No Cost Income Stream Review. Can You Make Money Here?

No Cost Income Stream is a course that wants to teach you how to make money with an email list and websites that you create.

Personally I think that if you plan to be an online entrepreneur then your going to need to have these 2 things as a foundation.

The question is will this course actually help you achieve your goal of making money online and can you really do it at no cost?

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The Lowdown Of No Cost Income Stream

Let’s start from the beginning with the guys that actually created this product.

Their names are Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman shown below:

The Guys That Created No Cost Income Stream

These guys are not new to internet marketing.

In fact they have been around for many years and claim to have made millions of dollars online.


What Does Course Teach

If you are thinking of getting this course you will be happy to know that it is done in video format.

If your like me and have a short attention span then watching videos as a way to learn makes it much easier.

The course breaks down 5 different business models that you can take advantage of to start your online business as shown below:

These business models are not new but what you will learn is how to do them for free.


How Much Does It Cost

ClickBank is the digital marketplace where you will find No Cost Income Stream being promoted and sold.

On their web page its currently listed at $37 marked down from $997.

No Cost Income Stream Cost

Could this really be worth $997?

No in my opinion if they really wanted $997 for it I would say that there are more budget friendly ways to get started online with some even being free.

But for $37 you may be considering it.

If you do decide to sign up there will be some upsells that involve coaching but they are not mandatory.


Who Is This Course For

The No Cost Income Stream Course is aimed at beginners that really don’t have any money to get started with an online business.

They show you different tools to use in order to piece together a way to use the 5 different business models shown above to get started.

The goal is to get earning some money so that you can reinvest back into your business.

This is an important aspect of any business.

For example they show you how to build a free landing page in order to capture email addresses using a free autoresponder.

Once you start earning some money they encourage you to invest in a paid autoresponder service and landing page builder.

Although free is good its not the way to build a real online business but it can be done as a way to get some money together for paid tools.


Final Thoughts

These guys saw a need and they built the No Cost Income Stream course to help people with no money get started online.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be successful using their system.

There is a lot that goes into creating a successful online business as many of us have found out.

It truly takes a serious commitment and consistent effort.

The thing to consider is that there are many different courses available and if you have the money to invest from the beginning then your better off with a paid training course.

One of my favorite affiliate marketing training courses offers a free membership and the premium level has a relatively inexpensive cost as well.

The important thing is that you are taking action and that is where it all begins.

I would like to help you as well and I put together a simple 5 step course to guide you.

Included is the option of being able to build a couple free affiliate websites.

So take me up on the offer and sign up now.


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