only a small percentage of consultants actually making money. Unfortunately Partylite doesn’t make their income disclosure public probably just for this reason.


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