Should I Sell Origami Owl Jewelry? [ Review ]

Origami Owl is a popular mlm company that sells inexpensive jewelry through consultants called “designers”.

Can you make money hosting parties and selling these types of jewelry products or is it just one of those opportunities that really can’t produce a real income?

These are the questions that I set out to answer in my review.

I checked out the products and compensation plan in order to find out.

Here is what I found….


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Should I Sell Origami Owl Jewelry

Company: Origami Owl

Cost: $99 to $199

Rating: 6/10

What Is The Origami Owl Company

Believe it or not this company was started in 2010 by a 14 year old girl named Bella Weems with a dream of making enough money to buy her first car.

Inexpensive custom jewelry are the products and the companies business model is based on multi level marketing.  Hosting parties and recruiting others to sell the jewelry to earn an income.

8 years later the company has done 100’s of millions of dollars in sales and has thousands of independent consultants that are called “designers”.

They have some competitors in the mlm jewelry business as well such as Paparazzi and Color by Amber.


There are quite a few jewelry products as you might imagine and they are broken down into different categories and collections.

Origami Owl Designers Sell Jewelry In Different Categories

For example the collections are Spring/Summer, Lisa Hoffman, Paws, Birthstones, Core and Sentiments.

Price ranges go from $6 on the low end for charms up to $118 for watches.

There are some cool looking charms and they are in subcategories that would be popular with teachers, fireman, police and other professionals.

Origami Owl Jewelry Selection

In my opinion the charms are great looking and I can see how someone might get carried away building lockets for their friends and family.

I’m sure that is what makes Origami Owl worth selling for many of the designers.

How To Sell Origami Owl Jewelry

Being a hosted party company this is usually how designers get started.

Friends, family and coworkers can “host a Jewelry Bar”.  Its way for them to earn discounts on jewelry depending on how much is sold and also a way for a designer to get their business marketed.

Naturally the more people at a Origami Owl party the more jewelry gets sold and the hostess can even get free products if sales volume is $1000 or more.

Unfortunately it probably won’t take long to exhaust your list of hosts to have a party at. Which means to really start making money with Origami Owl a designer will need to start recruiting others.


This plays into finding friends, family and coworkers that are interested in hosting jewelry parties.

Any of these people may be interested in becoming a Origami Owl designer and most likely would be the easiest to sign up as one of your downline.

If done right there is the potential to earn a passive income from just the sales of people that you recruit onto your team.

Although this seems like a simple a process, most people just don’t have the ability to find and coach others in how to grow their business.

So the success rate for making money with mlm companies is typically low.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Origami Owl & Compensation

Now its tome to have a look at the compensation plan to see how much money you can make selling jewelry with this opportunity.

Retail Sales

Any sales that you personally conduct are considered retail sales with a commission between 20% to 40% depending on the products sold.

If you can generate 250 personal volume in a month then you reach whats called Storybuilder. At this status you earn an additional 10% on sales, so the possibility  is 30% to 50% on retail sales.

Personally I think these percentages are low. There is good margin in jewelry, making only 20% to 40% doesn’t seem right and puts the pressure on the consultants to recruit instead of trying to build a retail business.

Building A Team

There is no way to earn a serious income selling Origami Owl without recruiting and building a large downline.

Earning a commission from each sale of your team is what the mlm business model is about and ultimately to be successful at it you will need to recruit a lot of people and train the ones that have potential.

The chart below shows what can be made at the different levels including bonuses.

Origami Owl Comp Chart 2

So depending on the rank as well as what level of will determine what percentage your earning from your downline.  As the chart shows it can be between 3% and 10% .

Is This Opportunity Legitimate

Is Origami Owl legitimate or are they a pyramid scheme you might be asking yourself.

Rest assured the company is definitely legitimate because they are selling an actual product versus just trying to sell the opportunity itself.

If they were just charging a signup fee and putting the emphasis on just signing up new designers, then that would be considered a pyramid scheme.

Origami Owl Pros and Cons

Let’s recap what the good and bad of this opportunity are to see what might want to make you join or pass.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Low startup cost
  • Custom jewelry

Cons ( the not so good stuff )

  • Constantly doing parties
  • Need to recruit others
  • Income potential limited

Does Origami Owl Work and Can You Make A Career At It

There is no doubt that some people are going to make money with this opportunity while others aren’t. That goes with just about any other work from home opportunity.

You have to ask yourself though how much time do you have to host parties and recruit others?

To me it just seems like a lot of work for too small a return when there are better ways to make money without all the day to day cold calling and rubbing elbows with people trying to get them to sign up.

So if your up for the challenge and your ready to start recruiting hundreds of people and training them then it may be something to consider.

Final Thoughts

Origami Owl is a legit company that has seen some pretty good growth from its start. The compensation plan is OK but not as good as some of the others I have seen.

There is also more work here than meets the eye. In order to have any success with this opportunity you will need to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone.

Most people fail with MLM because recruiting people isn’t as easy as these companies make it out to be. Not only do you have to sign people up, but you have to train them and hold them accountable.

Otherwise your going to end up with a dresser drawer full of jewelry you can’t sell!

If your outgoing and one of those people that like to be on the run all day everyday then you might be able to get this opportunity to work for you.

If your like me and enjoy your quiet time without the daily grind then you might consider a different route and try affiliate marketing.

Create the same lifestyle business that I did without all the headaches. I work from home with no inventory or recruiting. You can check it out for free here.

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    • I am not involved with them myself but if your interested in selling Origami Owl jewelry visit their website where you can sign up and purchase a starter kit.


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