Can Now Lifestyle Make You Money? (Review)

What is Now Lifestyle about and can this MLM give you a healthy body while bulking up your wallet? This is the question, so I set out to do a review on the company to find out if selling its health supplements makes for a good business opportunity. Being someone that spends a lot of time working out, I am familiar with the fitness industry and supplements. So I will give a fair assessment of this program along with the pros and cons.

Let’s get started….


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What Is Now Lifestyle ABout

Although the company just got started this year, the guy behind the company is Joel Therien and he is not new to marketing products by way of the MLM business model.

Joel Therien Of Now Lifestyle

He currently has another company called Pure Leverage, that sells a marketing suite of tools for people in multi level marketing. More on this later.

Being a fitness fanatic himself and an online business owner, it only makes sense to combine the 2 passions.

The company has its work cut out for it though. A large percentage of MLM companies selling nutritional products occupy this market including Team Beachbody, Isagenix and Advocare.

Products (Retail)

The company doesn’t have a huge selection of health supplements to market. As a matter of fact there are only 3 products in there line up along with their fitness program.

  • Protein powder
  • Sports energy booster
  • Psyllium husk caps

So the basics are covered here with the Now Lifestyle products because you have protein to help build muscle, there is an energy booster to keep you going throughout the day and then there is the psyllium to supplement your fiber needs.

Typically for the average person that eats a balanced diet these types of fitness products wouldn’t be needed. More nutrition is gained by eating correctly because of the way it is absorbed by the body.

Synthetically made fitness supplements can never provide the same nutritional value as eating right which most people don’t understand.

Now Lifestyle Wellness Program

This is a membership that costs $24.97 per month and up to 5 family members can take advantage of the benefits that are shown below:

Now Lifestyle Member Benefits

The workouts consist of 7 to 10 minutes of high intensity exercise which a Now Lifestyle member is told only needs to be done 3 times per week. The claim is that this is all that Joel has been doing to look the way he does.

The Reality

In my opinion the membership doesn’t offer enough for the monthly cost.

With the amount of free information that you can get from the web these days, I don’t think this membership covers enough topics or offers anything unique to charge for.

Another thing to consider is that it takes more time than 7 to 10 minutes 3 time per week to make any gains, whether losing weight or adding on muscle.

Every person is different and their requirements will differ as well.

If your overweight and trying to lose fat, then only doing the short periods of high intensity exercise isn’t going to help you drop the pounds. Neither is taking any supplements as a substitute for eating right.

The Business Opportunity

If you like the products and believe in the fitness membership, then you might consider the Now Lifestyle business opportunity.

You can make money with Now Lifestyle selling their products as well as recruiting others and earning commissions from their sales.


To get started as a consultant you will need to purchase the products and pay a monthly fee of $50.

Your now ready to get your business rolling and this is where most people fail when it comes to making money with MLM.


You can only do so much yourself, so having systems in place to do tasks such as email, marketing and follow up are what separate the successful from those that don’t make it.

Now Lifestyle Autoresponder

So when you become a Now Lifestyle reseller you will have access to what they call the “marketing tools package” which includes:

  • Lead capture system
  • Banners
  • Landing pages
  • Email templates
  • Email funnel

Basically its an all done for you system, where you drive the leads in and the system does the rest similar to Digital Altitude and MOBE.

So your potential prospects are going through the funnel learning about the products and opportunity while your working on getting more traffic into the funnel.

Around and around it goes and with some luck a percentage of them will sign up.

How Much Money Can I Make With Now Lifestyle

Being that this is a multi level marketing company, you will make money on retail sales of memberships as well as on the sales on your down line.

The company says that it will payout 100% commissions which was in their compensation plan and I highlighted it below.

Now Lifestyle 100% Commission

Then they go on to say they pay 50% on direct sales and 50% on direct referrals?

So they aren’t actually paying 100% commissions because your direct sales may never end up joining and becoming a reseller. You wouldn’t get that 50% commission, so this is a little confusing.

A Now Lifestyle reseller can also earn $20 residual commissions based on how many students in a cycle as shown below.

Now Lifestyle Compensation


In order to receive your Now Lifestyle commissions a reseller would need to be current on their monthly fee along with referring at least 2 people.

You will also need at least 6 active direct referrals to receive your down line commissions.


There is opportunity to earn on some upsell products:

  • Email Marketing Mastery cost $497  – 50% commission and 5% on tier 1
  • NowBody Certification  cost $2997 – 50% commission and 5% on tier 1 & 2
  • Now Lifestyle Seminar cost $14,997 – 50% commission and 5% on tier 1 & 2

Looking at these upsells a reseller could make a good buck if they get these sold.

My only question is about the NowBody Certification. Typically you need a degree to be able to help people with their diet and training.

So is just a fluff product that was added as a way to make more money for the company and the resellers?

Now Lifestyle Pros and Cons

Lets recap what the good and bad points are of this business opportunity.

Pros ( the good stuff )

  • Joel Therien has experience in fitness & MLM
  • The company is new so there is opportunity
  • Good commissions
  • Popular niche

Cons (the not so good stuff)

  • Will supplements appeal to the general public
  • Membership value questionable
  • Supplement quality?
  • Need constant supply of leads for funnel

Final Thoughts

After looking at the Now Lifestyle opportunity I feel that the emphasis is more on recruiting and making money than it is about selling fitness or supplements.

There is not much mention of what the ingredients are or where they come from. Also not much detail in the actual fitness exercises or training.

With such a small amount of Now Lifestyle products to sell, resellers aren’t going to be making much money. These are not the type of products that the average person uses either.

After reviewing many different companies, I will stick with my #1 Pick here!

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2 thoughts on “Can Now Lifestyle Make You Money? (Review)”

  1. Hi there,

    I was a little bit curious about now lifestyle having read about it on an “unnamed personal data selling” social network!.

    It seems to me that a lot of MLM have some very good products that back them up. Legit products and some, shall I put it politely..”money chasing online marketers” focus more on actually recruiting their “team” who in turn do the same..focus on building their team..and that team…the same…not a lot of selling (or promoting) of the actual products going on.

    In short, a nice little circle where everyone is chasing their own tails “building their team”.

    That is where the legitimate, and there are a few legitimate MLM companies suffer…few people actually genuinely promoting their products.

    • The thing about this opportunity is that they are promoting you can look like Joel Therien doing only 7 to 10  minute workouts a few times per week.

      That is just not true.

      As with most supplements these aren’t cheap factoring in the commissions that they will be paying out to consultants.

      It will be interesting to see how this opportunity plays out an if it gets popular?


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