Organo Gold Review – Scam or Legit?

Organo Gold is another MLM beverage company offering a home business opportunity selling coffee and tea. Some of the reviews out there are calling it a scam, but I needed to see for myself. Can distributors make money with this business? I will take a look at the compensation, the products and whether you can make money selling coffee and tea with network marketing. So sit back and enjoy my review.

Lets dig in…


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What Is Organo Gold – Company

When it comes to coffee and MLM, Organo (OG) was the player that got it started back in 2008. The main guy at the helm was Bernardo Chua and his vision of creating a world wide company has been achieved.

Organo Gold Opportunity

By using independent distributors, the company has been able to generate huge sales of over 200 million a year and spread its reach to 35 countries.

The product line consists of the worlds favorite beverages coffee and tea. They also have additional product lines consisting of supplements and personal care items.

Yet there are people out there calling Organo Gold a scam?


Its organic coffee and tea products are said to contain ganoderma lucidum which provide antioxidants and other nutrients. This is similar to the claims of one of their competitors Gano Excel. This is one of their selling points as a company.

Organic Gold Products

Although the beverages are its main products, they do have supplements and as well as personal care products. Here is a quick breakdown of what is offered:

  • Beverages – here you have the coffee, tea and hot cocoa drinks most of which have some unique names.
    • Black Coffee
    • King of Coffee
    • Cafe Latte
    • Cafe Mocha
    • Cafe Supreme
    • Hot Cocoa
    • Green Tea
    • Red Tea
    • Black Ice
  • Beverage cups – just drop these into your coffee maker and no fuss no mess
    • African Red
    • Colombian Roast
    • Rodeo Chai
    • Te Amo
  • Body management – need help with weight control and some added daily vitamins.
    • OGX Fenix Rich Chocolate
    • OGX Fenix Rich Vanilla
    • Ganoderma Lucidum
    • Ganoderma Mycelium
    • Spore Powder
    • Grapeseed Supplement
  • Personal care – this category includes soap and toothpaste
    • G3 Beauty Soap
    • OG Smile

As you can see the Organo product line has a decent amount of products for their consultants to sell.

Should You Become A Distributor

If you like the products then your probably considering becoming a Organo Gold Distrbutor, to take advantage of the opportunity to make money selling your favorite beverages.

The dream of having coffee and tea parties, while chatting away with friends and and potential customers seems alluring.

I myself a big coffee drinker would love to find a business that I could promote and earn an income with by selling coffee. Unfortunately, I know this opportunity is just not for me and there are better ways to sell coffee online without having to deal with inventory and such.

I will get to this further down.

Home Business Opportunity

To start a Organo Gold home business as a distributor, first you must register and purchase a Business Entry Kit. So what exactly is the kit and how much does it cost?

Organo Gold Business Entry Kit

The kit will set you back $49. Not really a bad price considering you get a good amount of tools and support materials to start your business.

Here is a breakdown:

  • 1 year access to back office and your website
  • Distributor binder
  • Brochures and applications
  • Samples of coffee
  • Wholesale purchasing

Now each Business Entry kit will vary depending on which country you plan on becoming a distributor in.

Compensation Plan

So your probably wondering how much money a Organo Gold Distributor can make with their home business? Well lets get take a look at the compensation plan to see.

There are a couple different ways to make money with Organo which is retail and recruiting others to be on your team. Being an MLM company this is you usually have these two options, with the recruiting being your source for residual income.

Sell Retail

Selling retail can be done in a number of different ways and your only limited by your imagination.

With a sample kit of products, you can approach any person you come in contact with and have them try the product. What percentage will actually become customers? Who knows, but over time you will get a feel for it as your sales skill improve.

Suggested 50% Markup

It is suggested that you as a distributor sell Organo Gold products at a 50% markup. So lets say you buy it at $17 per box, you should be able to make a profit of $8.50.

Not bad for a retail MLM product.

Build A Team

Maybe your looking to make some residual income and want to focus on having your own sales force. You want to earn commissions off the sales of your down line.

You can only sell so much product retail, so to start earning a real income you need a team.

This is how the money is made in MLM.

7 Ways To Get Paid With Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is good but extensive, so I will hit on the main points of how you make money with Organo here.

  1. Retail
  2. Fast Track Bonus
  3. Dual Team Bonus
  4. Uni-level Bonus
  5. Uni-Level Matching Bonus
  6. Generational Bonus
  7. Global Bonus Pool
  8. Benz Club

Some say that Organo Gold has the best compensation plan of all MLM’s. Even if this is true I will show why it doesn’t matter how good the compensation plan.

Can You Make Money With Organo

As I mentioned some are suggesting that OG has the best compensation plan of the MLM’s out there.

Does that mean that you are going to be able to make money with this opportunity?

The sobering fact is that most distributors don’t make money with the Organo Gold Opportunity. This is taken off the their website:

A typical participant in the ORGANO™ compensation plan earns between $0-$599 per annum.

So a typical distributor makes between $0 and $599 per year, then when you factor in the expenses they will be at a loss!

It’s a pretty sobering statistic, but it is not just exclusive to Organo. Most MLM companies see the same success rate among their distributors as well.

Is Organo Gold A Scam

The term “scam” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to making money online, and for good reason. There are a lot of them around.

To say that Organo Gold is a scam really can’t be justified. They actually have a consumable product that has similar pricing to what you would pay in local coffee and tea shops.

There are millions of people out there enjoying there favorite beverages along with a small group of distributors making some money with this company as well.

Pros and Cons

So lets go over the good and bad with the Organic gold Opportunity, to what the important factors are when making a decision to join or not.

Pros – the good stuff

  • Established company
  • Pricing of products reasonable
  • Good compensation plan

Cons – the not so good stuff

  • Products being sold by distributors on Amazon and Ebay
  • Yearly fee to use back office
  • Most distributors don’t make any money

Final Thoughts

When joining an MLM it is probably a good idea to choose one based on your interests or experience. That’s why I believe that the Organo Gold Home Business is so appealing to many people.

The products are something that most us consume on a daily basis, so why not get in on the opportunity to make an income selling coffee and tea.

Before considering becoming a distributor, think about how you need to pound the pavement to drum up business along with “nudging” friends and family to get involved and on your team. Is it something that you would really want to do or are there better alternatives to earning an income online?

Thanks for checking out my Organo review and I would be interested in getting your feedback!

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