Partner With Anthony (PWA) Review – Will it Work?

For just $7 you can join Partner With Anthony as a way to create an online income.

This course was created by Anthony Morrison, an experienced internet marketer that has made a good amount of money over the years.

Why would this program only cost $7 and are there any red flags you should be aware of before jumping on this opportunity?

Thats what I review here.

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Is Anthony Morrison Credible

There are a lot of internet gurus out there some legit while others being total frauds.

Anthony himself has been around for years and found success in his younger years.

Its said that he started making his first money online at the age of 21.

He has even been on TV as well.

Check out this interview below on a news program he did.

He talks about taking his passion and turning it into a business using affiliate marketing.

Currently Anthony has grown his marketing empire to include speaking engagements, writing books and developing digital training courses.

So as you can see this guy has quite the resume when it comes to marketing.

He has done it all at a very young age.


What Does The Partner With Anthony Course Teach

If your a newbie to the world of internet marketing it can be confusing.

There are many different questions that you may be asking yourself such as:

  1. What should you promote to make money?
  2. What software do I need?
  3. What should I do first?

I know these were just some of the questions that I was asking myself when I got started.

Well Anthony Morrison covers a great deal of information in his course which he breaks down into sessions.

These sections are videos which he will does himself so you can follow along as a kind of over the shoulder training.

There will also be guest trainers that teach specific aspects of the business that Anthony himself doesn’t know.

Just some of the things you will learn are:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • How To Use Solo Ads
  • Training Your Mind To Get Results

Maria one of the Partner With Anthony students does a good job of explaining the program and what you can expect in the video below.


How Much Does It Cost

What makes this course appealing is the fact that you can get involved with a successful affiliate marketer but the low cost of just $7 per month makes it really enticing or pay a $97 one time payment.

Most affiliate marketing training courses cost more.

But $7 per month isn’t the whole story because your going to need other things in order to get your online business started.

Clickfunnels ( starts at $99 per month)

A big part of what Anthony teaches is getting traffic.

Once you have traffic its important to create sales funnels in order to guide all your website visitors to the products their looking for.

This is where Clickfunnels comes in.

Easy to setup and learn for beginners.

BuildRedirects (starts at $19.99 per month)

When your spending money to drive traffic to your offers its important to know where your traffic is coming from and what the conversions are.

BuildRedirects offers this ability plus a whole lot more.

GetResponse or Aweber ( starts at $15 per month )

Capturing leads and having the ability to touch base with the to promote offers is done through autoresponders.

Both GetResponse and Aweber are reputable companies that cater to the affiliate marketing industry.

So these would be some of the basic tools an affiliate would need to start and grow their business.

Are these the only ones?

Of course not, but what Anthony has done here is put together the most popular as well as reputable ones so a beginner will not need to waste time searching themselves.

Is that the end of the costs with Partner With Anthony?

No, there are some optional things being offered that one can sign up for including the Digital Marketing Mastermind at $69.95 yearly and the IM Newsletter at $9.95 per month.


How To Make Money With This Program

You might be wondering why a marketer like Anthony Morrison would be offering such a course for only $7 per month.

You see Partner With Anthony has less to do with the training and more to do with the money making aspect of this program.

Once you become a member and sign up using the different tools mentioned above such as Clickfunnels, BuildRedirects and the autoresponders GetResponse or Aweber you earn commissions from them.

For every person that you introduce to the training program that signs up for these services you get paid.

Each offers its own affiliate program and the best part is they offer residual income.

So you can earn commissions over and over every month on these services as long as the person you referred keeps using them.

Partner With Anthony Simplifies The Process

What is interesting about Anthony’s program is the fact that he has also made it simple for newbies.

The software that you get access to for $7 per month offers a place to input your affiliate id for all the different affiliate offers that your promoting.

Plus you get commissions on the Partner With Anthony programs as well including this course.


Pros and Cons

Lets take a look at the good and bad of this opportunity to see if its fits what your looking for when it comes to making money online.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Anthony is a successful marketer
  • Low cost to try out at $7
  • Done for you system
  • Residual income

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Additional costs for advertising & software
  • Support may be slow or non existent
  • Promoting unrealistic expectations

Is Partner With Anthony A Scam

You may find that when researching Anthony and his course there will be a number of conflicting views from different people.

Some claiming that this is nothing but a scam while others look at it as a legitimate course with a built in opportunity.

I personally don’t believe this to be a scam.

Legitimate training is being offered and legitimate affiliate products as well.

Plus its relatively inexpensive to get started at just $7.

If you join but decide its not for you just discontinue and look for a different course that fits your needs.



There have been a number of different training courses coming out within the last few years similar to this one.

They offer both training plus the opportunity to make money promoting the program.

The benefit of signing up for Partner With Anthony is that the overall cost is low so your not coming out of pocket for $1000’s of dollars up front.

And you get the opportunity to earn a passive residual income which is one of the main factors in becoming successful with online marketing.

But keep your expectations realistic.

There will be work involved and as simple as Anthony has made this for beginners there will be some trial and error that you need to experience before getting results.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion or experience with Partner With Anthony!

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